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AI Text to Speech

Convert your text into human-like speech using invideo's AI text-to-speech feature. Enhance your YouTube videos and documentaries with authentic male & female voice narrations for free.

How to convert a text into speech?


Select workflow

Click on "Convert text to speech" button. Choose "Script to Video" workflow from the dropdown.

Enter script

Enter your script, choose the desired gender & accent, you can even use your own voice as well. The AI will then generate a video based on the script.

Export your video

Once the video is ready, export it and use invideo's MP4 to MP3 converter to convert it into an MP3 file. Download the MP3 file, and your speech will be ready to use.

Online AI text-to-speech converter

AI text-to-speech for every use cases

Improve your online content using our AI text-to-speech. It creates realistic male and female voices in various accents, suitable for all kinds of use cases like marketing, corporate, or entertainment videos.

Realistic text-to-speech

Leverage invideo's free AI text-to-speech to add human-like voiceovers to your videos, enhancing engagement with realistic intonations, tones, and accents. It helps you attract a global audience by communicating in voices that sound just like real people.

AI text-to-voice converter for content creation

Invideo's AI text-to-voice converter tool turns your text into realistic voiceovers, perfect for crafting voiceovers for YouTube, TikTok, or Instagram videos.

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