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Time once passed, can never come back. The mind, however, can not let it go. We hold on to time in our memory and art. It started from the stone ages when the cavemen engraved their timeless presence on parchments and stones for the future, to remember the past. We have developed from there to portrait paintings and photography. But the human mind craves more.

A video is a moving image. With them, we can now breathe life into our past, to our future and all our plans. Videos were primarily created to get that feeling of life. The advent of video marks this intense craving. Our desire for life and restoring its essence, which is movement, drove us to invent the art of video making.   

Let us delve deeper into this art to understand the significance and usages of videos and their creation further.

What is Video Creation?

What is Video Creation?


In simple words, video creation is the process of animating any image or capturing an image with its objects moving. The modern world has several instruments that aid video creation. It is a technique that is widely used for varied purposes and serves diverse industries in the market. 

How to make a video online?

Online video makers are one of the best perks that have been gifted by technology to the world of marketing and media. An improved software with a user-friendly interface eliminates the drudgery involved in video making. The current situation has seen a considerable rise in the use of video as a marketing tool for many industries as well as on personal fronts prove the easy access to making a video.  

In order to make a video online, the first thing you’ll need is proper knowledge of the tool you can use. This will depend on several factors as mentioned below:

How to make a video online?

  • The nature of your video: Whether you want to create a video for official purposes, creative ad videos, social media posts or photo montage video will greatly determine the kind of software you’ll need.
  • The purpose: Many users might simply want to add some extra bits to their existing video. Adding music, subtitles, or voiceovers can be one kind of purpose that makes you look for a video-making application. 
  • The features you might need: Modern videos are rich in features. You might want your video to manifest time-lapse, have a scene playing loop or in a particular dimension. Software tools like InVideo allow you to make your video feature-rich with all your demands fulfilled.   
  • Watermark: for several purposes, you can afford to have a watermark or a different logo on your video. However, for the rest of it, it is not desirable for a video maker to have a watermark on their video. In that case, you need to have a tool that doesn’t use or has the option to remove watermarks.  

Once you have your needs and requirements figured out, the next step is to find a software tool that can help you achieve what you have in mind. An online video editor tool helps you create, edit and share videos at the same time. 

Once you have chosen a tool to perform your video creating or editing, you need to start with the process. Different platforms would have different procedures however, it is important for you to understand what’s more complicated for you. If you find any process more complicated, you can easily shift to a different tool as approach one that offers proper guidelines or automated assistance for any video editing function. 

Video Marketing as a Digital Advertising Medium

The Video and Marketing Alliance 

Video and marketing have been closely related for quite some time in history. Marketing can be referred to as one of the most important usages of videos. The increasing number of platforms that allow you to showcase your product and services through videos has made it even more prevalent. 

What is video marketing?

Video marketing is the process of presenting your services, products or ideas to all potential leads and consumers via videos. It is one of the most commonly used strategies that marketers rely on for mass outreach and vocal representation of whatever is new in the market. 

Statistical studies in the field have proved how the use of videos can bring better results to your marketing efforts. Let’s take a look at how the presence of videos in the following fields can affect your conversion rates, engagement and traffic:

  • Landing Pages that include video have reportedly increased their conversion rates by over 80%. – Vidyard
  • Digital marketers who use video as their prior content have reportedly earned 41% more web traffic from search than marketers without video. – Aberdeen Group 
  • Blog posts that include videos can generate inbound links thrice more than blog posts without videos. – Moz 
  • Social posts that have video or video posts reportedly generate 12x more shares than text and images combined. – SimplyMeasured 
  • Marketing emails that have video content have reportedly generated over 40% higher engagement than emails without video. – Wistia

What Makes Video Creation Important in 2021?

Current times have seen technology flourish. Almost every individual around the world posses a smartphone where 49% of the total population uses social media around the world. Internet searches are the most common first steps to find solutions to any problem. This increased use of networking has shifted marketing from pamphlets and newspapers to your smartphone screens. 

Psychological researchers like Albert Mehrabian have found that messages are better communicated when it's heard by the receptor. 93% of the marketing is done non-verbally and that requires a marketer to present their products and explanations perfectly. However, for verbal communications, the understanding comes more from body language (55%) and tone of voice (38%) than the literal meaning of words (7%). Hence a video can communicate your thoughts better and with greater ease than non-verbal modes.  

A video is a completely digitized instrument. Hence, advanced technology has helped it to emerge and exist through time. Right now we are living in a time when we tend to turn to the internet for almost everything. If you want your ideas to be pursued, followed, or noticed by the world, placing them in the form of a video on the internet is the most effective and efficient way to get it done.

Moving away from this fundamental importance of video creation, there are several other reasons that make the usage of videos more relevant in today’s scenario. The list below shall make these ideas clearer:

1. How do Businesses Use Video?

How do Businesses Use Video?

As we have already mentioned above, if there is any industry that could make the most of video maker apps, it’s the business and marketing industry. At this point in time, the marketing industry is almost solely thriving on the perks of video creation

With businesses shifting online and the emergence of e-commerce culture, videos have become the most important marketing tool for all organizations and enterprises. Videos help you make your product/services more distinct so that consumers can grasp better and make the right decisions. With videos, you get the freedom of exploring different consumer cultures and create appealing ads to satisfy the diverse needs of the people. 

If we are talking about online presence, one thing that stands to be extremely important is the search engine ranks for websites and web pages. Videos help you get higher on the lists according to the algorithms of different search engines. Therefore it is one of the easiest ways to climb higher if you can truly put a video editor to good use and be able to churn out the best content.   

2. What is the Role of Videos in Education?

What is the Role of Videos in Education?

Videos are one of the modern techniques that aid the education system to rip off its age-old tradition and make learning a more comprehensible and entertaining procedure. The smart education system has highly benefited from the use of videos where teachers can create visual representations and help their students understand the essence of each subject better and in greater detail.

In the field of learning and education, video maker apps can not only be used by schools, but they can also enable highly reputed tutors to organize coaching classes all over the world with the help of tutorial videos. The person can avoid traveling and remain at one place from where he can broadcast his teachings to students all across the country or even worldwide with a recorded video. One can also insert slide shows and other representative techniques in the process and help learners excel regardless of their location.

Educative videos posted online, shared through social media platforms like YouTube and other channels, have also proved to help millions. The online classroom concept has been actualized in a great way with the support of video creating and sharing. 

3. What is Social Video?

video making for social media


Social media further amplifies the need for video making. Social media is the modern stage to display anything and everything. From talents to business, it helps users to show off every bit of themselves and present it to the entire world.

In this context, videos are the best way to make these portrayals on social media platforms. Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and many of the platforms have invented innovative ways for users to use videos as their social media posts. With the advent of stories, Facebook ad videos, IGtv, reels and others, you get more chances to be creative with your usage of video.

Videos are being used by social media influencers, businesses, public figures, artists, designers and a large part of the common mass to display their art, innovations, lives and much more with the rest of the world. Videos can be used for influencing the masses, educational purposes and entertainment on any social media platform. 

These platforms have become almost like search engines where people look for information and titbits. This transformation is itself a signifier of the huge amount of usage of videos and other mediums on these platforms.     

How to Use InVideo’s Video Editing Tool?

Videos are important in innumerable fields. We shall now understand the exact use of videos for different purposes and the ways you can use the InVideo tool to create, edit and jazz up your videos:

Videos for Personal Use

The InVideo tool helps users to fulfill the following personal requirements:

How to Make a Video Invitation?

How to Make a Video Invitation

Be it your marriage, a special birthday or anniversary party or the special prom night at your high school, an invitation is a must in order to make your guests feel welcomed to the occasion. Modern technology does not require you to print and distribute invitations anymore. With social media and several messaging facilities, you can now send video invitations to as many people as you want.

However, it would always be better if you could send your invitees something more than an image of an invitation card. A video, in that matter, can be your perfect solution to overcome this issue.

You can use InVideo’s free tool to create invitations for any occasion. Our stock features allow you to add up some warm personal touches that you can use to make your invitations better and more cheerful.  

How to Make a Video Montage with Photos?

You would want your special moments to be in one reel or frame. It helps you relive memories and visit back to the past. Such pleasures can be achieved through photomontages. A photo montage is almost like a picture collage where you can put in multiple images within a single frame or reel. 

With InVideo’s editing tool you can create a photo montage video. All you have to do is gather the images you want to use digitally and then design scenes on our online tool one by one. You can either use one image in one scene or multiple images in one scene and can also add your favorite music to the background. 

InVideo is a feature-rich tool that provides users with amazingly designed templates and scene transitions. You can also input text in the scenes where you can provide some warm memories in writing, something that would make your photomontage video more special and near to your heart.

How to Use Videos for Gifting?

Videos for Gifting

This is another important use of video that serves several personal objectives. It becomes extremely difficult for us to sometimes make a small occasion special or to decide on a very warm gift that can suddenly light up the mood for our loved ones.

Such occasions call for a short video. This can be a collection of photos you give your mom on mother’s day exhibiting your growing up with her. Using InVideos’s movie making tool you can create the most special offerings along with several additional features. Creating videos with voiceovers is also one of the creative ways to wrap your gift for someone special.

The InVideo tool also offers you music tracks on its stock. You can select from more than 1000 tunes and incorporate the favorite music of your loved ones when creating a video for gifting purposes. Here you have tons of opportunities to explore and charge your creative muscles that can get you one of the most special memories to cherish through a video reel.

Creating Corporate Videos

We are all aware of the usage of video for several corporate uses. Listed below are the two most essential purposes of video in the corporate field and how InVideo covers the requirements:

Training Videos for Employees

Training Videos for Employees

Training is an important part of management. Both old, as well as new employees, need training from time to time. The process of training ensures smooth functioning in an organization. It helps new employees get acquainted with the procedures of a new workplace. In the case of old ones, training makes it possible for an organization to incorporate new technology and modern working techniques in order to optimize workflow within the organization. 

However effective the process of training proves to an organization, the function still remains strenuous for the managers, human resource department and those in charge of it. This difficulty can be overcome with the help of training videos. Training videos are being used by many companies and big organizations in recent times. It helps employees to understand better with a proper demonstration of the work and also relieves the manager and the HR department to concentrate more on other important fields. 

InVideo’s online tool can be of great use when you wish to make a training video for the employees in an organization. It is a simple tool that can be used by anyone in order to create videos. For training videos, the most important feature is the presence of technicalities. You might have to explain a lot about each procedure. But with our voice-over and audio adding features, you can take your time to explain each new process. 

You can make your videos as long as you want since proper training requires proper explanation. InVideo also allows you to insert subtitles to your videos along with the voice-over. This can make it easier for the employees to grasp and understand. You can sign up for free and start creating the video on your own without any professional guidance. For any query, InVideo’s support team is always available to help you. 

Creating Professional Video Presentations

Creating Professional Video Presentations

Official video presentations for meetings, webinars, conferences and other purposes are extremely common. We have often encountered the use of videos in this field quite often.  However, these videos generally come out as simple slideshows. This doesn’t help you make any stark difference from the customary style. 

In order to make your presentation impressive, catchy and more comprehensible, you can use InVideo’s online video editing and creating tool. This tool helps you create videos absolutely free of cost with thousands of added features that can help you showcase your ideas better. The best part about InVideo’s functionality is that you don’t have to be trained in the process of video making in order to use this too. You can be of any profession and still create amazing videos for your official presentations.

The most important factor about office presentations is the presence of facts and figures. InVideo’s stock images allow you to add charts, edit them and customize values according to your requirement. This can help you save considerable time where you can eliminate the need to visit other tools and apps in order to create your flow charts, graphs, etc. 

Once you have the proper data, you can sign up to InVideo for free and start creating the perfect video presentation for your seminar. With the help of text input and add audio features you can innovate these videos to suit your purpose better. You can also manage the time for each reel so that you can keep the important ones for longer on the screen while you explain to your audience in words. 

InVideo’s video presentation maker ensures great video quality. Corporate presentations are mostly displayed through projectors on larger screens and mediated through mics and sound systems where you cannot afford to have the image or voice of your video breaking. With InVideo you do not have to worry about these factors as you can also select the resolution of your video according to the mode of its display and other important factors. 

Educational Videos

As we have discussed above, the smart education system is increasingly demanding changes and optimization in the processes of both teaching and learning. Videos in that case have become one of the instruments of education that is being widely used all across the world as one of the smart learning and teaching techniques. Let us find out how you can use InVideo’s online tool to achieve these purposes:

How to Use Videos for Teaching?

The use of videos as a teaching model has made it possible for many to reach out to students all across the globe without any hindrance. The use of the internet has reached most parts of the world, even some of the remotest corners. Therefore reaching anyone digitally in order to spread learning and education can be deemed as one of the boons of the internet. 

InVideo acts as one of the greatest help in this case. Its user-friendly interface along with the easy functionalities allows teachers across the world to create and propagate their teaching in the best way possible. As we know, a teacher would not possibly be an expert at video editing or making. This is where this online tool becomes most relevant. Its easy functionality makes it possible for anyone to create videos. 

Tutorial videos that cater to educational needs usually vary vastly. For different subjects, the type of video would be different. An economics or mathematics class would require more visual representations through figures and charts while a literature class would need better audiovisual qualities. All this you can get from a single online platform, InVideo. 

InVideo also helps you create podcasts. Podcasts have proved to be a great modern technique for learning that is approached by many schools and colleges in the 21st century. You can explore InVideo’s podcast features and also post your work online. If you create a website, you can simply link your teaching videos with your website and keep uploading new videos whenever it is required. Innovating the uses of this tool, you can also use it for your live classes. 

How to Use Videos for Learning?

Videos are equally helpful for the learning process as it is for teaching. The current age has made the new generation more aware and skillful with the use of technology. This helps you to promote smart teaching where you can encourage your students to use smarter ways to present their ideas and learning. Modern learning with the help of videography is a great way to save paper, and hence, the environment in return. 

Home assignments and projects have always been a major part of education where students are required to exhibit their learning. This process is now shifting to modern technologies. Home assignments no longer require a student to sit with pen, paper and colors. Teachers simply ask students to create presentations and visual representations of their understanding with the help of digital images and videos.

As a student, it will definitely be a more strenuous job to create videos when the online tools and applications are so heavily equipped for skilled video editors and creators. In order to solve this issue, InVideo has created an extremely simple video making platform where anyone can create, innovate and design videos according to their requirements. 

InVideo has a huge repository of stock images and templates that can make your job even easier. You can select a template of your choice and input your data into the text boxes and image boxes. InVideo’s canvas gives you numerous opportunities to explore and innovate how the usages and designs of a template. The editing tool column on the right-hand side of your screen has it all written and explained. We also have an automated bot that helps users navigate through the tool and its features when they sign up for the first time.

It is recommended for all teachers and parents to encourage students to get more technical help and support for their education as the world is becoming more and more digitally dependent. It would help them with their future endeavors and shape young minds with the numerous positive possibilities that the internet has to offer. 

Videos in the World of Social Media

When it comes to social media, video is one of the most important factors ruling here. Social media is the information and marketing hub of modern society. With the increased use of these platforms, there is a rising need to optimize the content on social media.

Internet video traffic accounts for 69% of all traffic in 2017. This percentage hit 80% by 2019 while the average consumer is estimated to spend as much as 88% more time on a website that has video content rather than the ones without them.  

Videos, in that case, can prove to be one of the most viable mediums to make existing or new content more convincing and catchy. Videos are far more communicable than other means of propagation and it also suffices the needs of the current society featuring constant distraction, restlessness and over occupied lives. 

YouTube Videos and Shorts

YouTube Videos and Shorts


There are several ways InVideo’s online tools can be put to use in order to create and optimize video content for YouTube. If you wish to get more people to subscribe to your channel, the process needs to be shaped right from the beginning. 

  • What is the best aspect ratio for YouTube Videos?

YouTube being exclusively a video-sharing platform allows you to upload videos with large aspect ratios. It has minimum restrictions for video uploads. 

- The dimensions for YouTube videos can be between 426X240 pixels to 3840X2160 pixels. 
- The aspect ratio is 16:9. 
- The maximum size of the video can be up to 128GB. 
- The maximum length of 12 hours.  

The following answers will make it easier to understand the ways you can achieve success as a YouTuber with the help of InVideo’s video making app:

  • How do you make your own YouTube intro?

A good video needs a good intro. And for a good intro, you need innovations. The popularity of the YouTube platform creates a cut-throat competition between different channels trying to be the most innovative. InVideo offers you the option to be the most unique in that scene with the YouTube intro maker. With some amazing templates, stock images and videos, you can create unique intro videos for your YouTube channel. 

  • How do you make an outro for YouTube? 

YouTube exhibits wholesome videos as there is no limit to playtime. Therefore when you use this platform to post videos, they must be complete with an intro and outro. Like the YouTube intro maker, InVideo’s online video making tool can also be used to create outro for videos. Using a template of your choice you can customize and edit to create your outro. You can add images to your template from your own or from InVideo’s stock images. You can also add music to your outro using this tool.

  • YouTube Videos 

YouTube videos serve as one of the most important video resources on the internet. No matter what social media platforms you use, having your own channel on YouTube can get you the attention you seek for. Make promos for your YouTube videos before you set out the actual content. This can help you boost views on your video.

  • How do you become a YouTube vlogger?

One of the 21st-century trends in the field of health and lifestyle is vlogging. We have several famous vloggers on YouTube who inspire us every day to stay healthy and fit and teach us the ways to live a happy and fulfilling life. However, behind their bubbly lives lies a havoc effort and hard work to create these video blogs. Massive editing, innovation and ideas ideally go behind the most acclaimed vlogs. If you are planning to start your own vlogging channel on YouTube, InVideo is one place that can satisfy you with all the right features and functions to make it more appealing. InVideo’s uncomplicated functionality can make the job half easy for you. Explore your ideas on the canvas and make amazing vlogs to showcase your story and cause. 

  • How do you put ads on your YouTube videos?

Another aspect that YouTube beholds is the advertising videos. YouTube ads can be both skippable as well as non-skippable. 

- The skippable ones are generally long and hence, here you can have your content spread out more. However, for the skippable ads, if your video starts with some great catchy lines or scenes, the chances of it being skipped by the viewer are minimized. Therefore, for skippable ads, you have to be innovative to keep your viewer watching the video till the end. InVideos’ video editing tool can be used to exhibit several interesting features like time-lapse and others that can make your video more unique and tempting to watch. 

- In the case of non-skippable ads, you might simply get the chance to display a template full of information. These ads have much shorter playtime and can even lack any voiceovers. Hence these templates, therefore, need to display information in a way that is comprehensible and graspable to the viewers. 

You can also use a piece of background music to these videos that may closely relate to the chain of products/ services or the brand you’re aiming to sell. Here you can use InVideo’s templates in order to suit your requirements as it offers images, short videos, templates as well as audio files that can all make your short ad video more optimized.  

Facebook Videos and Stories

Facebook Videos and Stories


Facebook has emerged as another exciting platform where you can connect to all kinds of people and have a strong marketing base through video ads, personalized pages, stories and much more.

What is the best video size for Facebook?

- The standard dimension for Facebook videos can be 1280X720 for both landscape as well as portrait.
- For landscape, the aspect ratio will be 16:9 and for portrait, it is 9:16
- The maximum size for Facebook videos can be 4GB
- A Facebook video can be as long as 240 mins maximum

What are the recommended file formats for Facebook videos?

Facebook videos can preferably come in two formats, namely:

- MP4

 Let us answer some of the important and most asked questions regarding the different aspects of Facebook’s videos:

  • What is the point of Facebook Stories?

A Facebook story can last 20 seconds. These short run-time can display a template or quick boomerang videos according to your choice. Facebook stories need to be updated on a daily basis in order to keep your audiences informed about every little change, celebrations, offers and much more. You can make the most of these 20 seconds if you use your innovations correctly.

  • What are Facebook Videos?

Videos on Facebook can be long enough for you to present a wholesome idea. Hence you can take this chance and display parts of your recent YouTube video uploads. Amalgamating short clips from different videos and joining them with the help of InVideo’s online video editing tool can give you one great video that you can post on your Facebook feed in order to promote your YouTube channel. Other than that, you can use YouTube to post videos for birthday wishes and other events that can suffice many of your personal requirements.

  • Can a Face Cover be a Video?

If you have a page of your own on Facebook, the platform allows you to have a video as your cover. With InVideo you can trim your cover video on Facebook to the required size of 1250 x 312 pixels easily without causing any effect on the video’s quality. You can make this video for a maximum of 90 seconds, crisp and catchy. These cover videos help you create a great first impression when someone visits your page for the first time.  

  • What is Facebook Video Ad?

Facebook is also a great platform to uphold business. You can use these 5-15 seconds short videos that can act as an intro to your brand and business. These videos generally come in the form of a scroller and hence you can have more than one video to display at hand. You can innovatively use this series of videos to display a story of your brand or a new range of products or offers and discounts. InVideo helps you create your own templates and edit them for amazing short Facebook ad videos

Instagram Reels and Stories

Instagram Reels and Stories


Instagram is the modern canvas to paint your lifestyle and ideas. It is widely accessed and used around the world in order to create an impressive online presence. Instagram is used by celebrities and important people and hence it is the core of opportunities for all the young social influencers out there. Instagram videos and reels have the potential of becoming the talk of the town quicker than any other source. 

According to statistics, although Instagram is chiefly meant for image sharing, video posts cover up to 18% of its feed. Let’s find out how you can strive as the best in this field and make the most of the available opportunities.

  • What is the best aspect ratio for an Instagram video?

- The best aspect ratio for Instagram videos is 1080px by 1920px.
- Instagram has several video uploading options that vary from Instagram feed to Instagram reels.
- The aspect ratio varies with the kind of video. 

  • How do stories work on Instagram?

Instagram stories, much like Facebook, Whatsapp, LinkedIn and other platforms serve as your quick option to attend to all eyes. With InVideo, you can directly share your freshly created content on Instagram’s story feed. This ease of access promotes the use of Instagram’s story feature even more. You can add stickers, GIFs and many other features to your Instagram story while using InVideo’s video creating tool. 

  • What do reels mean on Instagram?

Reels on Instagram are short videos, meant purely for entertainment and awareness. These videos can have different voiceovers and background scores on which actors act upon. Short and quick dance moves, one stanza songs and dialogue deliveries are some of the most common acts for Instagram reel videos. You can use InVideo to sync in your act and audio and directly share it to Instagram reel or IGTv.  

  • How do you make an Instagram video ad?

Instagram’s ad videos have a particular aspect ratio of 1:1 that InVideo’s canvas size offers. These ads extend from 3-6 seconds and need to be crisp. Instagram ads are primarily templates at the display, preferably with a background score. Hence InVideo is the best platform for you to start with when you’re making Instagram ads for your business. You can be innovative and creative with unique template designs and stock images that the platform has to offer.  

Videos for Advertising

Advertising, as we have already discussed, makes the most of videos and their marketing purpose. From television to the internet, videos are one of the primary marketing tools around the world. 

  • Video is used by 60% of businesses as a tool for advertisement. 
  • 50% of marketers who have used video as a marketing tool have continued the usage for more than a year
  • Videos are created by marketers at a rate of 14% daily while 36% of marketers make them more than once a week. 
  • 90% of marketers plan to continue using videos as their marketing tool after using it for the first time.

Web Banners in Online Marketing 

Web Banners in Online Marketing


The new age digitized paradigm has taken over the online marketing aspects with web banners. Web banners are used for advertising on the internet and are delivered by ad servers. Several organizations and companies put up web banners to display their advertisements on websites and web pages. 

These web banners are generally in the form of scrollers and GIFs. Scrollers are generally static whereas GIFs are dynamic. 

In many ways, research has proved digital ads to be more effective than TV commercials.

  • 41% of the marketers spent on digital ads that amounted to $209 billion in 2017 (Magna, the research arm of media buying firm IPG Mediabrands.)
  • 35% of the marketers spent on TV commercials that amounted to $178 billion in 2017 (Magna, the research arm of media buying firm IPG Mediabrands.)

Here are some tips to optimize your web banner:

  • Maintain the three most important ingredients

For any web banner, the three most important ingredients are as follows:

- The name of the company along with its logo
- An appealing discount offer
- Call to Action button

If you have these three ingredients in your banner, it will catch the attention of viewers faster and help improve conversion rates.

  • Crisp content

If you are providing content for your web banner, it needs to be short and crisp. Make a slogan or catchphrase that can quickly grab attention. This phrase should also convey the basic idea of your organization.

  • High definition image

The image or GIF that you use for a web banner needs to be clear and in high definition. With InVideo you can make this happen without much hassle.   

Unfolding the Short Video Trend around the Globe

As the trend follows, content has increasingly existed in the form of videos. The introduction of numerous apps encouraging video content showed up as a result. Very soon it became a mouthpiece for the millennials and modern marketers. 

If we look back in time, it is quite distinctly noticeable how video content on social media got shorter and crispier with passing time. None of the platforms had any special space for 15-30 seconds videos. However, traditionally, a short video would be considered to be less than 10 mins long whereas anything that crossed this limit would be considered long. 

But when it comes to social media, we have a more restless crowd waiting out there. With the massive increase in social media usage, users have too much to grasp whenever they go online. To meet all these factors, short videos emerged. It can be both informative and entertaining to impart quick knowledge and create trends. 

The creation of short videos quickly became an emerging trend all around the globe. Before the mainstream social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube adapted the short video culture, it was popularized by several apps around the globe.

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