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12 Creative Birthday Video Ideas to Use in 2024 (With Templates)

Siddharth from InVideo
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Have a loved one’s birthday around the corner and want to make them feel extra special? How about creating a personalized video to show that you care? 

Coming up with creative birthday video ideas and putting together a personal video is not as difficult as it sounds, especially with fun birthday video templates from InVideo. That is why in this article, we have compiled 12 birthday video ideas that will help you quickly bring your creative thoughts to life. 

Whether it’s a professional wish for a coworker, a heartfelt note for a family member, or a wacky birthday wish that makes all your friends laugh out loud, these birthday video message ideas have got you covered.  And if you stick around till the end, we will also show how you can turn these ideas into reality using InVideo’s online video editor

Here’s a list of all the birthday video ideas we will cover: 

1. Picture collage 
2. Birthday video montage
3. Video greeting card
4. Birthday Bingo 
5. Year recap video
6. Interview video
7. Gift reveal
8. Quotation-based greetings
9. Throwback pictures/videos compilation
10. Birthday meme video
11. Life story video
12. Pet picture/video collage

Let’s dive right in!

1. Create a picture collage 

Is your phone’s photo gallery full of memorable pictures through the years? Why not turn them into a beautiful picture collage to wish your loved one on their birthday? 

A picture collage is an extremely flexible birthday video message idea and can be used in just about any setting. Pick out some pictures you have with the person you’re celebrating, whether it’s a sibling, a best friend, or even your mentor manager, and turn those into a fun video.  

And the best part is that they can be put together in minutes. All you need is 5 or more pictures, add a few personal messages to make your video heartfelt and you’re good to go.  To make the process even simpler, check out this template from InVideo that you can customize to create your own photo collage:

2. Make a birthday video montage

While a picture collage is a quick and easy birthday video idea, you can take your greeting to the next level by putting together a montage of your most special moments captured on video. 

A birthday video montage is best suited for intimate & personal greetings and is a great way to show someone that they matter. Stitch together some videos from landmark celebrations, crazy adventures or favourite travel memories. Pair it with their favourite song and you’ve got yourself an epic birthday video message!

Though video montages can take some time to put together, the final output is worth the effort and will definitely make them feel appreciated. 

Want to create a video montage but don’t know where to start? Use this template from InVideo and get started! 

3. Create a video greeting card

Though pictures & videos do have their own charm, sometimes nothing tops an old-school greeting card when it comes to sending a birthday wish. 

Video greeting cards are best suited to send wishes to relatives, acquaintances and colleagues because they’re classy & formal but still have room for personalization. 

Get started by penning down some meaningful words. Add a personal touch with a few cute pictures, maybe a video clip and then personalize it with text and music. 

An average video greeting card will usually be 10-15 seconds in duration. Owing to their simple nature, these videos are easy to create and can be executed quickly. While a simple video greeting card will mostly be text-based, some templates also allow you to further customize your card with pictures & videos. 

Try out this template from InVideo and start creating a quick video greeting card. 

4. Make a fun game out of your birthday video

If you’re looking to go out-of-the-box and add a fun element to your greeting, then a birthday Bingo video will fit the bill just right. It’s light-hearted and easy-to-make and ideal to send to share with your siblings and friends. 

Plus you can share with your friend group as well and turn it into something you all can enjoy. All you need to do is come up with a fun list of activities you’ve done together and then turn them into a Bingo format using this template from InVideo.

5. Make a year-recap video 

While birthdays are all about looking ahead, year-recap videos can make for a great way to reflect on and relive some memorable moments. 

This is a great video format to create birthday greetings for your close ones, who have been with you through the highs & lows of the previous year. Start creating a year-recap video by listing down all the shared landmark moments in the past year. Get looking in your smartphone for relevant pictures & videos. Write down fun captions for every milestone and you’ve got yourself a stunning video birthday message.

More than the pictures & clips you use, year-recap videos focus on celebrating milestones. Since these videos are emotion-driven, this is an ideal template to create videos for your partner, immediate family members and close friends. 

In terms of personalization, one can use text, videos, images, stock footage and music to create an effective year-recap video.

Try this template below to create year-recap videos for your loved ones. 

6. Create a personalized interview greeting 

Making a personalized birthday video message is always special, but do you know what’s better? Getting all your common connections to record their birthday wishes on video and stitching it all together to make one, grand birthday greeting. 

Much like many other multimedia-based birthday video ideas, interview greetings can be applied to a lot of settings. Create a heartwarming wish for your grandparents with messages from family members, record your coworkers to create a greeting for your colleague, or get video messages from your gang to wish a friend - there’s a lot you can do with this one!

Though it might take you some planning & coordination to get clips from people, interview video is one of those safe templates that you can never go wrong with. 

At the heart of interview-based birthday greetings are the video messages, which leaves little room for customization. However, this also makes it fairly easy to edit & create such videos.  Use this basic, free template from InVideo to add clips and create a memorable interview-style birthday greeting. 

7. Do a gift reveal 

Picture this - you’ve got someone a thoughtful gift for their birthday. But now, you want to spice it up by creating a video around it. Confused?

Gift reveal is a very creative birthday video idea that is ideal to share with romantic partners, close friends and immediate family members. In addition to adding an element of mystery & fun, these videos actually make your gift seem a lot more thoughtful. Make a clue-based video that leads them to the gift or use the video itself to introduce the gift.

Gift reveal is one of those birthday video ideas that will turn your gift into an experience. 

Try this template from InVideo and start making your own mysterious gift reveal video. 

8. Try quotation-based greetings 

Ever been in one of those situations where you want to wish someone on their birthday but just can’t find the right words? 

Quotation-based greetings set the base for very easy, yet professional videos. These videos are ideal to send greetings to colleagues, elderly family members and acquaintances. To create a quotation-based greeting video, all you have to do is pick out some meaningful words, find a few good pictures or videos of the person and add some music for the final touch. 

Need a framework to create a quotation-based greeting video? Check out this free template from InVideo and get started. 

9. Share throwback pictures/video compilations

Throwback is a highly successful concept in the digital space and continues to be popular across platforms. You’ll be surprised to know that a compilation of old pictures and videos can also serve as an innovative and cute birthday video idea. 

Ideal for close friends, partners and siblings, throwback compilation videos highlight the memorable moments in a relationship. If executed properly, this highly personal birthday video idea can leave your loved ones feeling all warm & fuzzy. On the other hand, you can also dig out some embarrassing moments and give your video a wacky spin.

Since throwback compilation greetings are based on landmark memories, these videos rank high on emotional value. Though there will be a fair bit of effort involved in terms of finding the right media to go in your video, the reactions once you hit play will make it all worth it. 

Check out this best-moments collage from InVideo. Simply replace the baby pictures and videos with your own and you’re good to go. 

10. Make a birthday meme video

Looking for a funny birthday video message idea? How about finding a crazy photo or video and turning your friend into a meme? Yes, on their birthday! 

Simply find one funny image or video that is ‘meme-worthy’, add a few words to go with it and you’re good to go.  One of the biggest reasons why memes have got the kind of success they have is because they are very basic & easy, both to create and consume. If you have the right content that will strike the chord, then this is one birthday video idea that you just can’t go wrong with.

Use this template from InVideo to create a personalized birthday meme video and leave your friends in splits! 

11. Share a life story video

Birthdays, for a lot of people, are usually about celebrations and all sorts of pomp & show. However, if you’re looking to honour someone on their special day, turning their greeting to a mini biography could just do the trick. 

Celebrating someone’s life story  is a highly creative birthday video idea, best suited for making heartfelt greetings for parents, grandparents and other elderly family members. 

To make an effective life story birthday greeting, start by chalking out a timeline and picking major landmarks. Next, find relevant pictures or videos and write down some words that go with them. Stitch it all up with some nice background music and watch them melt away as they feel all appreciated.

Check out this template from InVideo that can be customized to create a life story birthday greeting video. 

12. Create a pet picture/video collage

Why should humans have all the fun? Anyone who’s ever had a pet in their life will agree with us on this one. More often than not, owners take pet birthdays very seriously and will go to any extent to make it a grand affair. 

A pet picture/video collage is an extremely cute birthday video idea that can add a special touch to your pet birthday party. Get searching for pictures & videos of your pet being their goofiest self, edit them with a cute background track and go experimental with stickers & text! 

In terms of creativity, you can actually pick a basic template and then go all out to set either an emotional or a funny mood for your video greeting. This free template from InVideo is a great starting point - check it out.

Bonus: How To Turn Your Birthday Video Ideas to Epic Greetings Using InVideo

Now that you have a fair idea on the type of birthday videos you can create, lets see how you can customize the birthday video templates we’ve shown using the intuitive InVideo editor. 

For the purpose of this tutorial we’ll be using the Birthday meme template. 

Step 1: Once you’ve found a template that works well for your video, select the aspect ratio and click on ‘select this template’. This will open up the template in InVideo’s online editor. 

How To make Birthday Video Using InVideo - step 1

Step 2: Upload your own media to the editor using the Upload button on the left menu panel. 

How To make Birthday Video Using InVideo - step 2

Once your clips are uploaded, simply drag and drop them onto the existing clip on the canvas to replace it. 

Step 3: Change the default text by clicking on it and typing out your own.

How To make Birthday Video Using InVideo - step 3

Step 4: The template comes with a default music track but if you don’t like it you can choose another track from the music library to change it. Start by deleting the existing music track by clicking on delete. 

How To make Birthday Video Using InVideo - step 4

To add a new music track go to the Music tab on the left menu panel and choose a song based on mood or genre. Once you find the song of your choosing, simply click on the plus sign next to it to add it to the timeline. 

How To make Birthday Video Using InVideo - step 4.1

Step 5: Once you are done with the basics, you can further customize the video by adding your own logos, media files, text or even changing the entire colour theme of the template. 

How To make Birthday Video Using InVideo - step 5

Step 6: Do a final preview to see if you have everything in place. 

How To make Birthday Video Using InVideo - step 6

Step 7: Click on ‘Download & Share’ and then select ‘Export’. Once your video is processed, hit ‘Download’ to get it on your system and then you can share it wherever you want

How To make Birthday Video Using InVideo - step 7

Summing Up

Creating birthday videos is a highly personalized way of wishing someone and telling them you care. With this list of ideas you can easily create birthday wishes for anyone and everyone. Check out our birthday video maker for more tips and templates. 

And if you found this article helpful, check out InVideo’s Youtube channel for additional tips and tricks on creating more videos like this. 


This post was written by Siddharth and edited by Adete from Team InVideo

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