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Facebook Video Size, Dimensions, Aspect Ratio, and More—All Info in One Place

Sarika from InVideo
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Did you know - Facebook records more than 8 billion video views per day? 49% of consumers engage with branded video content on Facebook - double than any other social platform. That may be why a staggering 81% of businesses choose Facebook over any other social media platform to post video marketing content on.

Facebook offers different video formats for you to choose from. That’s why we have put together the ultimate, up-to-date guide on all Facebook video sizes.

We’ll be covering everything you need to know about: 

1. Facebook stories
2. 360 videos
3. Instant experience videos
4. Facebook News Feed video ads
5. Slideshow video ads
6. Carousel video ads
7. Collection video ads
8. Messenger video ads
9. In-stream video ads
10. Facebook Marketplace video ads
11. Instant Articles video ads
12. Search result video ads

After going through our list, you’ll have a much easier time creating, editing, and posting your video content on the number-one social media platform.

And as a bonus, we are also sharing a hack that will help you create high-quality video content for social media in minutes!

Let’s dive right in!

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1. Video Size and Dimension for Facebook Stories

Facebook users tend to engage with the content they see on Facebook Stories the most. Facebook Stories are short, so they offer a bite-sized piece of entertainment for people who are scrolling through. This makes for a perfect opportunity to capture the attention of your target audience.

Here are the video specs you need to remember when creating a video for Facebook Stories:

Video Size and Dimension for Facebook Stories

Other characteristics of Facebook Stories are:

- Captions are not available
- Audio is optional
- MP4 and MOV are the recommended formats

2. Facebook 360 Video Requirements

Facebook’s 360 videos gives your viewers a unique, interactive way to enjoy your content. The viewers can experience a 360-degree view of the surroundings by moving their device around or dragging their cursor or finger across the video. This makes 360 videos perfect if you want your viewers immersed in the action.

If you decide to make a 360 video to generate sales, you will be able to show your viewers exactly how your product or service works. For example, OREO Cookie made a 360 video to give their customers an animated ‘behind the scenes’ of how what inspired their latest flavour.

Here are all the requirements for Facebook 360 videos:

Facebook 360 Video specs

As for the size or video resolution for Facebook’s 360 videos, the recommendations are:

Facebook 360 Video Requirements

Here are a few more Facebook 360 video recommendations:

- Use the MP4 or MOV format
- Don’t make your video last longer than 30 minutes
- Make the framerate of your video be up to 30fps
- Keep in mind that your video file size is up to 10GB

You should follow all the mentioned requirements so that your video provides a better user experience. If you make a video last longer than half an hour or take up more than 10GB of space, it might buffer across different devices, which can result in your viewers being frustrated with your video and deciding to scroll past it.

3. Facebook Instant Experience Video Size

What makes Instant Experience (IX) videos unique is that they are viewed in the full-screen mode automatically, which is also why they are used on mobile devices only. Since they take up the whole screen, IX videos are more immersive and a lot more effective at grabbing the viewers’ attention than other types of ads on mobile. 

If you want to boost your brand recognition and drive mobile sales, you might want to consider making an IX video ad. Here are the video size and other requirements you need to know:

Facebook Instant Experience Video Size

The recommended video resolution is 1200×628 pixels.

4. Facebook News Feed Video Ads Specs 

Apart from the ads, you can squeeze in between organic Facebook videos, you can also make video ads that appear directly in users’ feeds. Different types of feed ads exist, all of which we have mentioned below. 

For now, let’s see what the typical video specs are if you want to integrate your brand into the Facebook News Feed:

Facebook News Feed Video Ads Specs

Facebook News Feed Video Ads Specs

You should keep in mind that:

- Facebook recommends you use the highest resolution available (just ensure you fit your resolution to the aspect ratio and file size limits)
- The maximum video file size is 4GB if you are uploading a shared post video (the maximum 26GB file size applies for desktop feed videos only)
- The video thumbnail should have the same resolution and aspect ratio as your video
- The minimum width for both landscape and portrait videos is 120 pixels 

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5. Facebook Slideshow Video Ad

Let’s imagine you are running a restaurant and want to make an ad that displays ten different meals but has one CTA. A Facebook slideshow video would be the best option for this use case.

Create a video from photos and charm your target audience with a neat-looking slideshow. Your only limit is that you can include three to ten photos, but you can also make it more engaging by adding sounds and music. There are five supported formats for Slideshow Ads on Facebook:

2. MP3
3. M4A
4. WAV
5. OGG

You can also pick between the landscape video format (aspect ratio—16:9) and portrait (aspect ratio—9:16). 

Here are other slideshow video ad specifications:

Facebook Slideshow Video Ad

6. Best Resolution for a Facebook Carousel Video Ad

Carousel video ads allow you to expand the story you want to tell in your video post. The ability to include up to ten images or videos—and just as many links—in one advertisement allows you to share more information about a specific product or market more products in a single post.

Facebook recommends the video size or resolution of a carousel ad to be 1080×1080 pixels.

Here is more information about carousel video ads:

Best Resolution for a Facebook Carousel Video Ad

Pro-tip: While Facebook Manager allows you to create slideshows for your ad, it has limited scope for customization. Instead, create your own slideshow on InVideo’s online editor where you can add your own music, effects, and text to make it super interactive.

7. Collection Facebook Video Ads Specs

Optimized for mobile devices, collection video ads also allow you to showcase different aspects of a single product or promote several ones in a single ad. Here’s how it works — you have one cover image or video and a collection of multiple images below it.

Another useful feature of collection video ads is that you can have your video open in Instant Experience video format automatically as the viewer clicks on your collection ad. The instant full-screen mode boosts customer engagement and can generate mobile purchases more easily.

You can check out the technical requirements and recommendations below:

Collection Facebook Video Ads Specs

Pro-tip: You can create a stunning Facebook video ad that is sure to convert using InVideo’s online editor. It will only take a few minutes and you will have stock footage, royalty-free music, effects, and more at your disposal.

8. Facebook Messenger Video Ad Requirements

It seems that Facebook isn’t short on ideas when it comes to ad placement. You can target your desired customers even as they are chatting with their friends on the Facebook Messenger app. You can run your video ad as a Messenger Stories so your customers can stumble upon them as they’re browsing through Stories from their friends and family.

Here are Facebook’s recommendations for Messenger Story ads:

Facebook Messenger Video Ad Requirements

9. Facebook In-Stream Video Ads

As the name suggests, in-stream video ads pop up while viewers are streaming another video on their Facebook feed. Preferably, your ad will pause a video that is popular and generates a large number of views. You can compare in-stream ads to good old TV commercials. You can also add sound and captions to your in-stream ads.

If you opt for investing in Facebook in-stream video ads, these are the requirements you need to know:

Facebook In-Stream Video Ads

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10. Facebook Marketplace Video Size Specs

Facebook Marketplace is a section that allows both businesses and regular people to sell and promote their products or services. 

With more than 800 million users that Facebook Marketplace attracts in a single month, you are bound to land a customer or two if you use it to your advantage. Since the place is usually chock-full of image ads, your video is certain to attract many eyeballs.

Facebook Marketplace video recommendations are:

Facebook Marketplace Video Size Specs

There’s no option to add captions to your Facebook Marketplace videos on the platform itself, but you can always add them on your own as you are editing your video. We’ve shared a hack for adding captions to your Facebook video ads in the last section.

11. Instant Articles Video Ads Requirements

Facebook reports that its users are 44% more likely to click on Instant Articles than a traditional mobile web link. Instant Articles combines blog posts on branded websites with the Facebook app. So you can place video ads inside these articles so your readers can engage with your brand as they are reading the post. If you are sold on the idea, here are the requirements for an Instant Articles video ad:

Instant Articles Video Ads Requirements

12. Search Result Video Ads Requirements

Facebook search results are just another place within the social media platform you can have your ads appear in. If your goal is to increase your website’s traffic and spark up conversations about your brand, you can choose this option.

Upload your video in the resolution mentioned below that respects the ratio limits.

Search Result Video Ads Requirements

BONUS: Create stunning Facebook video ads in minutes! 

If you are feeling overwhelmed by the sheer number of different Facebook video types, this section is for you. With InVideo, you can create stunning video ads and not worry about having set the correct size and format requirements.

InVideo is an intuitive browser-based editing platform that lets you create video ads quickly and effortlessly. All you need to do is- 

1. Log in or sign up for a free account on InVideo 
2. Type ‘Facebook ads’ in the search bar
3. Pick from  over 5000+ customizable templates to make your video
4. Edit the template of your choosing using our many video editing features 
5. Preview your project
6. Export your video when you are satisfied

You can choose the type of Facebook video from our homepage directly. Some of the options we offer are:

- Stories videos 
- News Feed videos 
- Carousel Ad videos

Have you also noticed that many of the Facebook video requirements don’t support the caption feature? Yet, it has been reported that 85% are streamed with the sound off when it comes to Facebook videos. On the InVideo editor, you can add captions and have your viewers pick up on your CTA even if they have muted the sound.

Wrapping up

You have everything you need to know about creating your first Facebook video ad, now all you have to do is start. Create engaging and professional-looking video ads on InVideo in under ten minutes. You can opt for our free plan and if you want access to 8M+ stock footage, animated texts and stickers, royalty-free music, and no limits to the number of videos you can download, our paid plans start from as low as $10 a month.

If you’ve found value in this article, you must check out our complete guide on Facebook ads and how to monetize videos on Facebook. If you’re a creator, you’d love what we have built at the InVideo community – a place for you to connect and learn from 25,000+ other marketers, business owners, and creators like yourself.



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