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We’re Sorry to Break Your Heart, But IVA Just Isn’t Ready Yet!

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A story of how our April Fool’s Day campaign panned out. WE HAD FUN!

Our social media team is always having the most fun trying to crack campaigns. After a successful women’s day campaign, we sat together to discuss what to do next.

And what did we come up with? April fool’s day!

Now, this is something InVideo hasn’t done before — we needed something bold and fun. After much brainstorming, it was a close call between 3D video making and a voice assistant video editor.

Like we approach all other adulting decisions, we used inky pinky ponky, and decided to go with the voice assistant! (Read: It got the majority of the votes from our team that comprises content experts.)  ????


Enter: IVA!

The World’s First Voice Assistant Video Editor! D-uhh.

While you were playing your ideas, WE played YOU!

To get the ball rolling, we decided to target our beloved community at first. We got our ever-ready-to-do-crazy-stuff CEO, Sanket, to put out a video. Take a look at what we did!


To complement this video, we also took it up a notch and created a landing page to hype up IVA. (We had to make her look real, didn’t we?)

To get all-hands access and to be first in line to try out IVA when she arrives in April, users had to register with their email addresses. This was the best way to get users interested, engaged and really await a feature that’s so futuristic.

We went all out with the designs and the content, and built it to something that was absolutely stunning, and totally believable. Here, see for yourself!

Can IVA change the way you make videos? Hell yes!

intelligent video assistant

“Hey IVA, make me a video for….” and she does the rest of your work. Simple, isn’t it?

We even took some loyal community members into confidence and urged them to post for us.

The community was taken by storm, and completely went into a daze of excitement. We loved the energy it created! Take a look at how much love IVA received within just minutes of posting.

Facebook community comments on IVA
facebook community comments
facebook community comments

We felt evil. *chuckle*

So, how well did we manage to fool you?

We had close to 2000+ registrations, waiting to try out IVA. And what’s better? Our global competitors signed up as well!

We promoted the page through our community and our Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram!

Average time spent was 4.4 mins on the landing page!

Our other founder, Harsh Vakharia, keenly notes, “This is also like validation/proof-of-concept for bringing such a feature to life in the future for video creation.”

We were inching closer to April 1st, and we started planning the reveal. We made yet another landing page to launch the prank!

We made yet another landing page to launch the prank!

Invideo voice assistant video editor

And this video of Sanket, and the rest of the team.

The idea of the campaign was majorly to let our users know that we don’t take life too seriously — it’s all fun and games every now and then. Thank you for being a sport, and letting us have a good time with this campaign.

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