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Unleash AI to turn your text into riveting videos

Transform words into cinematic masterpieces with InVideo's AI Text-to-Video converter. From captivating video ads to engaging social media content, InVideo empowers you to create stunning videos that bring your words to life. Unleash your imagination and let our AI powered text-to-video converter do the rest.
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AI text to video converter

AI script generator for compelling video creation

With our AI script generator, you can generate a script from any prompt directly within InVideo, powered by ChatGPT. No more juggling between platforms or copy-pasting. Effortlessly generate dynamic scripts that perfectly match your vision, all in one place.

Transform blogs to videos

Considered the 'Swiss watch' of content creation tools, InVideo effortlessly converts your meticulous prose into captivating videos. Just as you would craft your blog post word by word, InVideo's AI text to video editor builds your video, frame by frame, with an unwavering commitment to quality. Its intelligent algorithm not only understands your content but also the context. It can identify key points and highlight them visually. It’s like having an Oscar-winning director reading your script and visualizing it in the most engaging way possible.

AI powered voiceovers

Bring your content to life with InVideo's AI-powered voiceovers, where realism and emotional depth take center stage. Our cutting-edge technology delivers remarkably human-sounding voices that charm and captivate your audience, enriching every story with warmth and authenticity. Don't let the barriers of text constrain your message; elevate it with the power of the spoken word. InVideo – Where innovation meets the art of storytelling, and technology speaks human.

Make beautiful videos from script using templates

InVideo offers a wide range of storyteller templates hand-crafted for converting scripts into beautiful videos. Its templates are widely used by YouTubers, brand marketers, business owners to make awesome videos everyday. With a constantly increasing massive library of templates, you'll never need to compromise and make the two videos that look same.

Use the full power of video to grow your brand

From scripts to sales videos

InVideo AI script generator works with a precision that would make a Swiss-watchmaker green with envy. It writes scripts from your prompts and converts them into professionally crafted videos, complete with images, transitions, effects and voiceovers.

From blogs to videos

Just as you would craft your blog post word by word, InVideo's AI text to video maker builds your video, frame by frame, with an unwavering commitment to quality. If you can write a blog, you can create a video.

Create Oscar-worthy faceless videos

It can identify key points and highlight them visually. It’s like having an Oscar-winning director reading your script and visualize it in the most engaging way possible.
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Easy text-to-video converter

PredesignedText-to-Video templates

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How to convert text to video with InVideo?

Choose AI text to video option

Once you login to your InVideo account you will see four options to create videos. Choose 'AI text to Video' option from these and proceed to the template selection page to choose a pre-designed template of your liking.

Choose video type

Choose one from any of the three dimensions. Portrait (9:16) is ideal for Instagram & TikTok, while Square (1:1) fit well on YouTube. Landscape (16:9) is a versatile option which is considered the standard for major broadcasters and streaming platforms.

Ask AI to write script

Click on the text and see a space appear to prompt AI to write a script for your video. Alternatively, copy paste a URL which has the article you want to automatically convert to a video in the bottom section.

Auto suggest images & videos

Check the boxes for iStock and premium for optimal results. Click 'Create scenes' to move to the next step.

Customise your video, if needed

Edit, delete and duplicate scenes as per your need. Replace stock content with your own, move scenes up and down to change their order.

Background music

AI adds appropriate music for your video by default. You can replace or delete the background music.

Automated voiceovers

Click on the voiceover button. Automated voiceover option is powered by AI that generates human sounding male & female voices reading your script. You can also record or upload your voiceovers.

Export your video

Once you are done with the edits, hit the ▶ button to preview the video. Once you are satisfied with the video, hit the export button to download and share the video with the world!

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