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Facebook Page Vs Group: Which One is Right for Your Business?

Sarika from InVideo
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If you’ve been wondering what the difference between Facebook page and group is, you’ve found the right piece to read. Many businesses often wonder why they need to put in more time and effort into creating an engaging group when they already have a Facebook page.

If you want to know how to create a group on Facebook, click here.

Let’s take a detailed look at the difference between Facebook page and group and then talk about what is best for your business.

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Facebook Page vs Group: Purpose

It’s important to understand the different purposes Facebook page vs group were created for. A Facebook page is like a profile but only public, so everyone on Facebook can view it. It enables businesses, public figures, and other organizations to build a presence on the platform. When users connect with your Facebook page, they receive updates and notifications on their news feed.

Game Of Thrones official Facebook page

For example, the Game Of Thrones official Facebook page will share authentic news and announcements about the series and is the best place for fans to get their updates on the show, new episodes, and other news.

Facebook groups let users connect with like-minded people on the platform. They were made to build connections beyond your circle of friends and have become a  safe space that enables users to interact and engage with people who share their tastes.

Game Of Thrones FB Group

A Game of Thrones group, however, will be open for members to discuss theories, upcoming episodes, characters, and even fan art. This makes for a great space for businesses that sell Game of Thrones merchandise to meet with potential buyers.

Facebook Page vs Group: User Interaction

The difference between Facebook page and group is who you are interacting with. On a page, you are interacting with all kinds of audiences – whether they are new or old, engaged with your business, or just browsing through. This is unlike the engagement you have on a group because these are audiences who have engaged with you and want to be more involved with your business.

Facebook page vs group is like the front and back yard of a house. The front yard of a house, like a Facebook page is a message to whoever passes by. It tells you important details like who the house belongs to, the address, etc., and during festivals like the 4th of July or Christmas, the decoration pleasantly wishes everyone around. In simple words, it is your message to the world.

For example, InVideo’s Facebook page gives you a glimpse into the service they offer, it tells you about their upcoming live video podcast and also lets you check reviews written by their users.

InVideo’s Facebook page

The backyard, however, is where you invite your close friends and family for parties and picnics and spend time chatting with them. You patiently decide what food you’re going to serve, what kind of music you want to have, and who do you want to call – there’s a strategy to add value to those who participate, just like you would have in a Facebook group.

InVideo’s Facebook group on the other hand hosts discussions of their online community. It’s a private group that allows its members to post their questions, share the work they created using InVideo, and also learn from fellow community members.

InVideo Facebook Community

Facebook Page vs Group: Difference in Content

The content that you serve on these two fronts is also very distinct. Your Facebook page will have updates and news about your business and the messaging will have a generic tone.

On a Facebook group, the messaging is more personal because it is going out to a community of people you connect with on a regular basis. You may use more intimate techniques of interaction like storytelling or going live to make an announcement.

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Facebook Page vs Group: Restricted Access

Facebook pages are predominantly public. They are visible to everyone on the platform. A Facebook group however can be both public and private.

You can choose to ask questions to members before you allow them access to the group, letting you choose the people you allow to be a part of the discussion. Most recently, Facebook also allows you to monetize your group by charging a fee to interested members for access.

Table showing FB Group privacy preference

Facebook Page vs Group: Business or Interest Oriented

Facebook pages are the main space for marketing your products and services. It is a part of the content strategy and the focus is always on the product and what you can offer. The audience on a Facebook page is passive and will only interact with you when you post something new and of interest to them. This makes a Facebook page completely business-oriented.

On the contrary, Facebook groups are created to foster discussions on topics of interest around your product or service. It opens up space for you to interact with your audience and add value to their experience. Members of a Facebook group are not only actively engaged to participate in a discussion but they can also start their own chain of discussion, making a group interest-oriented.

Facebook Page vs Group: SEO

When it comes to SEO, Facebook pages are more discoverable than a group. One of the reasons is because pages are official and authentic profiles whereas anyone can create a group around their interest.

For example, when you type ‘Nike’ on Google, the first page will have a link to Nike’s Facebook page. However, you will not find a listing for a Facebook group, even if you type in the interest of a person like ‘free-running.

Search results for H&M Group showing LinkedIn, FB pages

Facebook Page vs Group: Sustainability

A Facebook page requires you to regularly post for your audience to interact with your business. It is only when you post, something will go up on the feed and reach the people who have liked your page. If you stop posting regularly, it is most likely for your page to go unnoticed.

Unlike a page, Facebook groups are self-sustainable. Once you sow the seeds of interest and start conversations on the group, people will interact and share their views. While an engaged group doesn’t need constant attention, you may have to revive it and increase engagement when the group starts to go silent.

Click here to learn how to revive and increase engagement on a Facebook group.

Facebook Page vs Group: Organic Reach

The reach on a Facebook page post is often lower than that of a group post. A Facebook group is created to build interesting connections and because you have opted to be a part of those discussions, they show up on your news feed and notifications, driving traffic to each post.

The posts on a Facebook page completely rely on the platform’s newsfeed algorithm and more often than not, you will need to pay to reach your audience. If your user has not interacted with your last posts, it is more likely that he will not receive the most recent one.

Facebook Page vs Group: Analytics and Insights

For a business, the key aspects of social media marketing are user analytics and insights about their audience. In this aspect, Facebook pages have more features (because it is created for businesses) that help you understand how well your post performed and give you the demographics of your audience. Unlike Facebook groups, you can use this data to promote ads on the page and reach a wider audience.

Facebook Group Analytics and Insights

Facebook groups however provide quality insights that are more valuable and give you an opportunity to directly understand the needs of your audience and the gaps in your product or service. In a group, you’re constantly interacting and engaging with your audience and in the process, you have opened up space for them to directly reach out to you.

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Is Facebook Page or Group Better?

Businesses today need to go beyond just face marketing on their pages and actually add value to their users. It is no wonder that they have started investing a lot more time building Facebook communities that can help them add value and build stronger relationships with their audience.

It is imperative for any business to have both, a page that publicly posts for its audience and keeps them informed, as well as a group that interacts with its engaged users and gets them real and valuable insights.

Facebook Page Vs Facebook Group

Whether you already have a Facebook group or you are just starting one, learn how to set it up for your business with our step-by-step guide.

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