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Remember the last time you made a PPT slide where the sentences were not aligned or while creating a graphic design you inadvertently used the wrong set of colors?

Well, you are not alone as we all tend to make these elementary mistakes. Be it uploading a video where the text isn’t legible or something with the PPT slides seemed off, all of this happens to be some of the really common errors.

Playing the visual grammar is key here that basically determines the difference between a good design and a bad one.

Simply put, just as we tend to make grammatical errors while writing, we also make a number of errors with the ‘visual grammar’ while creating videos.

No need to stress over your video assignments anymore as we have it all covered for you with the Intelligent Video Assistant. IVA is fundamentally the Grammarly for your videos.

Taking the video space by storm in its entirety, it is the first of its kind AI-powered Intelligence. It acts like a video maker’s design guide that would help him to correct technical mistakes with the design and layout automatically.

Read on to get a better idea of what makes the Intelligent Video Assistant stand apart:

a. Unique Technology

b. Powered by Artificial Intelligence

c. Tested and Analyzed by evaluating: Common mistakes in over 500k plus videos

d. Proprietary Algorithms for text recognition

e. Automated Recognition Engine

f. Built with best Industry Practices

Key Highlights:

You went through the qualitative culmination of how IVA is immensely useful for your video output. Let us also talk about its key functionalities for you to understand its purpose better –

Text Legibility: IVA helps you to make the text in the video more legible so that it stands out and is easily understandable for anyone who watches it. It also ensures that the branding and overall video consistency is retained or maintained.

(Text Legibility)


Proper Alignment: IVA aligns the text in the video in a manner that while maintaining the aesthetics, the frame balance is also ensured.

(Proper Alignment)


Expedient Animation: IVA recommends just the apt animation style for the elements to make it look visually appealing without having to be jarring to the eye.

(Expedient Animation)


Frame Equilibrium: By fine-tuning the positioning of the elements in the frame, IVA puts them in a way that they look symmetrical thus maintaining the frame’s equilibrium.

(Frame Equilibrium)


Apt Resizing: IVA resizes the text boxes to an optimal size, so as to remove any unnecessary negative space and look easy on the eye

(Apt Resizing)


Dynamic Motion Effects: To make the video engaging, IVA adds gripping motion and animation to still images.

(Dynamic Motion Effects)


Image Augmentation: With IVA, your images would have no blurry edges and will fit in the frame just perfectly.

(Image Augmentation)


Smart Timing: IVA ensures that your videos don’t have an abrupt ending or unnecessary looping thus securing just the right duration for the same.

(Smart Timing)


Visual Evenness: It adds smoothness and visual continuity, by giving soft dissolve effects to elements that appear abruptly on the screen.

(Visual Evenness)


Optimal Text – IVA recommends a certain character limit to the text in a frame, to keep the content crisp, engaging, and easy to understand

(Optimal Text)


Ideal Duration – IVA ensures that the text in a frame is given enough time to read, and adjusts the frame duration accordingly

(Ideal Duration)

While hard work is key, smart work is what can be your savior. Now, anyone can become a video designer with IVA as it is here to transform the thought process of how one looks at video designing.

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