Video Encoding - No Fuss Over Format


Video coding is a representation format that used to store or transmit digital videos. Different organizations around the world use different video coding formats based on their needs, resources, etc. Typical examples of video coding formats are:

  • –      MP4
  • –      Apple ProRes
  • –      MKV
  • –      WMV
  • –      MOV
  • –      FLV
These formats are appended at the end of the file name like File.MP4.
Since different organizations use different formats, one would need to convert video files from one format to another. This conversion process is called video encoding. This conversion process becomes more and more cumbersome as the size of the video file increases. Increases cost and effort.
InVideo’s inbuilt encoders provide you videos in the format that your systems can accept with the FPS (frames per second) specified by you. We provide you videos in all the forms mentioned above and more. We also render your videos multiple times in case you need videos in various formats.
A few organizations also have the need to append black frames at the beginning and end of a video. We can also help you with this particular provision.
Whatever your need, we can help you with it. So, you don’t need to fuss over format.

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