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10 Copywriting Changes You Can Make Right Away to See 2x Conversions

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Have you been doing everything by the book but your copy is still not getting your sales conversions? In a world where we’re constantly being bombarded with content, your copy needs to stand out. A good copy not only engages with its reader but also creates a need for your product.

Here are 10 copywriting tips that can help you convert 2x more sales:

copywriting tips

1. Don’t Marry your First Draft

Your first draft is what it is – the first draft. It is the first that popped into your head and is probably not the best copywriting you can write. That’s why one of the most popular lingos in copywriting is to not fall in love or marry your first draft.

On the flip side, it is also important that you allow yourself to write the ‘not-so’ good ideas down. Allow yourself to write down the bad, crappy copies. While you may think it is a waste of time, it allows you to eliminate the worst options and in the process, you might stumble on real gems to create a good copy.

2. Summarize Your Project in One Sentence

Feeling stuck? One of the simplest tricks in the book on how to start copywriting is to summarize your project in a sentence. Think about what you’re writing – the format, the audience, the scope, the CTA and the purpose. Now, write it in one sentence, as clearly and simply as you can.

This helps you simplify the project and also eases out any anxiety around how difficult copywriting is or writers block. Also, if you’re having a tough time simply putting your project in a sentence, you may want to consider doing more research to understand the product, audience and purpose.

3. Always Research Before You Put Pen to Paper

Do you know what makes copywriting easy?

A good understanding about the business and its audience can make creative copywriting super simple. Spend time researching about your readers, their pain points, and how your copy can provide them with a solution. It is also important to know about the brand or business you are writing for – so you know their tone, guidelines and stance.

4. Ask Yourself: How Should My Copy Make My Audience Feel?

Before you start thinking about the words for your copy, try to figure out what you want your reader to feel?

If you’re an F&B business, you’d probably want them to feel hungry or happy, unlike a fashion brand who might want their readers to feel worthy and beautiful, and an insurance firm may want their audience to feel secure and trusting.

Knowing the feeling and response you want to create will help you choose your words wisely.

5. Pay Attention to the Small Stuff

A good copy gets the user to take action. You want to make sure that every word compels your reader to click that button and convert. For this reason, it is important to use words that motivate people to take that first step.

For example, if you were to work on an advertising copywriting for a solar panels business and had to advertise how cheap their installation costs are, instead of writing ‘installation at a $5 fee,’ you should consider writing ‘installation at only $5’. The emphasis on a small fee with the help of a simple word like ‘only’ made the copy appealing for conservative spenders.

Remember to focus on these small but impactful changes. You should also make it a practice to test the success of your work and how it performed in the market. 

6. Don’t Overdo the Adjectives

Is your copy filled with words that describe how marvellous, stupendous and out of this world your product is? Then you’re probably fluffing a lot. Your reader is not interested in your business or product unless it solves their problem or adds value to their life.

apple carter cisco


7. Include Power Words

Scientifically speaking, there are persuasive words that can make your creative copywriting convert more customers. Words like you, free, because, instantly and new can make your copy sell better than others.

Ever heard the phrase ‘all good things in life are free’? Well, your reader thinks so too. If you’re giving away something for free with their purchase, your customer is more likely to convert.

creative copywriting


8. Write a Story, Not a Sales Pitch

Get your reader hooked to your copy by weaving it like a story. The most effective copy tells a story and lets the reader imagine themselves in it. You don’t want to bombard your audience with purchase ads and make them feel like they have been spammed. Instead, take them on a journey that helps them connect emotionally to your business and understand how buying into it can add value to their life.

website copywriting


9. Use Numbers and Facts to Add Weight

Being clear and avoiding marketing claptrap will help you write a good copy. Use specific numbers to add credibility to your copy and get your reader’s attention.

Let’s take this website copywriting for example: ‘Hundreds of startups use our communication tool to connect with their colleagues’

If we change the ‘hundreds’ to a specific number, doesn’t it sound more credible? Think about it: ‘254 startups use our communication tool to connect with their colleagues’. 

10. Give a Clear CTA

Once you’ve got your reader’s attention, you want to direct them to take action. Keeping your CTA clear and specific will ensure that you convert more readers.

In the advertising copywriting example below, Spotify not only solves a problem with ‘no credit card needed’ but also motivates their audience to use their app for free.

advertising copywriting


With these quick tips, you can start writing better copy for 2x more conversions. Copywriting is a developed skill and while you don’t need a qualification to learn to copywrite, a good copywriter should know what makes for a good copy.

You can also check out these 10 businesses with insane copywriting examples to get your creative juices flowing. 

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