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Remove audio from video

Whether you're creating a professional video or want to enhance your personal videos, InVideo makes it easy to remove unwanted audio from your videos, giving you complete control over the soundscape.
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Remove audio from a video in three steps


Upload your video

Click the ‘Upload video’ button and select your file to be uploaded.

Remove audio

Drop your video on the canvas and choose the Volume option on the top menu. Drag the volume slider towards extreme left to mute audio from your video.

Export your video

Once you’re done, you can select the “Export” option from the top-right corner of the screen and you are done!

Why do you need to mute your video?

Clean soundtrack

Remove any audio track that is present in the video with our online mute video tool. If the video has background noise, unwanted audio, or music that you do not want to include, by removing or muting the audio, you can create a clean version of the video that is free of any distracting sounds. With InVideo, you can easily mute a video online with a few clicks.

More than just an online video sound remover

InVideo is not just an ordinary online video sound remover tool. Under the hood, it offers several simple and advanced audio editing features to make high-quality edits to your audio without requiring multiple tools. You can easily fade-in or fade-out, trim, loop, duplicate your audio. Not just that, you can perform advanced edits like creating an audio mix by using the ducked volume feature, use pan control to play your audio on either left of right earpiece.

Removing audio from a video is free with InVideo

InVideo offers you a platform where you can remove audio from your videos absolutely free of cost. Once you have uploaded your video files, drop them on the timeline. Click on the volume icon to mute or unmute the video. The free plan comes with a watermark. However, you can easily remove the watermark by subscribing to any of our affordable paid plans.

How to remove audio from video online for free

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