A marketing manager happens to be the one in a company who is in charge of marketing of products or services or the company itself. They can own the responsibility of several products or services or a single product. A marketing manager must have a spontaneous, gregarious, and friendly nature. Apart from all of these traits he or she should also be highly focused and very conscientious. Apart from that, they should be detail oriented when it comes to meeting deadlines and budget restraints.

Now the question is “What Does A Marketing Manager Do?”

Marketing managers also have an extensive list of different responsibilities. These Responsibilities include:-

1. Putting together budgets and estimates for a different marketing campaign

2. Working with various advertising agencies, being an active part of negotiations, preparing advertising and sales contracts.

Also, they have to review the advertising material like tv commercials, print material, and online advertisement.

Marketing Managers: What is it that they do?

marketing manager

The role played by a manager depends on the structure. It also depends on goals, and size of a company. But, the primary responsibility of a manager is to implement marketing initiatives. One needs to also submit reports on the same. The role of marketing managers circulates the specific actions that need to be performed and accomplished. They execute the task of renewing as well as retaining the existing customers. The above is achieved using campaigns that involve sponsored content, newsletters, events, ads, etc. Marketing managers also work in adjacency to development and creative teams to craft worthy engagement ads. And they are displayed online and emails.

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A marketing manager is thorough with the pros and cons involving digital and print channels. From being an excellent project manager to a team player, marketing managers must own quantitative skills to get a job done. A marketing manager should be the one who owns a likable personality for cooperation from their team members.

It is safe to say that marketing managers are the ones who are responsible for the unplanned and planned images that their employer holds. The designed images comprise video or print advertisements, endorsements, public speaking engagements, and printed literature. Unaccepted photos are developed when a representative of the company misspeaks in public. It also happens when an external force has attacked the company. It is when someone tries to tamper with the products and services offered by the company or a fault that is present in the product. And it is acknowledged after the product is out for circulation.  All of this will require immediate damage control which will be handled by marketing managers.

A highly skilled marketing manager will be able to handle every unplanned surprise. He assures the public that everything is done to rectify the mistakes in the product line. He answers a lot of marketing questions when asked.  Marketing managers have the power to soothe the outrage and fear in society. And they do this with carefully worded advertisements and statements. They make sure that the reputation of the company remains unharmed regardless of such mishaps.

Marketing managers work in adjacency with each other to create complex and simple advertising campaigns. One of the significant marketing question in marketing is how to form a budget? After developing a budget for marketing, they take up the task of negotiating the terms of the contract.  This negotiation is necessary for different types of advertising.

The 5 different roles played by a marketing manager

Role of Marketing Manager

Take a look at the roles played by managers in an organization in brief given below –

  • Playing a figurehead role

Managers also perform duties that are both symbolic and ceremonial. From signing legal documents to welcoming official visitors. These marketing managers are in charge of it all. Marketing managers are crucial for the smooth running and functioning of a department or organization.

  • The role of being a leader

Every manager has to perform a leadership role. Not only does he coordinate the work performed by others but also leads his subordinates. This role includes training, motivating, hiring, and disciplining employees. Both functional and formal authority provides managers with the higher potential power to get things done.

  • The liaison role played by managers

Being the leader of a unit or organization, a marketing manager performs the functions of communication and motivation. And they also encourage team spirit. A manager also coordinates the activities of his subordinates. And this includes liaison activities.

Managers have to interact with managers belonging from other organizations to secure information and favors. It is a manager who represents his organization in every formal matter.

  • Monitoring Role

The massive network of contacts that a manager has, he ends up with the necessary information by scanning his subordinates, peers, environment, as well as superiors. The manager receives information regarding external and internal events. He does this by gaining an understanding of an organization. And he also understands the environment surrounding it.

This information is acquired by interacting with others to learn the change in taste of the public. One needs to figure out what the competitors are planning, and so on. Managers are supposed to take the help of different channels to obtain the necessary information. They also need to keep up with online video editing and marketing tools. Invideo can come handy during these times.

  • Playing the role of disseminator –

A manager has to distribute information that he has collected from a variety of source through different means. Information that his superiors, peers, and subordinates have no access to is passed directly by managers. He gathers this information with his skills. It is the information to which he does not have any access. They will work with the near team members to determine the most creative and best ways to advertise a company’s services or products. Marketing managers have to present the final ideas in front of their company and clients to gain approval.

Marketing managers also determine the level of marketability that a service or new product has. They take up the task of testing the kind of interest that the prospective audience shows.  And they show it for an upcoming product or service. Pricing, product placement, and other important decisions are also a part of the marketing manager’s job. They perform the complicated task of research. And they possess a thorough knowledge of the strengths as well as weaknesses of the product or service. It is safe to say that marketing managers play a huge role in a company.