A perfect video slideshow can prove to be the game-changer for any brand or business. Moving objects tend to grab eyeballs far more than still forms. Standalone text with little to no effects stands no comparison to picturesque, colorful slides used to incorporate a message. With the right combination of templates and effects, a video can set a very high benchmark in the field it represents. Excellence is more often a byproduct of creativity and hard work, and with the perfect flow of slides, your video slideshow can prove to be a promising factor in taking your business to the next level. In the end, all you need is a perfect online slideshow maker to do the job for you, and InVideo is here to ensure just that!

Benefits of using a video slideshow:

1. With the help of YouTube and other social media platforms, your video can reach a broader audience and gain maximum attention.

2. Your target audience need not install specific software such as a copy of Microsoft PowerPoint to view your video.

3. Mass circulation of the video in the form of CDs, pen drives, etc. which can be given away as promotional material.

4. No technical know-how required on the part of your audience to understand your intended message. Your video becomes easy to access and can reach a wider audience.

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Preparing your Slideshow video content

Brainstorming ideas!

An effective video slideshow requires a careful composition and a meaningful chronological sequence. This is only possible if you already have an idea in mind on how to present your intended message, and the elements you wish to include. Are there any effects or surprise elements you wish to include? It is important to brainstorm the possible ideas and options before you begin.

1. When you have an idea about the approximate length set for your slideshow, you can estimate the right amount of photos and videos to use.

2. Using just the right number of photos and videos for the duration of your slideshow is essential – too many will distract attention, too few will just be boring.

3. The overall concept of your slideshow, including the style, format, theme depicted closely linked with your brand and business, and what exactly you intend to put across through the video.

4. With InVideo, you can create a wonderful video slideshow even with limited video editing skills. The way you put all of these elements together makes each and every slideshow a unique experience.

Keeping in mind your Target Audience

Without proper consideration of your target audience, your slideshow can end up getting too long or too short. A general rule to follow here is to keep your video slideshow as precise and interesting as possible. A 3-4 minute video slideshow can be created if you are looking to share it over various social media platforms.

The age group of your target audience is another factor that needs to be weighed in. For a younger audience, the video can be quick-paced, and the slides can be of shorter duration, but just the opposite if your target audience is an elderly group.

Selecting the right content for your video slideshow:

1. Your content should be of high resolution, and the elements depicted under good lighting and focus. Lack of these can take out the essence from your video.

2. Photos and videos with precise details and focus on the subject are generally preferred over those with several elements since that can distract the audience from the intended message of your business.

3. Make sure you include the right designs and templates where necessary. InVideo is a free video creator that offers you a wide range of the same to choose from, so you can simply browse through our catalog and select the most attractive ones.

4. To effectively express your story, make sure you choose an interesting and creative content which arouses the interest of people. Dull and monotonous content, for, e.g., Images of people without the active involvement and appropriate facial expressions can kill the vibe! P.S.: Include intros in your video to stand out. It is also a good practice to add outros to create a lasting impression. 

Sequencing your content the right way- pointers!

Once you have arrived at the right set of images and videos, make sure you save them in a folder at your desktop or local drive and rename them in the sequence you wish to upload or import.  

1. It is also important to ensure these are in the appropriate format to avoid problems at the final stage. 

2. Once done, double-check each image/video with an eagle eye to ensure only top-notch content goes through.

With all images and videos lined up, you are now ready to add any necessary filters, or make adjustments to the contrast and backgrounds, and crop the image to the intended size and shape to get the best out of them. 

It is therefore important to ensure beforehand that your content is of high resolution so that the effect of cropping does not diminish its aesthetic value and goes with the essence of your brand or business. 

Consider inserting text wherever necessary. If you think a particular quote from Robert Frost or Oprah Winfrey might be just the right fit with a particular slide, go for it! As long as it’s short and precise, without making your audience strain their eyes to catch the text, the right choice can make it go with the flow of the slide. Your audience will love it!

It seems like you are good to go! 

Make sure you have carefully inspected the resolution and avoided all unnecessary content that can be filed under “extras.” Don’t hesitate to go back and forth while editing to ensure the transition has been smooth. It is here that you get a final chance to remove content that is not going with the flow of the video slideshow. 


All you now need to do is preview your work! How does the final outcome look like? Are there any slight adjustments still required that were missed earlier? Most likely by now, you have the final piece ready to be rolled out! 

Let us know how your work turns out! With InVideo, you can create wonderful and appealing slideshow videos like never before.