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How to Take Real Advantage of Bite-size Ads for Your Marketing Campaigns?

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One of the fundamental challenges of digital marketing lies in keeping the attention of your target demographic. Keeping your audience’s attention is especially difficult due to the flailing attention span of the modern man.

Over the past couple of years, unconfirmed suggestions set the average attention span at eight seconds max. And while these may be unconfirmed, there’s no smoke without fire.

This discovery doesn’t come as a surprise. Never in humanity’s history have we been exposed to multiple streams of information begging for our attention simultaneously.

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This need for attention comes with its implication for marketers and marketing agencies. Marketers are faced with the task of providing or sharing content, which perfectly matches their customers’ expectations.

They are also faced with capturing readers’ attention as quickly as possible, lest they lose the reader to more attention retentive content sources. This need to capture the mind of a prospective customer gives rise to bite-ads.

Bite ads are short and simple ads targeted at delivering compelling content within short durations. Using bite-ads for your marketing campaigns makes it easier for customers to digest and share them quickly.

What are Bite-ads?

Bite ads are advert placements that are much shorter in length or duration than traditional advertisements. Bite-ads could come as text, audio, or short videos.

In recent times it was more demanding to create a bite-ad video. Thankfully, there are packages now that make ad creation easier for you. These days, all you have to do is select a video template from the video library, choose a template, and edit to suit your needs.


What are Bite-ads


What are the Types of Bite-ad?

Bite-ads can be categorized based on the purpose they serve. These purposes include:

1. Direct sale ads:

This is arguably the most popular of all ad placements. Direct sale ads are made to advertise a product with the intention of an immediate purchase from the potential customer. The only aim for direct sale ads is to sell.

2. Relationship Building ads:

This bite-ad aims to initiate a relationship with potential customers rather than direct sales. Free services are offered in a bid to get contact addresses or emails in return.

The information gathered is then used to build a relationship by keeping in touch with potential customers. Relationship-building ads are cost-effective and do generate higher ROIs.

3. Brand Awareness ads:

Companies such as Coca-cola use this type of adverts for marketing campaigns. They only create awareness, reminding the public of their presence in the market. This doesn’t guarantee an instant sale, but it does in the long run.

How to Use Bite-ads to Create Effective Marketing Campaigns?


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Here are some useful tips for creating an effective bite-ad that can generate leads in no time.

  • Engage your Unique Features:

The marketing space is constantly flooded with thousands of ad placements from competing firms. Figure out the peculiar features of your brand or product, and center your content creation on that feature.

Be quick to tell your potential customers that choosing your brand will be the best option for them because your brand’s feature outclasses that of your competitors.

Since it’s a race against time, ads should clearly state the benefits offered. Benefits that can’t be gotten elsewhere. Your ad should use compelling words to emphasize this unique feature to compel new customers.

You may not be the only one offering this unique feature, but it may still serve the same purpose if other firms in the same business are not strongly advertising that feature.

  • Use Interesting Headlines:

This is the same old simple trick newspaper dailies use. Customers are exposed to many adverts daily and are unable to read most of them. However, an attractive headline will give your bite-ad the nod for a click.

According to ad expert David Ogilvy “On average, five times as many people read the headline as read the body copy. When you have written your headline, you have spent eighty cents out of your dollar.” To assist your choice of headline, you need to define who your target customer is.

If you happen to receive a newsletter with a headline which reads “Would you employ the United States president?” from a hiring company, the chances of you reading further is high. That’s because the headline seems impossible, but you are curious to know what the copy’s body would contain so you will open it to read.

If the copy drives home expected benefits, you may use the firm’s service. That’s just how powerful great headlines can be to your bite-ad campaign.

  • Make very Appealing Offers:

Everyone loves a good bargain, and so do your potential customers. Offer them bargains that they can’t refuse to engage them and keep them coming back.


Make very appealing offers - Special offer


Your offer could be a lower price, exquisite packaging, free shipping, free trials, or any package that appears to offer your customers more than they are paying for.

Whichever offer you choose to give, ensure to present it in your bite-ad strongly. People find it difficult to refuse offers giving them more for less. If you are wary about how much you may lose through your offer, think about your profit when new customers commit to your brand for life even when the offers are removed.

  • Mention the Benefits:

Customers are more interested in what they stand to gain from your product or service than they are in the features. It’s great to mention your features, but advertising is more about communicating benefits. If you find it difficult to outline your product or service’s benefits or service, these steps will help you.

Firstly, list out the products or services. For every product or service, state the features and state the benefits of each feature. For instance, you produce condensed milk. A feature of your product is the presence of minerals like Calcium; the benefit would be the formation of strong bones in children.

  • Ensure to Present Risk-free Offers:

Due to the presence of scammers and low-grade products in the market, many people are wary of committing their money. Most customers feel nervous about spending their hard-earned money on products that may not match their expectations.

If customers feel they will regret paying for your product, they will likely not purchase it. If your bite-ads eliminate this fear, they will likely try out your product. You can eliminate this fear by offering a risk-free guarantee.


Ensure risk-free offers


Since you are certain that your product is risk-free and the consumers will get value for their money, this strategy will induce them to purchase your product. The knowledge that a firm is willing to give its customers their money if they are not satisfied makes potential customers less nervous about wasting their money.

In addition to that, a money-back guarantee gives customers the idea that you are offering a worthwhile product since you are bold to stand behind it. This will make them commit their money.

  • Employ the “call to action” Strategy:

It’s not enough to outline your firm offers. The goal of every bite-ad is to cause the potential customer to do something. Your ad should encourage your viewers to engage immediately by placing orders for your product, clicking your ad, or paying for the service you render.

Your call to action may also encourage potential customers to send emails for further information, participate in your scheduled newsletters, or fill out forms. It may also encourage them to visit your home site by clicking your ad. To do this, use more exciting and persuasive words.

  • Give them Reasons to take Action Urgently:

When people come across an ad and decide to purchase later, they may actually have the intention to do so, but most times, they never come back. So your bite-ad must compel them to do something about your product now.


Give customers reasons to take action urgently:


There are ways you can go about this. For instance, you can make your offer bound by time. Many customers assume that offers will linger, so they delay their actions, but they are compelled to act when they discover that it’s limited.

You can also talk about an upcoming event or season, which will make your product handy. For instance, you can advise potential customers to buy your Christmas trees in November to avoid the rush or stress of getting it in December.

  • Use Attractive Graphics or Video Plots:

Humans are naturally more attracted to pictures than text. People rarely read through the entire content of ads, but you can grab their attention by using appealing graphics that promote your offer. These graphics can be designed yourself, photographed by you, or gotten from royalty-free websites online.

  • Add Music to your Audio ads:

You may be tempted to deliver your sales pitch and expect customer response quickly, but your aim may be defeated if they don’t find your audio ad appealing. The right musical tone playing in the background will give your words more power, hence encouraging their response.

  • Add Testimonials:

Many customers rely on other customer’s judgment of a product or service before committing their money. The use of testimonials is to build trust in your potential customer’s mind to see your brand as the best choice.

Testimonials could be statements or clips from other satisfied customers stating how they felt after using your product. This encourages potential customers to give your product a try.

  • Always add your Contact Information:

Don’t forget to add your contact details to your bite-ad. You’ve succeeded in compelling them to purchase your product or service, now give them a place to contact you for the product else you may have just embarked on a near goose chase.

Your bite-ads should have links to your websites as this can help you monitor and assess how many leads your bite-ad generates. If they find your website appealing and value-rich, they may become long-term clients.


Bite ads are gradually replacing traditional ads, and the reason isn’t as esoteric as rocket science. As customers’ attention span reduces, marketers seek ways to advertise their products while maintaining potential customers’ attention.

Bite-ads have more ROIs than traditional advertisements, and wise marketers use this powerful strategy to score their marketing campaign target.

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