It’s no secret that Digital is taken for granted today, and we spend a massive amount of time online. The average adult spends 5.9 hours per day with digital media, up from 3 hours a day in 2009, according to Mary Meeker’s annual Internet Trends Report 2018.

What is also implied, is that a majority of this time is spent consuming video content as opposed to text/images. By 2022, online videos will make up more than 82% of all consumer internet traffic — 15 times higher than it was in 2017 as per a study by Cisco.

This trend is here to stay given that smartphones and data are getting cheaper by the day, while attention spans are getting shorter, leaving only the most engaging mode of communication to prevail. In simple words, video will be the implied choice for brands that are attempting to even reach out to and engage with their audiences at some level, let alone sell them their products. Video content has become key for any brand that is looking to market itself on digital.

While the process of creating video content has been simplified massively by platforms like InVideo, what’s equally important if not more, is how do you leverage this video content to engage your existing user-base and target potential consumers.

We bring you an easy-reckoner of the ways that you can use videos to reach out to your target audience.

Broadly there are two sets of users that E-commerce companies need to reach out to, and there are very particular kinds of behaviors/actions that you would want to evoke out of them

1) Existing users: Engage, interact and get repeat purchases from them

How can companies use video content to show newer products to their existing audiences, engage them, and also get them interested in purchasing the product again?

2) New users: Get them to make their first purchase

How to leverage video content so that you grab eyeballs and gain visibility with your potential users

The 3-pronged strategy to use video content to target your existing and potential users:


All the social media content that you currently put out in the form of static posts can be transformed into highly engaging videos like this one:

                              Fab Hotels

You need to zero down on the content pegs that your audience is looking for, and you can hit the road running with an app like InVideo which will empower you to get your video out in mins. Plus our in-built media library of more than a million images and videos will ensure you never have to look outside the app for finding the right media to be used in your videos. Let’s look at a few global players and how they use videos for content marketing:’s video on Munich’s Sri Lanka Video


Any and every enterprise company today runs close to 15-20 AD sets/ad combinations at any given point to create brand awareness / drive online sales. Currently, the creative for these ads are in the form of static images with text. It goes without saying that a video creative will do so much better if only you could roll them out within mins without getting your video editing team involved. That’s exactly what an app like InVideo will enable you to do to via videos like this.

3) One-to-one engagement via extremely personalized ads

Brands can now create utterly personalized video ads based on user’s data that they already collect. These videos can be sent to users in the form of emailers. The emailers can have a thumbnail of the video which when clicked will lead the user to a new tab where the video will play on YT, VIMEO, etc. as can be seen in the screenshot below:

healthcare marketing trends

You can quickly get this done via partners like MailChimp.

Another way to do this is by embedding videos in the form of gifs so that the videos play in the email itself. Here’s an example of how we did the same for our release notes.

A great example of this is how MarketsMojo creates a personalized monthly portfolio report for each of its users in the form of a video like this

In fact, another excellent example of this is how Uber has recently started showcasing journeys of their driver partners via a video like this:

Here is an example from TripAdvisor:

Here is an example from Maruti:

If your audience set is not massive and you’re typically looking to use this strategy of personalized videos for a handful of people, then these videos can be created manually in a matter of minutes using our quick templates. You can then, change the data for each customer (name, amount, etc.) by editing the same video over and over and create a new personalized video in under 5 mins.

If you’re a mid/large sized company and have a customer base that runs into thousands, then you can also automate this process of video creation via InVideo so that a user’s data can automatically be turned into a thumb-stopping video. These videos can be showcased to them as a banner/notification on your app or your website or via emailers