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The complete guide to writing eye-catching LinkedIn Headlines (With Examples)

Sarika from InVideo
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Headlines are what get us interested in clicking and knowing more - whether it is to read an article, watch a new show on Netflix, or in this case, browse through a LinkedIn profile.

That’s why, in this super tactical blog, we tell you everything you need to know about LinkedIn Headlines and how you can create the perfect one for yourself + we have found the best LinkedIn headline examples to inspire you.

Here’s what we’ll be covering:

1. What is a LinkedIn headline?
2. What should your LinkedIn headline say?
3. How to write the best LinkedIn headline?
4. How to change your LinkedIn headline?

Let’s dive right in! 

1. What is a LinkedIn Headline?

Just like a headline entices an audience to read an article, your LinkedIn Headline allows you to create an impression on your profile visitors in 120 characters or less. It’s your public one-liner resume - so make sure you write something unforgettable!

Like this one:

Your LinkedIn headline shows up on both Google and LinkedIn search results. In a LinkedIn search, it is the first thing that people can see alongside your name and profile picture. And lastly, it affects LinkedIn’s search algorithm such that if you have used keywords in your LinkedIn headline that is the search value for a recruiter, you could end up being one of their top recommendations.

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2. What should your LinkedIn headline say?

Before we get to the writing bit, let’s quickly look at what makes a great LinkedIn headline?
Your LinkedIn headline must communicate what you do but it doesn’t need to be formal or filled with buzzwords. An ideal LinkedIn headline must give the readers 3 points of information:

#1 - What do you do or who you are?

#2 - Your personality

#3 - Why should they connect with you?

3. How to write the best LinkedIn headlines?

Now let’s get into the meat of things!

Unfortunately, there is no LinkedIn headline generator to give you an automated headline for LinkedIn. But the good news is that writing the best LinkedIn headline is no rocket science - especially with these tips that will help you craft something eye-catching.

Tip #1 - Using the right title

It is super important that you keep your audience - in this case, recruiters and clients in mind when you are writing your LinkedIn headline. You need to use words and titles they understand and will end up searching for on LinkedIn to get their click.

For example, if you’re a writer, using titles like ‘Storyteller’ may sound cool but will throw potential recruiters and clients off your scent because it is not what they type into LinkedIn’s search bar.
You must ensure that you add your work title so that recruiters will recognize and get interested in your profile.

In the example below, Adetayo has carefully added keywords like ‘Journalist’, ‘Content Specialist’, and ‘Writer’ at the very beginning of his headline to ensure that it gets picked up by LinkedIn and Google’s search. He has also added a quick one-liner that lets potential clients and recruiters know what he is good at doing.

Tip #2 - Write your unique value proposition

There is something that you bring to the table that makes you a top selection amongst other candidates. You need to identify what this value is that you can add to brands and businesses that decide to hire you or work with you.

In the example below, Erin Kennedy mentions her value proposition, which is building resumes for executives that will fetch them jobs with 6-7 figure incomes. She has also made her headline more interesting by using words like ‘Top Exec’s Secret Weapon’.

Not just that but she has also added social proof to build trust by noting her mentions in Forbes and Jobscan as the ‘Top followed career site’.

Tip #3 - Make it short and sweet - like an elevator pitch!

You only have 120 characters to make an impression - so keep it succinct and to the point. When someone reads your LinkedIn headline, they should know exactly what you do and how you can help add value to their business or brand.

Pamela J Sams’s headline first introduces her and answers the question of who she is - Behavioral Financial Advisor, International Speaker, Author, Talk Show Host, etc. She also builds on social proof by noting her mentions in reputable publications like Wall Street Journal. And then in a single line, she makes her pitch to whoever has reached her profile in simple words that raise curiosity and will make you want to know more about her and the work she does.

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Tip #4 - Finding the right tone

While LinkedIn is a platform for professionals, it is still a social channel for people to connect - so you don’t want to sound unapproachable. It is super important that your LinkedIn headline invites people to start a conversation with you.

In her headline, Faith not only writes a short and sweet elevator pitch but also invites people browsing her profile to connect with her on DM. She also lets them know about the daily content she creates - allowing people on LinkedIn to connect with her regardless of whether they are a client or recruiter.

Tip #5 - Use keywords to optimize for search

You need to add keywords to your LinkedIn headline so that it shows up in search when recruiters and clients are looking to hire profiles like yours. You can do your research using LinkedIn’s search bar to find the best keywords to add to your headline.

For example, Whitney Cullen’s headline is succinct and she has used keywords to make her one of the top suggestions when recruiters search for ‘Digital Marketer’ and ‘Google Ads Specialist’.

Tip #6 - Showcasing your achievements

Your LinkedIn headline can be the best space to be creatively boastful of your achievements.
In the example below, Mary A puts a number on the people she has helped recruit into tech roles. You too can add figures of how you helped a YouTube channel grow from X to Y or how you helped increase audience awareness for a brand.

Remember, you just have a couple of sentences to make an impression, so don’t add a list of every achievement you have accomplished. You can add your latest achievement or one that best highlights your professional career.

Adding awards and accomplishments also helps build social proof and immediately levels up your profile for potential recruitment.

Tip #7 - Using humor

Tasteful humor is a great way to catch someone’s attention. While humor is a great conversation starter too - it is absolutely essential that you keep it clean and relatable.

In the example below, Cindy Gallop’s headline is not only humorous but also tells you a lot about her go-getter personality.

You need to also ensure that you are not using foul or inappropriate language that may deter people from connecting with you.

Tip #8 - Add a call to action

A call to action is like a nudge to the right person who wants to reach out and connect with you. Adding a call to action to your headlines can give viewers more clarity on what to do when they come to your profile. 

You can also redirect them to your website as Austin Belcak does in the example below or you can get them interested in the valuable content you have created on LinkedIn.

If you’re a freelancer, you can also add a CTA asking potential clients to DM you to get insights and solutions for their brands.

Pro tip: If you’re not already creating content on LinkedIn you’re missing out because it can help you get inbound leads like no other platform. Make sure you have a good mix of text-based posts and video posts, which you can easily create using InVideo’s online video editor.

Tip #9 - Using emoticons

You can use emoticons or emojis to add a little color to your LinkedIn headline and make it less monotonous. But it’s important to remember that less is more here. It is still a professional platform and you want to maintain the seriousness and sanctity of your brand.

Stick to safe emojis instead of displaying a lot of emotions. For instance, Kira Hug uses a microphone emoji in her bio to denote a podcast that works well.

With those tips, you’re well on your way to creating a smashing LinkedIn headline for your profile.

4. How to change your LinkedIn headline?

With an eye-catching headline ready, let’s look at how you can update your LinkedIn Headline in just 3 simple steps!

Step 1: Log in to your LinkedIn profile which will take you to the homepage. Click on your profile either on the top right corner or on the left-hand side of your screen.

Step 2: You will see an edit icon on the right-hand side of your profile, just above the name of your current workplace and university. Click on it.

Step 3: Add your headline for LinkedIn in the space provided and then click on the Save button.

Your new LinkedIn headline will reflect on your profile.

Wrapping up

You get only 120 characters, so let’s make them count! We hope the tips and examples have inspired you to write your own LinkedIn headline that makes an impression like no other. Plus, if you’re serious about making LinkedIn work for you, make use of their latest feature - the cover story to make your profile stand out from the crowd. It only takes a few minutes to create an engaging video using InVideo’s online editor - try it for free today.

If you’re just starting with LinkedIn, here’s a list of their latest features and how you can make the most of them and get recruiters and clients interested in your profile.

If you’re just starting on LinkedIn, check out these 12 unique post ideas and you might also want to read this complete guide on LinkedIn Ads.

You can also learn via videos on our YouTube channel, where we share daily video creation tips and tricks, and the latest video trends and ideas to help you make more money as a video creator.

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