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Online Screen Recorder

Record a tutorial, presentation, or software demonstration using InVideo's free screen recorder. It allows you to record the screen right from your browser in just a couple of clicks without even installing any software. Get ready to capture your screen like a pro with our thrilling online free screen recorder!
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How to record your screen?


Choose what to record

Click on the "Record Video" button & you will get an option to capture only the screen, only the webcam, or both simultaneously.

Start your screen recording

Click the "Start Recording" button & you'll see a countdown before the recording starts.

Review, share, or export

Hit the red button to stop your recording, click the "Copy Link" button to share it, or click the "Download" button to export.

Free screen recorder online

Record tutorial videos using a free screen recorder

When it comes to teaching something new on YouTube, tutorial videos are the most popular genre & If you want to create professional tutorial videos then InVideo's free screen recorder is an excellent tool to use. The process of crafting high-quality tutorials that engage and inform your audience is simpler than ever. By capturing your screen and mouse movements, you can effectively share your knowledge with the world.

Create product demonstration videos with an online screen recorder

If you want to demonstrate the capabilities of your digital product, one effective way is through a demonstration video. If you have a software product or companion app, screen recordings can help illustrate its functionality better. Incorporating product demos into your product descriptions can be highly beneficial, as it allows potential customers to see the product in action and better understand its value proposition.

Use a free screen recorder online to make explainer videos

Explainer videos are the ultimate solution for providing essential context to your clients. Using the power of screen recordings, you can showcase the difference between outdated processes and the cutting-edge solutions you're revealing. Explainer videos are perfect to illustrate the "why" behind new initiatives, processes, and strategies.

Download the chrome extension for free

Start recording in seconds with our free Chrome extension.

Frequently asked questions

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