Direct marketing definition

Direct Marketing is a method that is used for carrying out the process of marketing and is also an essential form of advertising. It involves the delivery of marketing messages to identified targeted prospects or an existing group of consumers. This type of marketing is a significant weapon which is regularly used by non-profit organization and businesses alike with the specific aim to influence the prospect or consumer to perform a concrete action. It involves placing an order, prompting a visit to the official website or physical store, making a charitable donation to a foundation, solicit a request for information, and so on. This form of communication is directed towards individual customers regularly and doesn’t pass through any mass medium.

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This type of marketing is carried out through a large number of channels. It includes direct email, text messages or SMS, catalog distribution, direct mail, telemarketing, and so on. Companies need to carry out direct marketing where the results can be measurable. It allows the effectiveness of campaigns to be examined and modified as required.

The benefits of direct marketing 

It is a kind of advertising campaign where a company or organization tries to bring about a change in the action of a selected consumer group. The best aspect of direct marketing is the fact that the results can be measured. It allows businesses to promote product and services directly to the target audience.

Here are a few benefits of direct marketing that brands can make the most use of it –

  • The advantages of targeting and segmentation 

One of the most amazing advantages of direct marketing is it enables companies to reach out to specific audience segments and deliver personalized messages. It involves the process of identifying the target group. Companies that have achieved great success invest their time identifying consumers who are bound to convert. And therefore they direct their efforts to actions which work.

  • Optimizing the marketing budget 

With online marketing companies can address a particular audience which allows them to set forward realistic goals and helps to improve sale even on a small budget. Optimizing and adequately carrying out the direct marketing campaign will show you incredible results. Even at the price of traditional advertising.

  • An increase in sales with former and current clients 

Digital direct marketing has several benefits one of which is enabling you to communicate directly with the current customers. This type of Marketing will help to keep the existing relationship with your customers alive and add further value to it. From generating new sales opportunity to keeping in touch with trustworthy and loyal customers, direct marketing is merely outstanding.

  • You can upgrade your strategies 


direct marketing

When you have direct contact with all your customers, you have the opportunity to customize all your promotions, offers, and emails.  The above will create an instant and long-lasting bond. To maximize the results, you can combine loyalty programs and direct marketing methods.

  • Creating new opportunities 

This form of marketing allows every business to adapt to the market demands more effectively all year round.

  • The ability to analyze results 

You have the opportunity to measure the results of your direct marketing campaigns. It will give you the ability to make decisions and improve further.

The Types Of Direct Marketing 

By now you are aware of the fantastic benefits that direct marketing has in store and now it is time to learn the types of forms it has.

  • Email Marketing 

E-mail marketing has to be the most ubiquitous type of direct marketing that exists in the current day. In this form of marketing, emails are sent to the potential audience both past, and existing customers are involved. Email Marketing is done while having the desired plan of action in mind. With direct marketing (regardless of the type) you will require a segmented target list to achieve your goals. The considerable benefit of direct marketing continues to be personalization. It is because of this feature that even in a pool of spam emails your message can attract the eyes of customers. Research shows that customers always open and act according to the news if it successfully addresses their demands or needs. It also connects with them in a personal manner by targeting them via name. It can help businesses carry out direct marketing better. If they gather all the crucial information about consumers during email sign up, email marketing is done efficiently. In case, if you come from an e-commerce industry you will need to send a lot of order confirmation emails. This should also be a crucial part of your email marketing campaign since it post-sales service will drive recurring customers.

  • Direct Mail 

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This form of marketing involves sending promotional material straightaway to consumers. Direct Mail is segmented based on geography or demographics. It is an inexpensive and highly effective form of marketing. When more value is attached to this type of direct marketing, consumers start viewing it as a form of a sample of the product which you are offering at a discounted price.

  • SMS Marketing 

Reaching out to potential customers via SMS is becoming extremely popular. 95% of the population spends a majority of their time staring at their screens.SMS Marketing means this type of direct marketing has a more response rate than email. Companies drive traffic by announcing sales, sending discount codes, and so on via messages.

  • Targeted Display Ads 

Often online shopping takes prospective customers to new websites where they come across the advertisement of products they have initially been shopping. It is called as site retargeting and is another type of direct marketing. It makes the most of cookies or pixels to show advertisements to those who have previously visited your website. It is another cost-effective and highest form of direct marketing when done the right way.

  • Video Direct Response 

Video advertisements provide customers with all the necessary information needed to purchase the product. It is often produced in such a way that encourages viewers to take up the next step and learn all about your products. It also helps the people to learn about the promotion your company is offering or ways to redeem coupons, and how to make a purchase. Online video marketing and editing tool like InVideo will come handy during these times.

Direct marketing is a kind of advertising and a valid form of marketing that companies can benefit by using them. You can read answers to some of the popular marketing questions here.