You may have developed a website to write blogs, to display products or for any other purpose. You have also successfully promoted your site, and this platform is now receiving several visitors. However, colossal traffic does not always mean that you can earn higher revenue. You have to concentrate on the best methods for monetization, i.e., how to make money from a website. Thus, we have presented you with innovative techniques for website monetization.

1. Leverage the subdomain of your site

Create a subdomain for monetizing a website. However, it is always essential to have a clear idea on the subdomain. It is one of the parts of your primary domain. We may also call it the child domain. Usually, the website owners develop subdomains for organizing their existing platform into another site. You have the option of adding several subdomains for every domain name. Search engines identify these child domains as different websites. Thus, you will have better opportunities for increasing web traffic. You may also create backlinks to the primary domain. There are different ways to monetize a website by creating subdomains. Use the chosen subdomain at your site for a blog, and this blog triggers interaction. While the visitors know more about you, they will start trusting you. It will result in an increase in sales. Another way of earning money is by selling subdomains to those, who do not like to manage a full-fledged site.

Let us now mention some websites and their subdomains.

The main site presents the latest information and news on various topics. However, for monetizing this website, it has created a subdomain, i.e., It is the coupon code platform of Daily Mail. The visitors can find out the best deals at UK shops.

Similarly, is another site that is monetized with the development of a subdomain, i.e., This subdomain is all about the discount codes and vouchers, available at the best UK shops.

2. A separate section for writing product reviews

When you think of how to monetize the content of your website, you can create a part for reviewing various products. It is one of the fastest ways to earn money with your blog or website. Choose the products, which are relevant to your site niche. You may write your views on the chosen products. This helps you in getting payment from the brands, looking to promote the products online. Make sure that you have designed the website rightly. The product review section has to be easily accessible to you. The writing tone for product reviews must be impartial. You may also try to apply your marketing skills for earning more money.

monetize content

CrunchBase is one of the websites, where you can find reviews of various products and online platforms. For example, you will see a review of the software, Invideo, which is a video creating tool. There are numerous other products reviewed at CrunchBase. You may browse the platform of CrunchBase to know how to make money with a website.

3. Send a weekly newsletter to the subscribers

The weekly newsletters remind us of e-mail marketing, and it is one of the ways of gaining revenue. While you are sending newsletters to your subscribers, you have to choose the best approach for e-mail content monetization. At first, you have to create the mailing list, which will help you in optimizing your efforts for sending newsletters. You can send mail to those who are interested in your products and services. Make your e-mails highly informative to give value to the readers.

However, the most profitable option for you is to sell ad space. Sell the newsletter space to put ads into it. The ads have to be mobile-friendly, as mobile ads get more clicks. If you do not like to sell the newsletter space, you may use it for promoting your services or products. In that case, you can advertise them with video ads. The online tools, like InVideo help in creating these ads.

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4. Post the sponsored content on your site

This is another effective way of how to monetize a blog or website. The sponsored content looks like simple articles, and you will get paid for publishing those articles at your site. The brands and businesses will make a deal with you for publishing their sponsored posts. The brands may ask you to compose the piece, or they will send you the written article for the final publication. These sponsored posts may be of various types. For instance, it can be the latest sale announcements, reviews, infographics and videos.

monetizing content

If it is for the first time that you are looking for the sponsors to get paid for your blog or website posts, the best trick for you is to start with the smaller companies. Most of the website owners make the mistake of approaching the more prominent brands, having a higher sponsoring budget. However, the small brands respond very fast to your appeal. There are also several websites to help you in finding the sponsors.

5. Organize paid webinars

We think that it is another easy way on how to earn money from website visits. Host a webinar and make it viewable to the internet users from various parts of this world. Most of the webinars help in the communication of the participants and the hosts through live chat. Thus, you have a chance of getting close to the audience.

There is a reason for arranging a paid webinar instead of the free ones. The audiences have a belief that they will get better values from the paid webinars. You can try to teach them valuable skills. The duration of your webinar has to be from five to ten minutes. While you have created presentation slides, you have to add visual elements to them. To get the payments, you have to create a registration page. The registrants will be able to pay you before accessing the webinar.

Some website owners try to find the best technique on how to monetize a website without ads. For them, these paid webinars are the right choice.
Now, you may rely on any of the above ways for monetizing your website. Whether you have a blog or any other portal, you can monetize it to increase your monthly earnings. Your website will turn out to be the best income-generating tool.