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Audio Joiner

Easily join your audio tracks with our audio joiner tool. Our tool supports a variety of audio formats and allows you to customize your audio settings to fit your specific needs. Transform your videos effortlessly with our user-friendly audio joiner tool - try it now and enjoy the creative process!
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How to join audio?


Select Your Audio File

Click the ‘Upload Audio’ button and upload a track from your own system or get one from our music library to our online video effects editor.

Join Audio

Select your audio tracks, and place them in the order of your requirements. Next, export the audio track.

Download & Share for Free

In just a few clicks you have merged your audio tracks, ready to be used.

Why should you join audio?

Use Audio Joiner to Save Time

If you have several audio files that you want to merge together, manually editing each file and then combining them can be time-consuming and tedious. An audio joiner simplifies the process and allows you to quickly and easily merge your audio files.

Combine Audio to Create Seamless Transitions

If you have recorded multiple audio tracks that you want to play back-to-back, an audio joiner can help you create seamless transitions between the tracks. This can be particularly useful if you are creating a podcast or a music mix.

Organize With A Combined Audio Track

An audio joiner can help you keep your audio files organized by combining related files into a single file. For example, if you have several recordings from a single event, you can merge them into a single file for easier playback and archiving.

How to edit video?

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