What follows is a detailed Magisto review against InVideo.

Compared to other tools, InVideo is the best Magisto alternative out there.

Transform your content into great videos. InVideo is a video creation platform that helps serve publishers, media companies, and brands to expand audiences engagement through the power of video content.

Magisto is more useful for personal video creation to make basic text-over-images kind of videos. It is not advisable for editorial or marketing use cases.
Branded designs

‘Your brand = Your designs’
Produce videos that reflect the persona of your brand. We create unique designs that work like a shadow to your brand.
Common designs with basic branding
Magisto provides common designs to all customers alike. Basic branding options like colours, logos, and fonts are available.

Media Library

10M+ copyright-free media
InVideo has a vast library of 10M+ copyright-free images, video clips, audio. You have the option to upload your own media.
Good media library
Magisto has a vast media library of licensed images, videos, and audio. You have the option to upload your own media.

User experience

Easy UI with Advanced Editing
Creating quick basic videos with InVideo is a smooth sailing process. However, depending on the level of detail, the advanced editing process can be time-consuming.
Smooth but highly restrictive
Magisto is not flexible enough for advanced video creation but can be an easy tool to create basic videos for personal use. It provides insights that can come in handy.


Quick and Easy
Quickly create great videos with our intelligent summarizer technology and ready-to-use components.
Creating basic videos is a quick process, but videos with more personalizations can be painful because of the limited editing options.

Advanced editing

Choose the level of detail in your videos
Text editing, animations, image editing. We let creativity flow freely, not restrict it.
No advanced editing
Magisto doesn't provide any advanced editing options; therefore limits the process of video creation.

Ready-to-use components

Pre-made designs are available
Embellish your videos with our ready-to-use components - animated grids, icons, GIFs, stickers, effect overlays.
Pre-made designs are not available
Magisto doesn't provide any ready-to-use components that could otherwise add to the look of the video.

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InVideo pricing - Cost-effective
Pricing starts at $20 per month for 10 videos. It's also coupled with photo and video libraries along with hundreds of templates. No limitations on the number of users.
Magisto pricing - Expensive
Business plan is for $34.99 per month billed annually. It is devoid of unique designs, advanced editing, and integrations.

Branded designs

No added cost
Custom made branded designs are included as a feature of our enterprise plan.
No custom designs
Magisto doesn't provide brand-specific designs.

Custom workflows

Save time to do awesome things
Automate your video creation process with our custom workflows. Pricing starts at $500 a month. This special feature makes InVideo the best Magisto alternative. Because no Magisto competitors offer this.
Common workflow
Magisto doesn't customize its workflow for different customer needs. All its clients follow the same workflow.

CMS and video integrations

Seamless integrations
Your videos are delivered straight at your digital doorstep with InVideo's seamless integrations. JW Player, Brightcove, Akamai, YouTube, etc. Free for all our enterprise clients.
Not available
Magisto doesn't provide CMS or video player integrations. These limitations can add an overhead task of downloading and uploading videos. It provides a simple connection to social media accounts.

Data integrations with custom workflows

Bespoke Model
Automatically embed data in your videos by integrating your data collection system with InVideo. Data integrations are free for packages above $1000 a month.
No data integration
Magisto doesn't provide data integrations.

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Extraordinary Support
No matter how small or big your issue is, or what time of the day it is, InVideo is always here to help you. We are only a phone call away. Here are our support ratings from Intercom.
Good Support
Magisto provides enough literature on its website for its tool. For day-to-day help, we are assuming the support will be good.

User Support Rating

A happy you is a happy us


Fastest Response Time

How does InVideo make a good Powtoon alternative? Find out here.