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AI Voice Cloning

Create a digital clone of your voice using invideo's AI voice cloning tool. Upload just a 30-second snippet, and you will get a realistic clone of your own voice within seconds.

How to clone a voice?


Visit invideo AI

Click on the "Get started for free" button. Select "Clone your voice" feature from the bottom.

Add your voice

Submit a recording of your own voice of at least 30 seconds long.

Generate a video

Once your voice is uploaded, you can now generate a video in invideo AI with your own voiceover.

Online AI voice cloning tool

Best AI voice cloner for content creators

Invideo's AI voice cloning tool offers a seamless way to replicate your voice with realistic quality. This advanced technology allows you to create voiceovers perfectly suited for platforms like YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram Reels.

Realistic voice cloning for podcasts

Creating podcasts is a time-intensive process. It can take several hours to record just one episode, and even more time is needed to edit it to ensure it sounds excellent. Since listeners prefer auditory content, having a flawless podcast is essential for growth. Thanks to AI voice cloning technology, it enables you to make new episodes within minutes, saving you a lot of time and effort.

AI voice cloning for business requirements

Improve your business's digital content with our AI voice cloning feature. This tool accurately replicates your voice, producing a natural and versatile voiceover to meet all your business requirements. Ideal for marketing videos and corporate presentations, it ensures your projects sound professional and engaging.

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