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16 Best Custom GPTs of 2024

Aastha Kochar
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Found yourself stuck in a task, wishing for a smarter, quicker way to get it done? Whether it be about creating a video that stands out, writing content that engages, coding without hitting a roadblock, or managing daily tasks more efficiently – the custom GPT models may be the solution you're looking for.

So, if you're aiming to cut down on the time you spend on repetitive tasks, enhance your creative or technical projects, solve complex problems easily, and boost your income by staying ahead in the tech game, you'll love this list of 16 best custom GPT models. These can help you with your day-to-day work as well as personal projects.  

Here’s what we’ve covered in this blog:


Ready to find out how these tailored AI tools can make a real difference in your work and increase your productivity and earnings? Let's get into it!

What Are Custom GPTs? 

Custom GPTs are personalized versions of ChatGPT created to focus on specific areas or tasks most relevant to you, whether for your hobbies or professional work. The beauty of custom GPTs is their adaptability. You don't need to be a tech guru to set them up. All you have to do is enter your particular requirements; voila, you have your own AI personal assistant. Be it about simplifying your business or personalizing your hobbies, custom GPTs are the equivalent of having a personalized specialist on hand.

What is the GPT store? 

The GPT Store is an online platform initiated by OpenAI, where you can access, create, and even monetize custom versions of ChatGPT, also called GPTs. The best part? If you've created a GPT, you can make money, which depends on the interest your GPTs generate in the community. This feature will powerfully drive creators to develop and share innovative and valuable GPTs.

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How To Find Custom GPTs Inside ChatGPT?

The process of locating custom GPTs inside ChatGPT is relatively easy. Here are the necessary steps you need to take:

1. Visit and sign in with your account.

2. Click on ‘Explore GPTs’’ on the first sidebar once logged in.

3. Next, you will see all the GPTs that are available, and click on the one you want to use. 

16 Best Custom ChatGPTs

Whether you’re shaping the next viral video, building an extraordinary ad campaign, writing a newsletter to die for, or need to edit images like a pro, the right tool can make all the difference. In this section, we have carefully studied and created a list of the top 16 Custom GPTs of 2024 to maximize your creativity and productivity in every field!

A. Best Custom GPT for Video 

Let's explore custom GPT models to make your video creation process faster or even spark some creative ideas!

1. Video Maker by invideo AI 

Video Maker by invideo AI is a tailored GPT that converts text prompts, documents, or PDFs into stunning AI videos within seconds. Its beauty lies in developing top-notch video briefs tailored for different platforms, including YouTube, TikTok, Instagram Reels, and YouTube Shorts, as well as commercials. Just enter your video idea into the chat and the Video Maker by invideo AI GPT will generate a video. 

Try: Video Maker by invideo AI

Here is a glance at some winning features of the tool:

  • Comprehensive Video Briefs: Simply provide your video concept, and the tool will develop a video brief for it based on the target audience, tone, and style to make sure the final video matches your requirements.
  • Script Writing: The tool generates high-quality scripts based on your input. These scripts will be the core of your video, which will ensure a coherent and effective narrative throughout.
  • Automated Video Production: Video Maker by invideo AI AI turns the script into a fully produced video. This involves not only the narrative but also audio and visual elements that make a video fascinating.
  • Customization Options: Though it takes care of the entire process, you can also give specifications such as the target audience, tone, style, key points, and others, thus ensuring complete customization to your needs.

The best part? With these powerful features, you can create faceless YouTube videos in multiple niches such as fashion, education, marketing, news, product reviews, informative content, demos, etc., and make around $5k and even up to $30k a month with just ad revenue from your YouTube channel. 

Here’s how you can put things into action!

  • Go to “Explore GPTs” and search for ‘Video Maker by invideo AI’ to find the tool (Note that it’s only available in GPT - 4 (i.e., the paid version).

  • Enter the prompt detailing the overall theme, subject, your target audience, tone, and other requirements. 

  • Based on your input, GPT will generate a script for the video. This script will include the narrative, key messages, and the overall format of the writing. 

  • Next, the tool will process this script and create a voice-over video. At this stage, you may choose your own images, audio, and/or voice-over to match the content of your script. If not, it’ll do a good job on its own.

  • Once the video is ready, you can review it. And if needed, you can also edit or do some add-ons before finalizing the video. After it is finished, download the final video, and you’re good to go!

It’s the perfect combo of versatility and class that ensures high quality and hits your target audience’s pain points right on the spot. The possibilities are endless whether you want to educate, entertain, inform, or promote!

2. Video Summarizer AI

Video Summarizer AI does an excellent job of getting educational summaries or detailed analyses in the YouTube video captions. The best part is that it can process queries in your native language and focuses on the latest events in the video content, so you can be assured that the summaries and analyses presented to you are relevant and up-to-date. 

Try: Video Summarizer AI

3. Video Insights

Video Insights lets you quickly analyze and summarize YouTube video content. Video transcripts provide full-text summarization and video metadata analysis to understand the context better. Currently, it can process YouTube videos up to 2 hours long, but soon, you'll also be able to use it for numerous video platforms, podcasts, and other sound content. 

Try: Video Insights

4. CapCut VideoGPT

With CapCut VideoGPT, you can turn your text ideas into audio video scripts and simplify video creation because it automatically creates those videos based on your provided scripts. Even if you want to skip straight into video generation or take a more step-by-step approach by writing the script first, this tool walks you through refining the script and choosing the best aspect ratio for your video.

Try: CapCut VideoGPT

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B. Best Custom GPT for Image 

Moving on, this section will guide you through the top GPT models that will help you enhance your image-making and editing processes.

1. Image Copy Machine GPT

Image Copy Machine GPT produces images that resemble an original, using the DALL-E technology. This means it can copy the style and elements of any image you give while incorporating uniqueness and imaginativeness in its output. So, it's a perfect choice if you want to create unique but familiar photos for your projects. 

Try: Image Copy Machine GPT

2. Stable Diffusion Prompter

The Stable Diffusion Prompter is like a specialized assistant that is really good at generating detailed and high-quality prompts for AI image generation using Stable Diffusion technology. This way, you get the best results when you want to create images using AI. So, whether you're working on personal or professional projects, this custom GPT will offer a great way to generate stunning photos with the help of expert guidance and prompts.

Try: Stable Diffusion Prompter


DALL-E is trained to produce images from text descriptions only. You can provide a description of the scene, object, idea, or anything you think of, and the tool will use that description to build and produce visual representations. Its abilities come in handy in more creative ways, visuals, or even surfing of the things AI-generated art can do. Just give it a brief but complete description, and it will generate an image for the same.


4. Art Style Explorer

Art Style Explorer, powered by General Processing Transformers (GPTs), guides and assists you in getting a grasp of various art styles. To use it, upload or paste an image, and the tool will help you learn more about the outlook and style of that image to create new artwork interpreting the manner of the first image. This makes it a valuable tool for learning and creative activities as well. It is an interactive and easy-to-use tool if you're interested or professionally involved in art and design.

Try: Art Style Explorer

C. Best Custom GPT for Marketing

Let's go through the best custom GPT models to elevate your marketing efforts!

1. It is a Ranking Factor GPT

If you are working with SEO and need to know what factors enhance your site's ranking in search engines, then this custom GPT is your answer. It is customized to give detailed, accurate responses from its specialized knowledge base. If it does not know something, then it will assist you in learning more, such as telling you to query experts in social networking.

Try: It is a Ranking Factor GPT

2. SEO GPT by Writesonic

With SEO GPT, you can evaluate how well your articles are optimized for search engines and even conduct a technical website analysis. It's easy to use, so even if you're not an expert in the field of SEO, you can still make good use of it. If you want to attract more visitors to your website or learn more about search engine optimization, this custom GPT can be an excellent tool. 

Try: SEO GPT by Writesonic

3. Julian Goldie GPT

Julian Goldie GPT is an expert in providing professional advice and solutions on SEO. It is tailored with specific no-frills advice on various aspects of SEO, such as link building, content creation, and use of SEO tools, among others. It suggests how you can sell backlinks through a dedicated portal, focusing on outreaches and link inserts as the optimal strategies for gaining backlinks.

Try: Julian Goldie GPT

4. Marketer GPT Pro

Marketer GPT Pro specializes in marketing strategy consultation. It works like a virtual marketing expert to help you with tailored questions for an in-depth understanding of your brand or product. This includes an overview of the brand, target market, market analysis, and marketing objectives to help you get strategic advice on all aspects of marketing, including digital strategy and competitor analysis. 

Try: Marketer GPT Pro

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D. Best Custom GPT for Content Writing

This section will take you through the best available GPT models created explicitly for writers. Find out how it makes your writing process, from idea generation to polishing final drafts, easier and more creative!

1. Creative Writing Coach

This GPT enables you to sharpen your creative writing talent if you have an in-depth background in analyzing and interpreting different styles of creative writing and fiction. Its primary function is to provide constructive criticism, recommendations, and advice for each particular writer's particular style and needs. 

Try: Creative Writing Coach

2. Academic Assistant Pro

Academic Assistant Pro is tailored to help students develop, read, and perfect academic papers. This includes writing educational content organized and systematically, usually using a markdown format for clarity and organization. It uses reference numbers, data tables, and LaTeX formulas to ensure the output is appropriate to scholarly requirements and practices.

Apart from writing, he is also an expert in rewriting and perfecting scholarly texts. When given an academic paper, it presents several rewritten versions while preserving the meaning of the original one but making it different in style or structure. This functionality is handy to improve the clarity, coherence, and overall quality of academic manuscripts.

Try: Academic Assistant Pro

3. Hemingway Editor GPT

Hemingway Editor GPT helps you enhance and perfect texts based on established editing principles. It simplifies complex sentences, replaces adverbs with more specific verbs, keeps a consistent tone, and reduces surplus punctuation and negative phrasing. The aim is to write effectively and be accessible.

Try: Hemingway Editor GPT

4. Book Creator Guide GPT

The Book Creator Guide helps you write a book, from choosing a subject and planning chapters to developing a full proposal. This includes assisting in writing every section, searching the web to locate reference materials, making a list of sources, and sometimes creating related images. It recommends various services for different parts of the book that need diagrams and offers links. 

Try: Book Creator Guide GPT

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are custom GPTs free to use in ChatGPT?

Custom GPTs are not a part of the free version. To use these and other plugins, you need to have access to GPT4, the paid version of ChatGPT. The paid plan costs just $20/month and gives you access to all plugins and pro features.

2. How are custom GPTs different from standard GPTs?

Custom GPTs are designed for particular requirements or data in a specific area, while standard GPTs do not specialize in a given field since they cater to general queries.

3. What is the best custom GPT for videos in 2024?

The best custom GPT for videos is VideoMaker by invideo AI. It combines sophisticated AI-based editing functions and easy-to-use features, making it a perfect choice for a fast and creative video creator for all platforms.


And that's a wrap! It's time to focus on the potential of these models for your tasks. Each model discussed above has specific features that can be used in real-life situations. Incorporating these models into your regular work routine or projects will increase efficiency, innovation, and problem-solving. So, these models are not merely about understanding AI but improving your efficiency as well!

If you wish to learn through videos, make sure to check out our YouTube channel and make more money as a content creator.

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