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10 Real Estate Facebook Post Ideas to Get Better Leads in 2024

Mrignayni from InVideo
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Creating content on Facebook is among the most tried and tested methods of lead generation for real estate agents and companies. And rightly so! Studies show that 37% of home buyers fall under the ages of 22 and 40, a demographic that also makes up the largest Facebook user base. 

But while real estate agents must build a Facebook presence, it doesn't necessarily mean it's a piece of cake. You need to create content, post consistently, and engage with your community if you want to stay on top of the game. But all of it starts with good ideas and the right planning.  

That is why in this article, we will take you through 10 real estate post ideas to help you create thumb-stopping content for your real estate business. 

Here are the Facebook ideas we will be sharing-

Video Post ideas

1. Real Estate Client Testimonials 
2. Video Walkthroughs 
3. Real Estate Market Updates
4. Realtor Introduction
5. Just Sold Post

Static Post ideas

1. Giveaways
2. Milestones
3. Valuable Information (buying vs renting, how to sell before buying, etc.)
4. Repost Old Listings
5. Special Offers and Price-Drops

Let’s get started!

Real estate video posts for Facebook

Every social media platform prioritizes video posts over static or image-based posts. Facebook is no different. And it’s high time that realtors realize they need to have video as a part of their content strategy if they want to grow and build a genuine community. 

If you’re new to Facebook videos, here are some of the best post ideas to get you started. 

1. Create Client Testimonial Videos

Client testimonials are one of the easiest ways to build credibility in the real estate space. And it’s even better if the information comes directly from the horse’s mouth via video because your audience then gets a first-hand experience of what it is like to hire you or work with you. 

Additionally, if your clients can genuinely talk about how you helped them solve problems in the process, it can help highlight your USP better than anything else. For example, in this testimonial, Morandi Properties’ client explains his realtor Ray’s work ethic and the work he put in to buy and sell the properties. 

The best part about client testimonial videos is that they’re not very difficult to create. You need to start by reaching out to past clients and asking them to review your services. It is advisable to not wait for very long after a sale to ask your clients so that the experience is fresh in their minds. To help them be more verbose and camera-friendly, you can give them pointers to talk about as well. 

Once you have your clips, you can put them together into a video editor like InVideo, and your client testimonial video is ready. You can add B-rolls, videos, photos of the listing, photos of the client, and catchy music to make the video more interesting to watch. Or you can customize a ready-made template on InVideo like the one below and have your video ready in just a few minutes. 

Use This Template

Turn testimonials into pro videos

Without spending hours on editing

Turn testimonials into pro videos Edit with InVideo
Turn testimonials into pro videos

2. Create Video Walkthroughs

In the past few years, the way people are buying properties has changed completely. And especially since the pandemic, many people are hesitant to visit properties in person. Video walkthroughs help you solve this problem by allowing prospective buyers to view the properties from the comfort of their own homes.  

Video walkthroughs act as the first level of filtering, which means that the people who contact you after watching are more likely to be serious prospective buyers. But this doesn't mean just shooting a video of the property on your phone is enough. You need to ensure you showcase the best features and have stable footage and clear narration to build interest in the property. 

Take a look at David Grant's walkthrough video given below. The video showcases the spacious interiors and exteriors, and David shows prospects the rooms and paints a picture of what it would be like to live in the house and the splendid views. 

To create a walkthrough video that gets prospects excited about living in the house, explain the features and benefits of the house. In the example above, David highlights the luxurious features of the kitchen, shows prospects the view outside, and asks them to picture eating their breakfast every day. You can also use staging, employ the right camera angles, use transitions when moving from one room to the next, and use music to boost the property's aesthetics.

And to create a stunning real estate video highlighting the amenities and benefits of the house, use the InVideo template and replace the default footage with the footage of the house.

Use This Template

3. Share Real Estate Market Updates

Since real estate trends keep changing with the market, prospects want to stay updated, so they can get good deals and offers if they’re buying or selling their house. And if you’re the one who shares these updates, you are more likely to build credibility as a trustworthy agent. 

Here’s an example of a simple and engaging market update video from the Chou real estate group. Their video gives an in-depth insight into real estate and mortgage rates during the pandemic and encourages prospects to reach out to them with a CTA. 

To create a real estate market update video, conduct a poll or survey on your social media handles and make a list of questions your prospects ask. Then, find statistics and data to answer their questions. Lastly, offer a freebie or FREE report to encourage prospects to sign up to your list. And if you want to edit a market update video in a few minutes, check out this template from InVideo below.

Use This Template

4. Make a video introducing yourself 

An intro video is a great way to warm up your prospective audience to your services as not everyone who comes across your page or online presence is likely to know you. So, creating a video talking about your experience, past projects, and skills is a great way to break the ice and get people interested in hiring you as a realtor. 

It also gives your prospects an idea of your personality so that they can form a personal connection with you and your content. This will make them more likely to trust and do business with you in the future. 

For example, in this video, Susan Starns introduces herself through the value she provides to her clients. She also emphasizes the importance of building relationships over transactions, which makes her come across as a genuine realtor who puts the needs of her prospects first. 

To create a great introduction video for yourself, decide the video's purpose first. For instance, your introductory video's purpose might be to showcase your expertise through achievements or highlight your values by explaining how you work. 

Then, start writing a script with a brief introduction to your background and add relatable stories, solid statistics, etc., to help your prospects understand how you can solve their problems and why they should do business with you. 

If you want to create an introduction video in minutes, you can use the InVideo template below to highlight your values, explain how you can help, and include client testimonials to boost your social proof. 

Use This Template

5. Just Sold Post 

Most realtors send out "Just Sold" postcards in their farming area in hopes that it'll encourage other sellers to consult with them. The verdict is out on whether this tactic works or not. And you can make better use of your time and resources by creating a video talking about the property you've sold.

This does two things – it gives other sellers a first-hand account of the kind of properties you can help sell, and secondly, it helps you stand out from the crowd of realtors who are simply sending out postcards. 

Take a look at this video where PH Real Estate highlights the features of the listing they sold and adds a call-to-action that encourages customers to reach out to them to sell similar listings. 

To make a great "Just Sold" video, start with the owners' challenges while selling the house, how you helped them resolve them, and add a compelling offer and CTA to end the video. For example, if your clients struggled to sell their house for a very long time, you can highlight how you helped them sell it and add a compelling CTA in your video. 

You can then put all your clips together using a great template like the one below from InVideo and create your “just sold” video in minutes. 

Use This Template

Now that you have a fair idea of the different kinds of video posts you can create for your Facebook page, let's look at some other ideas that can help you generate leads. 

Real estate Facebook post ideas 

Just because videos are more engaging doesn’t mean that images and text-based posts are useless when creating posts or ads for Facebook. On average, 35.7% of posts on Facebook are images. These posts are not only easy to create but also easy for consumers to understand because they don't need to spend a lot of time viewing them, as is the case with some videos. 

Ideally, you should have a mix of both videos and static posts on your Facebook to ensure maximum engagement and continue to generate leads. Here are some static posts you can create: 

1. Create Giveaway posts 

Giveaways are a great way to get the community talking about you, generate more engagement, and bring more prospects to your page. They're also a great way to give back to the community by showing you love and support. 

You don't need to do anything fancy to create a giveaway post. An image of what you're giving away, along with a compelling caption explaining the rules of how to enter is sufficient. 

For example, Roxburgh and Associates have given away three pairs of passes to the famous Parade of Homes event that helps people find new and remodeled homes. The point to note here is that they've carefully considered their target audience and their needs, i.e., couples looking to buy their dream home, and given them free passes to an event that helps them find a house they love in exchange for engagement and referrals:

Example of Roxburgh and Associates Giveaway posts


2. Share Important Milestones

Sharing your real estate achievements online tells prospects in your community that you’re the local expert and helps build credibility for your real estate brand. And milestones can range from the number of customers you’ve served, awards you’ve won, and the number of years you’ve been in business. 

For example, in this milestone post, Ralph Castano has positioned himself as an exceptional and trustworthy agent by listing the number of houses he sold and the number of sales underway in that quarter. He also asks prospects to check out his testimonials, strengthening his social proof and position as the local expert.

Share Important Milestones Post Example


To create a milestone post that adds value, you must list your achievements and preferably tie them with an offer that will benefit your customers. For example, if you’ve helped sell houses in a short time, you can direct customers to book a FREE home evaluation where you’ll take a look at their unit and give them tips that’ll help their unit get more visibility. 

3. Post Valuable Information

Sharing answers to your clients’ most frequently asked questions or their biggest pain points is essential in positioning you as a trustworthy and reliable agent. You’ll also be on top of your prospects’ minds if you frequently put out posts that add value. 

You can create valuable content around anything from evaluating a property, what to look at while purchasing a property, how to submit an offer, and how to negotiate. For example, take a look at this post by Todd Burgener, a realtor in Austin, talking about why winter is the best time to buy properties. 

Example of post by Todd Burgener, a realtor in Austin


This post immediately builds curiosity since the weather might not be a consideration for someone buying a home. It also tells Todd's prospects that he has a good knowledge of the local market and can help them in the future if they want to buy or sell a house.  

To create a valuable post in under 5 minutes, compile a list of the most frequently asked questions your prospects ask and turn the answers into posts. Then, add an attention-grabbing hook, a professional picture, and use bullet points and emojis to illustrate your point. 

4. Repost old listings 

When you publish a post, it's normal that only a fraction of people see it. Plus, your prospects will be online during different times of the day, so not all of them will see your listings.

So, reposting old listings is a great strategy to get more eyeballs and improve the reach of your profile. For example, Karen McGuffin has reposted a townhouse listing several times by tweaking the descriptions and offers. The first post has a short description of the house and calls prospects to sign up for a virtual tour. 

 Example, of Karen McGuffin - Repost old listings 


The second post has more information and has photos of the listing to encourage prospects to check out the listing. 

 Example, of Karen McGuffin - Repost old listings 


Karen simply asks prospects to reach out to her for a personal tour in the last listing. 

 Example, of Karen McGuffin


You can also repost old listings as Karen did by adding new information and photographs, videos, tour videos, etc., so the listing looks different, and your prospects don't get annoyed or bored because you're posting the same listing again. 

5. Share Special Offers and Price-Drops

Promoting special offers and price drops helps build a sense of urgency and potentially increases sales. It also helps reduce the friction prospective buyers might have while making high-ticket real estate purchases because they won't want to lose out on a great deal. 

For example, Casagrand Athens has created an offer highlighting the location advantages of the property at an unbeatable price. The post also calls out their ideal prospects, i.e., sports and fitness enthusiasts who want to live in a place with world-class amenities to take action, improving their chances of getting qualified leads. 

Example of Casagrand Athens has created an offer highlighting the location advantages of the property


If you want to create special offers posts that get you leads, your best bet is using an image-based creative with minimal but impactful text. Add a crisp description in the caption highlighting the property’s best features and advantages and you’ll have genuine leads rolling in no time.  

With that list of ideas, you should be on your way to creating compelling real estate Facebook posts that will help you generate more qualified leads in 2024. Now let's look at how you can actually go ahead and create some of these posts quickly and easily. 

Bonus: How To Create Scroll-Stopping Real Estate Facebook Videos Using InVideo

As we mentioned in the first section of this article, you can create real estate video posts for your Facebook in minutes using InVideo. Choose from the thousands of real estate templates, add your media and customize the font to create a stunning video. Let us show you exactly how you can do that:

How To Create Real Estate Facebook Videos Using InVideo

Step 1: Log in to InVideo, and begin by choosing a Real Estate Template. Select your aspect ratio and then click on use this template. The template will then open in the InVideo editor. 

How To Create Real Estate Facebook Videos Using InVideo-Step1

Step 2: Now, let’s add your media to the editor. To do this, click on the Uploads menu on the left corner of your screen. Next, click the Upload Media button to export your photos/ videos to InVideo. Alternatively, you can choose videos and images from the in-built stock library. 

How To Create Real Estate Facebook Videos Using InVideo-Step2

You can also add your brand logo to the video. Just click the Logo tab, and you’ll see a pop-up to import your logo from your gallery to the InVideo editor. 

Once you have uploaded your brand logo, it will automatically be placed in the space for the logo throughout the entire video. 

How To Create Real Estate Facebook Videos Using InVideo-Step2.1

Step 3: To edit the text, double-click the text box and replace existing text with your text. If you want to edit the text further, you can play around with the font, color, alignment, and more using the menu above your workspace to do so. Check out this blog to see how you can add and change the text to your videos. 

How To Create Real Estate Facebook Videos Using InVideo-Step 3

Step 4:  You can also add/change music using the InVideo editor. Just click the Music tab, and find a list of music available. Users can also import music from their PC and add it to their video.  

How To Create Real Estate Facebook Videos Using InVideo-Step 4

Step 5: Once you complete your edits, click the Download & Share button on the top right of your screen. Next, click Export.

How To Create Real Estate Facebook Videos Using InVideo-Step 5

And that's how easily you can create awesome real estate Facebook videos for your business. 

Create Facebook videos that convert

Using trending InVideo templates

Create Facebook videos that convert Get started now
Create Facebook videos that convert

Summing up 

Facebook is an excellent platform to generate quality leads for your real estate business as long as you post strategically, maintain consistency and create a balance between valuable and sales-y content. To understand how you can create a good marketing plan for your real estate business, check out this blog

And if you prefer learning via videos, you should definitely check out our YouTube channel, where we share daily video creation tips and tricks, the latest video trends and ideas, and help you make more money as a video creator.


This post was written by Mrignayni and edited by Adete from Team InVideo

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