8 Tips for Creating Real Estate Ads that Attract Buyers

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Do you want to learn how to attract high-end real estate clients?

If you had a deadline to sell a house, what would be the best real estate marketing tactic you can use to attract buyers quickly?

SEO is out of the question as it is going to take a while to get a new sales/listing page to rank. Organic social media posts can work if you have a large following. But there’s one tactic that will definitely work no matter how big or small your following is.

This is to use real estate ads. By running real estate ads, you can reach hundreds and thousands of potential buyers instantly and get them to check out your listing.

This is the reason why the real estate industry spends $80 million on ads every year in the U.S. alone.

Real estate ads do work. But you won’t automatically generate results just because you create an ad and invest money into it. To get results, you need to be very strategic about this and create the right ad at the right time. This is why I have covered some of my top tips for creating real estate ads that attract home buyers quickly…

Post a Video Tour of the House Organically:

You might be wondering, ‘what’s wrong with you, you just told us to use ads, why are you now asking us to post an organic video?’ Yes, I did say that. But the organic video is all part of the real estate advertising funnel.

You see, buying a house is a big investment. Not just in terms of money, but also time. People need to do a lot of research online (of both houses and realtors), then drive down to the house take a look around, and then buy it if they are happy with it.

If your house looks good and you are good at sales, you can generate a sale with fewer visits. But you need to get them to visit the house in the first place.

And with the current situation, we are in, people are going to think twice before they drive anywhere.

This is why before you get them to watch an ad for your house, you need to create a video, or better, a series of videos of your house. The video should drive engagement and build up trust.

Don’t try to sell anything in these videos, but if you do, keep it very subtle.

In an ad funnel, this phase of sharing free content is called warming up the audience. If you promote the ad to a cold audience who don’t know you, very few people will convert and your ad budget will go up.

But if you warm up the audience with an organic video post or a series of them that aren’t sales, you will get a higher conversion rate later. As networks like Facebook let you create custom audiences based on the amount of video a viewer watched. You can retarget these people with the ads.

A good example of an organic video post is this video from Johnny Stockert.

As you can see this is a short video where they show you what the house and the surrounding areas look like. They do promote the house here with a call to action, but it is very subtle and it’s placed at the end.

If you are wondering ‘where can I make real estate video ads like this’ you should check out a Facebook video maker like InVideo. They have several real estate video templates.

Here’s one of them that will help you create a video just like the above one.


Another good template is this one. It’s more direct. It makes it easy to promote an open house.


Also, make sure you check out this one. This will work well for luxurious spaces.


Make sure these videos 2 to 5 minutes long as a Facebook video study found that videos of this length drive the most engagement.

Video engagement rate by video length

You can even make a live video a part of your video series as they generate more engagement. You can run them just like webinars. You can explain things live and have a good Q&A section.

Boosting your Best Performing Videos:

One of the reasons why I recommended that you create a series of videos is because not all videos will generate the most views. A few will do better than the rest. This is why you publish them organically to see which one does best. Then you can use the boost post option on networks like Facebook and Instagram to get even more views.

Facebook will usually alert you with a message like ‘this post is performing better than 95% of other posts on your page’.


boost your best performing Facebook posts


This is an indication from Facebook that you should boost this post. So, take advantage of this and boost it up. As the video is doing well organically, you should be able to generate plenty of views with a small budget. People will also share and reshare it too which will get you some extra free views.

Retargeting Video Viewers with Video ads:

As I mentioned earlier, you can retarget video viewers with ads. And the best way to retarget them is with a video ad. If they like watching organic video content, they will probably want to watch your video ad too.

But the video you create for the ad should be very short. Something less than 1 minute should do. As the shorter the video is, the more curiosity it will generate. This will result in more people visiting the landing page or contacting you (if you placed your contact details in the ad). So, make sure you use a good call to action for this.

Facebook actually recommends you to create ads that are 6 seconds long. But that was an experiment they conducted with Tropicana. WIth real estate Facebook ads, a longer one will do better as you need to show quite a bit of the house.

A good example is this ad from Travis White Arbor Real Estate.


facebook video ad example


As you can see, the ad length is just shy of a minute. They included a call to action in the description and followed it with a phone number. You will also notice that they included a lot of details about the house, but they left out some details like the price. This will result in a lot of calls as people will want to know it.

You can create something like this with InVideo again. A template that will work for this is this one.


It’s a short template that is perfect for ads. You can find several more templates in the InVideo library.

Invideo Video Editor for real estate video ideas


Retargeting Website Listing Visitors:

Even if you create the best ad in the world or you send people to a landing page, most of the visitors won’t convert. The average landing page converts at less than 2%. But the fact that they chose to visit the landing/listing page shows that they had some form of interest.

This is why you should run another retargeting ad that gets them to check out the listing again. This time you can try and use a different angle or use an image ad to see if it will convert better. A good example would be this one from Homesnap.


real estate ad example


It’s a simple real estate agent ad with a picture of the house and the realtor. There’s very little information on the ad. So, people have to visit the landing page to learn more.

Retargeting ads can achieve 147% conversions. So, these should attract a lot of interest and sales if done right.

To get the best results out of this you will need to make sure that the listing is on your own site and you also need to add the Facebook pixel to the page. You can also implement retargeting if you use a third-party listing site with a technique like link retargeting. This is where you attach the pixel to your ad link. So, everyone who clicks on your link gets tagged with your pixel.

You can’t create image ads with InVideo, but you can create a video ad with a thumbnail or a first scene like the above one that then goes into a video that provides more details.

Here’s an office rental promo template that starts with something similar.


If you want to create something that looks just like the ad example, you can use InVideo’s editor and its overlays to quickly create a short video ad.

Create a Carousel Real Estate Advertisement:

If the retargeting ad doesn’t work, it’s probably because they either found the house too expensive or there was another reason such as the location that prevented them from taking action.

So, an alternate real estate advertising idea you can try is the carousel ad. This is an ad that contains several different listings. They could be similar to the house you just promoted but at different prices, locations, and features.

An example is this ad from Daft. ie.

create carousel real estate ads


As you can see, they promote several different houses in a single ad. And people can flip through them and pick their favorites.

Run a Live Video ad:

As I mentioned earlier live videos are a great way to generate engagement and attention to your house listing as they get 3 times more views. But did you know that you can also run a live video ad?

Lisney Real Estate Agents were able to use this technique to drive 4.5X views to their property.

run facebook live video ads


But not everyone can run live video ads. In order to do this, you need to meet certain requirements. Here are some requirements for running live Facebook video ads

  • You should have more than 50,000 fans
  • It should be on a Facebook page and not a profile
  • Your live video should have already reached 300 views
  • Your video should be live for at least 4 minutes.

Display Social Proof:

There’s a lot of distrust projected towards real estate agents. If you go online you will find thousands of blog posts, social media posts where people enlist their bad experience. This is why if you have good reviews you should display them online with a post like this one.

show social proof


Another good one is this one.

social proof ads example


Posts and realtor ads like these will show people that they can trust you and they will reach out to you directly.

Team up with Influencers:

You can team up with influencers to create branded content ads on Instagram.


branded content instagram


So, take advantage of this. Organic posts from influencers will get you some good reach, but by turning it into an ad you will reach even more people.

Also, people trust recommendations from influencers more than those from the brand themselves. As a brand would naturally talk themselves up. So, your conversions from branded content ads will be a lot higher.

But make sure you only work with the right influencers. By ‘right’ influencer I mean that they should be within your niche only and have high levels of engagement.

Here again, try to use videos. You can get the influencer to create one quickly with an Instagram video maker or you can create one for them.

Bonus Tip – Write Ad Copy Meant for One Person:

If you are wondering this is all good, but how do I write ad copy for real estate ads? The answer is to always write the ad for one person.

Quite often people make the mistake of writing ad copy for everyone and this results in poor conversion rates as the ad doesn’t resonate with everyone. To get the best results your ad needs to speak to one person and discuss one to 3 pain points only. Don’t complicate and overwhelm viewers by adding too many of them.

Also, remember that the one job of the ad is to convince people to visit your website. There’s no need to try and sell the tour here itself. If the ad does the job of sending traffic, then the listing will do the job of converting them to sales. So, make sure you write a separate copy for this that focuses on getting them to contact you.

Here’s a good example from CMK and Associates Real Estate.

good real estate ad copy


You will find that they wrote the copy for a specific person looking for a house outside the city. And they don’t reveal too much information. All they tell you is that it is 3.5 hours away from NYC and is a lakefront property.

Interested people will need to visit the website to learn where exactly it is located, how much it costs, how many rooms it has, etc.


These are some of my top tips for running real estate ads. As you can see the best thing to do is start with a warming up campaign where you nurture potential buyers with free content. After that, you serve them with more direct ads using videos and images and get them to book a tour.

And don’t forget to pay attention to the copy. As the video and image ads will only work if the copy does its part of the job too.

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