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10 Heartwarming Valentine's Day Video Ideas for 2024

Agnee from InVideo
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With Valentine’s Day around the corner, it’s a great time to make others feel loved and appreciated. And creating videos for them is one of the best ways to do that. From sharing heartfelt messages with loved ones to creating cute posts that make your customers swoon, we have put together 10 heartwarming Valentine’s Day video ideas to use this February 14th. 

And if you stick around till the end, we will also show you how you can turn these ideas into reality in a matter of minutes using InVideo’s online video editor

Here’s what we will be sharing:

1. Create a Valentine’s Day video message
2. Propose to your beloved with a romantic video
3. Send a beautiful Valentine’s day quote 
4. Make a collage video 
5. Send a witty Valentine’s Day video
6. Make a list of songs in this video for your karaoke session 
7. Send Valentine’s Day video messages to your single friends
8. Use this Valentine’s Day to announce a mega sale
9. Invite Couples to your Restaurant this Valentine’s Day
10. Offer special gift ideas to couples on Valentine’s Day
11. Bonus

1. Create a Valentine’s Day video message 

A video message is one of the easiest ways to let your loved ones know how much they mean to you. Put together video clips or photos from special moments, crazy adventures, or your favorite travel memories together. Pair these with a heartfelt message and a romantic song and you’ve got yourself an epic Valentine’s day video message. 

The best part about video messages is that they can be made for just about anyone you want to wish a Happy Valentine’s Day too – your partner, kids, siblings, friends, and even parents. 

If you want to create a video message but don’t know where to start, take a look at this easily customizable template from InVideo. Replace the stock footage with your own clips and pictures, change the text, and voila! You have yourself a beautiful Valentine’s day message. 

Use this template

2. Propose on Valentine’s Day with a special video

It’s no surprise that proposing on Valentine’s Day is a popular choice with couples in love and why shouldn’t it be? There’s romance and love in the air all around. So why not make your proposal extra special by creating a romantic video for your partner? 

To make a personalized proposal video, think of what you want to say to your partner. Write down a few romantic lines and add them over some of your favorite memories to create a heartwarming video invite. You can make it even more special by asking them to marry you with the video and then popping the question as they turn to look at you. 

Try this beautiful Valentine’s Day template and replace the stock footage with your own clips for a super cute proposal video: 

Use this template

3. Share a beautiful quote on Valentine’s Day

They say the pen is mightier than the sword and rightly so. The power of a beautiful quote or heartfelt message cannot be surpassed by anything else. Sending a video message with that beautiful quote or message is therefore a perfect way to wish your loved ones a Happy Valentine’s Day. 

The best thing about Valentine’s day quote videos is that you can share them with anyone who has a special place in your heart, be it friends, family, siblings, or your partner. Quotes are the perfect way to express what you’re feeling in as many words. 

If you’re thinking about where to get started, you can begin by using this ready-to-use video template from InVideo and customize the font, pictures, and text as per your liking.

Use This Template

4. Make a video collage of your favorite moments

A Valentine’s Day video collage is the perfect way to show someone how much they mean to you. Put together pictures of your favorite and most iconic moments, add soulful music and you have the perfect V-Day gift. 

The best part about video collages is that they’re super easy to make but yet say so much. You can take your loved ones on a trip down memory lane or share the story of how you guys met and what that means to you – the possibilities are endless. 

To make the process easier, you can begin by selecting your pictures and then putting them together using this collage template from InVideo

Use this template

5. Send a witty Valentine’s Day video to spice things up

Valentine’s Day wishes don’t all have to be gooey and romantic if that’s not your style. You can also choose to add a dash of humor and wit to your Valentine’s Day video. 

These work really well for your partner or someone with who you share a lot of inside secrets and jokes as those will help you come up with a message that is truly unique to you both. You can even use puns and memes to put the point across and show your goofy side. 

Try this ready-to-use video template by InVideo to send a witty Valentine’s day message to your loved ones!

Use this template

6. Make a Karaoke mixtape

How about expressing your feelings and planning out your Valentine’s Day activity all in one go? Creating a video with the Karaoke versions of your favorite romantic songs is the perfect way to go about it. 

You not only tell your special someone how you feel about them but also invite them to sing along as you enjoy your evening together. This idea is great for intimate gatherings with friends as well. And considering the pandemic has us all locked inside anyways, this makes for a great activity to enjoy with your loved ones. 

You can get started on creating your own Karaoke mixtape video by customizing this video template by InVideo. Simply change the clips and switch out the songs with the ones you want and you’re good to go. 

Use this template

7. Send Valentine’s day videos to your single friends

Well, Valentine’s isn’t just about those who are committed. There’s also Galentine’s Day and Palentine’s Day – a reminder that our single friends deserve just as much attention on this day as our committed friends do. 

Celebrate the spirit of singlehood by creating a special Valentine’s Day video message for all your single friends. Go all out with beautiful quotes and clips of you together or create Valentine’s Day bucket list to check off and have a fun time. 

You can get started by customizing this video template from InVideo and tweaking it to list out activities that you want to do: 

Use this template

8. Create a Valentine’s Day sale video 

Valentine’s Day isn’t just for couples to shower each other with love, it’s also a great way for brands to show some extra love to their customers. And what better than to announce a sale to do that?

But the boring old sale adverts do little to get people in the spirit for Valentine’s Day. A better idea is to create an engaging video to share with your community over social media and other digital avenues to announce your upcoming sale. 

If you don’t know where to start, then InVideo’s ready-to-use template is right up your alley! This quirky animated template with bright colors and bold fonts is the perfect way to get your customers excited. Just customize the information as per your directives and you’re good to go. 

Use this template

9. Create a Valentine’s Day event invitation video 

This is a great idea for restaurants, resorts, or experience centers that are looking to invite couples out for a romantic evening on Valentine’s Day. What better way than to create a heartwarming video invite that tells people what a wonderful evening awaits them. 

Video invites are a lot more engaging than simply using WhatsApp messages or sending mailers. You can also share these videos to your social media channels and invite your entire community instead of just sharing them with one person. 

If you’re clueless about how to make a video to announce your special offer, you can begin by using the  Valentine's Day templates on InVideo. Everything is customizable in the video starting with the date, the offer, the song choice, the background, and the logo.

Use this template

10. Create gift ideas videos for Valentine’s Day

Let’s be honest, the sheer number of options available in the market on Valentine’s Day can make it overwhelming for people to pick a gift. Why not help them out a little and in the process promote your brand’s gift items?

Creating a listicle video that gives people ideas on what gifts they can get their partners is a great way to go about it. You can get as creative with this as you like and even make multiple list videos – for women, men, gender-neutral individuals, kids, and even parents. This will not only genuinely help people but also encourage them to check out your store for options. 

Use this template by InVideo to create a video for Valentine’s Day gifting ideas that people can choose from. The gift options can be customized according to what’s available in your shop as well as customize the font, the background, the song choice, the color palette to create a personalized video.

Use this template

Bonus: How To Create Romantic Valentine’s Day Videos Using InVideo?

Step 1: Log in or Sign up to InVideo and search for Valentine’s Day video templates on the homepage. Once you find a template you like, click the Use this template option to begin editing.

How To Create Romantic Valentine’s Day Videos Using InVideo - Step 1

Step 2: Select Uploads from the left menu panel and import your clips and images to the editor. Alternatively, you can also use stock media from InVideo’s media library.  

How To Create Romantic Valentine’s Day Videos Using InVideo - Step 2

Step 3: Let's update the video's text. Double-click the text and replace it with your own to add text to the template.

How To Create Romantic Valentine’s Day Videos Using InVideo - Step 3

Step 4: Now comes the music option. You can select a different song from the music library to replace the default track that comes with the template. The first step is to delete the current music track by selecting it on the timeline, clicking on the Edit option that comes and then pressing Delete

How To Create Romantic Valentine’s Day Videos Using InVideo - Step 4

Next, select Music from the menu in the left corner of your screen. You can search for music based on mood or genre. Here we’re looking for tracks related to Valentine’s Day. Once you find a clip you like, click on the three dots and add it to the timeline.

How To Create Romantic Valentine’s Day Videos Using InVideo - Step 4.1

Step 5: You can preview your video once you're happy with the result. It's now time to download the video and share it with someone you care about! In the editor's right corner, click the Download and Share button. Select a video resolution for your project and then select Export.

How To Create Romantic Valentine’s Day Videos Using InVideo - Step 5

Summing Up

Sending videos to your loved ones is a great way to let them know that whether you’re able to meet them in person or not, you’re still thinking of them during the Valentine season. And that has become a whole lot easier with this list of Valentine’s Day video ideas. 

Meanwhile, check out our video calendar where you can access ready-to-use templates for various trending days all year round.

And if you found this article helpful, then visit our YouTube channel, where we post daily video creation tips and tricks as well as the most recent trends in online video marketing and ideas for making creative videos. 

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