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InVideo helps your brand create engaging videos for your audience in minutes.

Personalize every video with your brand designs or choose from a plethora of our customisable themes.

How it works

Create your videos in 5 minutes

Add text

Add your desired text. This can be in any format. A URL, Paragraph, Lyrics etc. Our intelligent machine will run through some codes and create a video.

Modify media

Add your desired Images, Videos, Dates or simply choose from our suggested media. We shall find the perfect way to stitch it up automatically.


Upload your video to your social media pages or directly to the cloud through ftp, brightcove or s3

App Features

Do You Have Any Questions?

Essentially, InVideo is for anybody who wants to create motion graphic videos on the go. Currently our platform is used by journalists, editors, brand managers as well as freelancers.

With so many features like intelligent media suggestion, multiple layouts and an intuitive editing platform, one may assume using InVideo would be very expensive but it isn’t. If your goal is to publish at least 50 videos a month, contact us to discuss our available packages.

Not at all. InVideo is an online service and all you need is internet and a web browser like Firefox or Google Chrome.


We are currently working with marquee clients from varied sectors like News and Broadcast, Fin-Tech and Online Media.

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