Today I focus on one of the most critical issues that we often overlook. And it is how to write a good story pitch and be original when telling it, to please both your readers and the editor.

When we write, we think that our book has a beginning that engages a protagonist or a character. And that draws attention and empathizes with the reader. It may have action and love. Or it may have an adventure or an ending that leaves your readers wanting for more. But usually, we forget the essential thing. And that is to create a world of your own.

Surely you can tell me that being original is complicated because all the themes are already out there. It’s true, but I add one more tagline: none of them are written in the way you do.

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But what is your way?

How many times have you heard that it is not worth copying the style of great writers during your story pitch? What should we look for? Originality or authenticity or both! Many times, right? And it is true, especially at the beginning, when you start to write, we always tend to “copy” or focus on that writer who is a reference for us.

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But little by little, as our writing grows, we also improve as writers. We know each other better, and we feel safe, we find the two elements that will make us see our “way” of writing.

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Self-knowledge and inner freedom

What shows that you are not making an authentic story pitch?

  •  You are unable to synchronize a sentence of what you are talking about in your book. Or you do it with an ambiguous or incomplete sentence. Think about it. If you need several paragraphs to summarize the plot, it does not work well.
  • You have no idea where the essential topic that you address in the book takes you or who is the character that directs or stars in that theme. That is, you do not know what thematic based on the story and what is the essential role of the main character.
  • You are clear about the purpose of the protagonist, but you do not visualize which world it belongs to. How did you create it? What does that character respond to? What is your essential work in history? These are the questions you must have clear when you believe it.
  • You do not perceive the story that you count as something important that you have created yourself. You think it’s just another book, a plot that tells the same thing as many others.
  • Related to the previous error, you suppose that much of the subject that you address in your book has already been spoken and written. That’s why you stay on the surface, in general. Do not delve or try to find a new vision.

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How to solve it and how to write a good story and be original when telling it?

Do you want to know how to pitch an article? Then you can take the help of InVideo as here you get a lot of ideas for the story pitching.

  • Make sure you understand the story through your own eyes and that the reader will perceive it as a world of its own. Organize your narration thinking about how you see it in a particular way and what you prioritize when writing it.
  • Evaluate what is essential in your story. To know what it is, you have to feel it and understand it intimately. And of course, it requires the uniqueness of the plot you have chosen to build your book.
  • Check your way of telling. You should know the approach that you give to the subject. And that presides over the world created by you.
  • The narrative approach or the angle of vision that your narrator will use to tell the story must be a consequence of the impact it causes you. And whatever that focuses is, show it for positively.
  • To know how to write a good story and be original when telling it, find out if the traits that determine your personality are present.
  • Before you start writing, read the story pitch examples as from these examples you can get ideas about how to start your story. One can get thousands of story pitch example from Google as there are many online sites which provide the same in free.

And it is that each one of your books has to have a lot of you so that you perceive it as yours. It is a way of proving that you recognize the world that you have created. And that should be both in the scenes and the dialogues or in the performances of the characters that are part of the story. If the personality of your book is vague or confusing or is even too literary, it will not work, it will not reach your readers.


From now on you can no longer say that your story is like that of others, that there are a lot of more books that count the same as you. You are unique, your way of scoring too. That is what will bring originality and authenticity to everything you write.

You merely have to take into account a series of elements to work on your book. You need to do that so that your readers perceive it as a different text and is worth reading. For example, do not forget to count only through your eyes, to create a world of your own and different. Find the soul of your story. Understand what is essential and what it is that makes you feel your book. And that is what you should convey to the reader.

Do not forget the narrative approach while writing a story pitch; it is essential to generate differentiation when it comes to showing it. And finally, throughout the time keep in mind about your personality. Only if you recognize the world that you have created, you can say that the text is part of you. Only then your story will be perfect.