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Top 8 Black Friday Facebook Ad Ideas with Templates

Shayne from InVideo
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With Black Friday looming around the corner, it is a great opportunity for brands to drive sales. This doesn’t just mean driving sales from your store but online as well. The pandemic pushed shoppers to stay home and shop online, avoiding crowded stores and waiting lines in malls. 

In 2020, online sales surged to 22%, with shoppers spending approx. $9 billion. With a huge market online and the opportunity to engage new customers, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t explore Facebook Ads on Black Friday. 

Don’t know where to start? We’ve got you covered with these Black Friday Facebook Ad Ideas which you can employ to beat your competition and drive sales. 

Let’s get started! 

1. Create A Catchy Video Montage With Bold Text

A video montage is one of the most effective ways to showcase what your brand stands for while bold text instantly helps send across a message and capture the viewer’s attention. Which is why using these in combination makes for a great Black Friday Facebook ad idea. SHEIN achieves this masterfully by introducing their video ad with bold text that tells the audience what the offer exactly is and then accompanying that with quick video montages. 

The video also has a clear CTA at the end that tells the audience what to do once they have watched the ad. 

Why This Works: Montages give your video a more dynamic feel and are sure to grab the viewer’s attention within the first 3 seconds. More so, the bold text, in this case, “Huge Deals For Black Friday” with a “Sale up to 80% off” is sure to keep a viewer engaged and more likely to click on the ad. 

When creating a Black Friday Ad, make sure that your offer is displayed with bold text that shares all the information you want your viewer to have. This includes what type of sale it is, the discount and if or not you’re offering free shipping. Don’t forget to end it with a clear CTA - which could either be an app download or a Shop Now / Buy Now button that leads to your website. 

You can even get creative with your montages and text by employing this ready-to-use template by InVideo 

Click here to use this template. 

2. Showcase Discounts With A Cool Slideshow

If you don’t have the time or budget to shoot or create a video, there’s always an option of creating a slideshow video by using still images of your product or service. Black Island Label, a European Fashion Brand, did the same by using still images of their handcrafted dresses as a slideshow video. 

Why This Works: In Facebook’s own words, slideshow video ads help you make a video-sized impact without a video-sized budget. They are quick, simple and free, minus the ad cost. If set properly, these slideshow ads can create an immersive experience for your viewers when compared to static ads or text. 

To add to it, slideshow ads help you organize the sequence of your products and help your audience browse through them. 

For a Black Friday Ad, you can create a slideshow video displaying your products with discount or sale tags - like this ready-to-use template by InVideo. 

Click here to use this template. 

3. Use A Dynamic Video Background To Grab Attention

Supplement your offer by using a dynamic video background! Flashy or moving elements in the background that highlight your text can stop your potential audience from scrolling further and pay more attention to your ad. For instance, take a look at this Black Friday Ad teaser by DragonWear

Why This Works: Using a pop up like effect or moving elements in your background can help you grab your viewer’s attention as it breaks the visual monotony of everyday content. A dynamic background also places more emphasis on your text. By adding this contrasting effect to your videos, you can help your text, messaging or offer stand out even more. 

You can test and try different video backgrounds to see what works best for your brand. Try this ready-to-use template by InVideo for your Black Friday Ad! 

Click here to use this template.  

4. Use Animated Elements To Showcase Bundle Offers

If you’re bundling up products for your massive Black Friday Sale, add some animated elements to your video ad to help it stand out and look more attractive. For instance, check these simple animated elements at the start of this video ad by L&L Skin Global which highlight their offer i.e. 50% off and the subtle animation effect at the end to highlight their CTA i.e. Shop Now. 

Why This Works: Using animated elements is always an appealing option that can grab your viewer’s attention. With hundreds of other Black Friday ads vying for the attention of your target audience, simple animation can help your ad stand out and guide your viewer’s attention to the key aspects of your ad i.e. the discount/offer and the CTA. 

This ready-to-use template by InVideo employs these simple animations to highlight the key aspects of your sale. 

Click here to use this template. 

5. Give Your Ads A Festive Look With Cool Filters & Overlays

It is the holiday season, so why hold back? Go with a festive look like how Bijoux- an online silver jewelry store did with their Black Friday Ad. The ad not only showers some glitter on their post but also has the products displayed at the bottom, as well as keeping their offer clear.

Why This Works: Most people shop for Christmas during the massive Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale days. Incorporating the festive spirit in your Black Friday ad might just be the key to getting your audience to notice your brand.

Explore creatives with filters and overlays like snow, mistletoes, decorations or simple glitter that will help you highlight your offer like this ready-to-use template by InVideo.  

Click here to use this template. 

6. Send A Clear Message Using A Plain Background & Bold Text

Simple isn’t always boring. Sometimes, it is better to get straight to the point. A clear message over a simple background with bold text can help you share all the information you need to with your audience. 

This simple yet powerful Black Friday ad by Nawar’s shares details of their sale and which products their audience should be expecting. 

Why This Works: Plain or simple backgrounds place more emphasis on your text. Which means your audience will only be looking at the information they are supposed to. Using a simple background that creates a contrast with your text might help the key information in your video stand out even more. 

This type of a video ad also makes it easy for you to place your products and message as there are no additional elements or transitions that you need to worry about. Keeping it simple might just be the best! 

Try this simple ready-to-use template by InVideo for your next Black Friday Ad. 

Click here to use this template. 

7. Keep It Minimal To Reveal Exclusive Discounts

Ads that are minimal are often used to portray nuance and class, making these a great choice if you want to make your brand stand out. It’s true that the simplest ideas often communicate the quickest. This ad by Eufora International creates enough negative space to let the viewer focus more on the copy. 

Why This Works: Designs with very few elements draw the viewer’s eyes to the key message - which could either be a big reveal, discount or just a teaser to your Black Friday sale. Manipulating negative space with just text can make your message stand out and stop your potential customer from scrolling any further. 

You could also get a little creative with your design - like this ready-to-use template from InVideo. 

Click here to use this template. 

8. Grab Attention With Neon Signs

Neon signs are a great way to grab attention and get viewers to watch and act on your Black Friday ads! Check this ad by ShopiniWorld where they’ve given out all the details for their Cyber Monday sale using cool neon colored text.

Why This Works: Bright colors capture your attention no matter where they are placed. Neon colors placed against a dull, muted background can really stand out and stop your potential audience from heading on to the next post on their feed. 

Don’t just use neon signages outside your store. Try them in your Black Friday Ad too. We’ve got you covered with this ready-to-use template. 

Click here to use this template. 

Now that you’re equipped with ideas for your next Black Friday Facebook Ad, as a bonus, let’s look at how you can use these templates to create thumb-stopping videos using the InVideo Online Editor

BONUS: How To Create Scroll-Stopping Black Friday Video Ads Using InVideo!

Let's look at how you can find 5000+ video ad templates on InVideo and customise them for your brand

Step 1: Head over to and sign up for a free account. Then, select the aspect ratio of 16:9 and in the search bar, type a keyword - for example, Black Friday or click on any of the templates above to begin. 

How To Create Black Friday Video Ads using InVideo - step 1

Step 2: Once you find a template you like, click on it and select Use This Template

How To Create Black Friday Video Ads using InVideo - step 2

Step 3: You will be led to your workspace, where first, you can begin by replacing your logo. 

To replace your logo, click on the logo icon at the top right. You will receive a pop up asking you to import your logo to the InVideo editor. Select the logo file from your system. Once uploaded, it will automatically get positioned in the space for the logo. 

How To Create Black Friday Video Ads using InVideo - step 3

Step 4: To begin adding the products you wish to display onto this template, select Uploads on the dashboard to the left and click on Upload Media to begin uploading your files to the Editor. 

How To Create Black Friday Video Ads using InVideo - step 4

Step 5: Now, let’s replace the images in this template with your product photos or videos. To do that, click on Scene 2 in the Timeline at the bottom.

How To Create Black Friday Video Ads using InVideo - step 5.1

Once done, click on the image on the screen and just drag and drop the image of your choice from the Upload Media menu, on to the template and click Replace

How To Create Black Friday Video Ads using InVideo - step 5.2

Step 6: To replace the text on the template, simply click on any of the text you want to change, delete or replace the existing one with your own. 

How To Create Black Friday Video Ads using InVideo - step 6.1

You can also use the toolbar at the top to edit your font, animate it or stylize it as per your liking. 

How To Create Black Friday Video Ads using InVideo - step 6.2

Step 7: Follow this same process for each screen. If you want to add more scenes, click on the existing scene and from the floating menu, select Duplicate Scene

How To Create Black Friday Video Ads using InVideo - step 7

Step 8: While the template has its own sound, you can replace it with any song from the InVideo Music Library. To add music, click on Music on the dashboard to the left and type in the name of the song/artist you want or search as per the genre or mood. You can also check out this blog to better understand how to add music to your videos

How To Create Black Friday Video Ads using InVideo - step 8

Step 9: Once you’re done, check the video you’ve created. If satisfied, click on Download & Share at the top right corner of your screen and select Export.

How To Create Black Friday Video Ads using InVideo - step 9

On the next screen, once your video is ready, just click Download and you’re done! Your Black Friday Facebook Ad is ready to be shared with the world in a matter of minutes! 

Wrapping Up 

Now that you’re equipped with some of the best ideas for Black Friday, all you need to do is start creating. You can also access our Video Calendar to view other trending/marketing days along with ready-to-use templates. 

To get a deeper insight into how you can leverage Facebook Ads for Black Friday or any other campaign, check out this easy step-by-step playbook for Facebook Ads

If you found this article helpful, head over to our YouTube Channel for the latest videos on trends, tips and ideas for various social media platforms that will help you as a content creator.  


This post was written by Shayne and edited by Adete from Team InVideo

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