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AI Talking Avatar

Create a realistic video of a human presenter, without any video production. Choose from preset avatars or create your own. Simply input a few images and either text or an audio file and magically create your talking avatar.
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How to create your AI talking avatar on InVideo?


Create your avatar

Select from preset AI avatars or create your own by uploading your photos.

Add your voice

Record your own voice or use preset voices to generate narrations.

Type your script

Add the desired script. We support most major global languages and adding more every month.

Where to use talking avatars?


Bring Your Content to Life with Talking Avatar!
Elevate your digital narrative with Talking Avatar!add engaging, interactive characters to your videos, podcasts, or live streams. With Talking Avatar, you can captivate your audience, increase engagement, and set your content apart from the competition. Create a unique brand identity and push the boundaries of digital content creation with Talking Avatar


Transform Property Showcasing with Talking Avatar!
Create personalized, interactive virtual tours that potential buyers can access from the comfort of their homes. Make property showcasing more effective and efficient, leading to quicker sales with Talking Avatar.


Enhance Guest Experience
Answer guest queries with a video of your Talking Avatar! Use this tool to make videos for all the frequently asked questions and provide guests with information, delivering an unmatched level of service. Exceed guest expectations and transform your hospitality business with Talking Avatar.


Revitalize Your E-commerce with Talking Avatar!
Transform online shopping experiences with Talking Avatar! This innovative tool can provide personalized product descriptions, guidance, and assistance, offering a near in-store experience online. Improve customer engagement, boost sales, and revolutionize your e-commerce strategy with Talking Avatar.


Engage Students with Talking Avatar!
Ignite the flame of knowledge in your students' hearts with Talking Avatar! This cutting-edge tool breathes life into educational content, making lessons interactive and riveting. With Talking Avatar, teachers can personalize digital learning experiences and foster a sense of unity and participation, even in distance learning setups. Simplify intricate subjects and make education enjoyable with Talking Avatar.

Features of Talking Avatar


Audio uploads

You can record & upload your real voice to create a personalized Avatar.
Video Formats

Voice Narration

Use preset voices in several different accents and or record your own voice to sync with your Talking Avatar.

Lip-Syncing with script

Voice & video are designed to sync automatically with the use of AI.

Frequently asked questions

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