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Audio Cutter

Easily cut your audio tracks with our audio cutter tool. Our tool supports a variety of audio formats and allows you to customize your audio settings to fit your specific needs. Transform your audio effortlessly with our user-friendly audio cutter tool - try it now and enjoy the creative process!
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How to cut audio?


Select Your Audio File

Click the ‘Upload Audio’ button and upload a track from your own system or get one from our music library to our online video effects editor.

Cut Audio

Select your audio track, and click on the point on the timeline where you want to cut your audio. Now, click on the "Split" button. You can delete the portion which is not needed.

Download & Share for Free

In just a few clicks you have cut your audio track, ready to be used. Download and share it for free.

Why should you cut audio?

Use Audio Cutter to Highlight

An audio cutter tool helps create professional audio content by removing unnecessary parts of an audio file. Highlighting the most important content and creating summaries or highlight reels can effectively convey a message. This tool provides greater control, allowing you to create content tailored to your specific needs and goals.

Save Space by Cutting Audio

Trimming audio files using a trim audio tool can reduce their overall size, making them easier and faster to upload, download, or transfer, which is useful for large files or sharing with others. It saves time, improves workflow, and increases efficiency while maintaining the original audio's quality.

Use Audio Cutter to Remove Unwanted Content

By using an audio cutter tool, you can eliminate unwanted parts of an audio recording, like background noise, silence, or irrelevant speech. This helps to produce a more concise and focused audio output that is easier to comprehend and engage with, ultimately enhancing the overall quality of the recording.

How to edit video?

Video Poster

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