Which Games Video Editor To Use for Your Gaming Videos—Plus Pro Editing Tips

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Gaming has become the most popular genre on YouTube. If you’re a gamer, you can create gaming videos and upload them on YouTube and build your own community. However, one of the biggest bottlenecks to creating videos is editing them.

That’s why, in this article, we will share with you the best editing software for your gaming videos, along with some pro editing tips. We will cover top editing software like -

1. InVideo - online video editor
2. Wondershare Filmora 
3. VSDC Video Editor
4. Movavi Video Editor
5. iMovie
6. Adobe Premiere Pro

Let’s get straight to it!

1. InVideo—Making Gorgeous Videos Becomes Quick and Easy

InVideo Homepage for Making Gorgeous Videos

InVideo is our editing platform that you can use in your browser to edit your videos in a few simple clicks. Our video editing software is one of the best ones out there because it is both feature-rich and user-friendly, allowing you to fine-tune your videos to perfection, no matter if you are a beginner or a veteran videomaker.

To edit your gaming videos, you can use both Blank Template options and Text-to-Video options.

A. Blank Template

Dashboard for Uploading Files to InVideo’s Blank Template

1. Make an account on InVideo
2. Pick the Blank Template option and choose the aspect ratio
3. Go to the Uploads section in your Asset Library
4. Click Upload and select your gaming video to import it into the InVideo editor

B. Text-to-Video

Dashboard for Uploading Files to InVideo’s Text-to-Video Template

1. Log in to your InVideo account
2. Pick the Text-to-Video option and choose the aspect ratio
3. Choose a template that suits your taste (you can customize it later if you want to)
4. Select Use this template
5. Go to Option 3
6. Click on the box to upload your files manually or drag and drop them
7. Click Next

You can now add more scenes, delete, or duplicate them in the Storyboard section. Here, you can also add music to your gaming video to make it more effective and entertaining to your viewers. InVideo has an extensive library of royalty-free music you can add to your scenes, but you can also upload your own.

In the Advanced Editor section, you can edit your gaming video more thoroughly by adding text, voice-overs, or special effects to it.

InVideo also has a library of over 5000 premade, customizable templates you can use for your project. No matter your niche, you will be able to find something that suits your needs. For example, if you are an avid gamer, you can use these templates to create stunning videos:

- Game Coaching
- New Video Game Alert
- E-Gaming Highlights
- Video Game Competition

2. Wondershare Filmora

Wondershare Filmora Homepage

Wondershare Filmora is another video editor you can use on your desktop. The software has a free version and is available for both Mac and Windows operating systems. A built-in tool that allows you to record your PC in the video editor is a neat advantage of using Filmora. Here’s how you can do it:

1. Open Filmora
2. Click on New Project
3. Select the Record option in the editor’s interface (right next to the Import feature)
4. Choose the Record PC Screen option
5. Set your recording preferences
6. Select REC

While you are recording your screen, you can stop or pause anytime you want. When you are done, Filmora will save your recording automatically. You can then drag and drop it onto your timeline if you want to start editing your video right away.

Filmora has several editing features that can make your gaming video shine, such as adding:

- Transitions
- Filters
- Music
- Special effects

Note: Filmora will export your gaming videos with a watermark if you stick to the software’s free version. 

3. VSDC Video Editor

VSDC Video Editor Homepage Dashboard

If you are looking for a non-linear video editor, you can try VSDC. The platform is free to use, with no watermarks added to your videos. The paid version does include one feature you might find useful—motion tracking. It detects the objects that are moving in your video and makes it easier to add elements to them, which is useful for gaming clips.

Some editing features you can enjoy in VSDC are:

- Picture-in-picture effect—you can include a webcam recording of you in your gaming video
- YouTube uploader—you can upload videos to your YouTube channel from the software directly as you finish editing them
- Color-blending—you can use various blending modes and effects to give your video a unique feel

One disadvantage of the VSDC video editor is that the interface is complex, so don’t expect to master this solution if you are a video editing novice. Another drawback is that the software can run only on Windows.

4. Movavi Video Editor

Movavi Video Editor Homepage

Movavi offers a much simpler interface than VSDC and is generally praised for being easy to use. It also offers numerous advanced editing features that can make your videos stand out.

Here’s how to get started:

1. Open Movavi
2. Click on Create a Project in FULL-FEATURE MODE
3. Click on Add Media Files to upload your gaming video
4. Edit your video in the timeline

Since Movavi is simple to use, you won’t need to watch plenty of video editing tutorials to learn the ropes. In the program, you can:

- Record voice-overs
- Use color adjustments
- Add transitions
- Split and trim your video
- Rotate your video
- Change the speed of your clips

Movavi has some advanced features that can make your video look amazing. If you want to access them, though, you will need to switch to a paid subscription.

5. iMovie

iMovie Video Editor Homepage

If you are a macOS user, you have Apple’s iMovie video editor installed on your computer by default, and you can use it for free. Like other Apple apps, you can use iMovie to edit videos across all your Apple devices. Getting used to the video editor pays off if you need to edit videos on your iPhone, too, since the desktop and mobile versions work similarly.

If you are wondering how to edit videos on iMovie, here’s how to get started:

1. Launch the iMovie app on your desktop
2. Click on the Create New option
3. Choose the import icon () in the upper-right corner of your screen
4. Select your footage in your computer’s library
5. Click Import Selected

After your gaming video is in the iMovie editor, you can figure out how to add music, remove sound, record voice-over, and much more.

Apart from only being available on iOS, the biggest downside of the iMovie video editor is that its features are too basic.

6. Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro Video Editor Homepage Dashboard

Adobe Premiere Pro is a paid video editing tool intended for professionals and people with extensive video editing experience. That said, you can sign up for a seven-day free trial to see whether the software is what you’re looking for before you commit to a monthly subscription plan.

If you’re a beginner video editor, the seven days might not be enough to get familiar with all of the tool’s features and get used to how the software works. If you don’t mind the steep learning curve, you can still try out Premiere Pro for your gaming videos and:

- Add unique visual effects
- Edit your voice-over to conform the audio level to be the same throughout the entire video
- Put together a group of effects that you want to add to each of your videos and save them as a preset

While all these features are undoubtedly handy, you won’t have an easy time editing your videos in the software if you’re not a professional. You will also have to upgrade to a paid subscription if you find the software is growing on you during the free trial. 

Here’s how much Premier Pro costs:

Adobe Premiere Pro Payment Plans


$31.49 a month

Annual (paid monthly)

$20.99 a month
Annual (prepaid)

$239.88 a year

The Best Video Editing Software for Gaming

What makes InVideo unique among other video editing software is that you can edit your gaming videos in your browser to your heart’s content without having to clutter your hard drive or empty your pockets.
With InVideo, you can export up to 60 videos a month for free!

If you want to use our platform without any limitations, don’t worry about the price tag. InVideo’s paid plans could not be more affordable. Here are the annual plans:

InVideo Paid Plan

Monthly Price




You don’t have to commit to anything, though. You’ll have access to all the video editing features, even with the free plan. What’s best—you don’t need any previous video editing knowledge to create killer gaming videos with InVideo. The UI is extremely intuitive, and all the edits are done through a drag-and-drop menu. We also have dozens of short, easy-to-understand video editing tutorials to help you learn the ropes.

If you don’t want to watch our YouTube videos, there is another option. You can use our Intelligent Video Assistant (IVA) as you are editing your videos. IVA is an AI-driven feature that can observe your editing progress and provide advice on the spot. 

IVA will notify you of all the hard-to-spot mistakes and offer automatic corrections. If you want, you can always touch up the video manually, using IVA’s recommendations. You can locate the feature on your timeline.

InVideo also allows you to create and edit videos in any format. The main ones are:

InVideo Video Format

Aspect Ratio






Video Games Editor Tutorial—Adding Transitions

InVideo Transitions Feature Tutorial

One element that’s incredibly easy to add to your videos and can make them a lot more entertaining are scene transitions. InVideo offers many options when it comes to varied and engaging transitions, such as:

- Bounce Back
- Showtime
- Zoom Out
- Blur
- Rewind

To add transitions to your gaming videos, you only need to:

1. Click the transition icon between your scenes (as shown in the picture above)
2. Select the transition effect you want for your scenes

Video Games Editor Tutorial—Adding Special Effects

InVideo - Adding Special Effects Feature Dashboard

You can’t consider your gaming video project finished before adding some cool special effects. Here’s how to include a special effect in your clip using InVideo:

1. Click on Effects in your Asset Library
2. Select the effect you like
3. Edit the time and duration of the effect in your project’s timeline

If you want to change the special effect you added, you need to click on the blue layer in your timeline that represents it, and then click on the trash can icon in the top right corner of your screen. This will remove the effect you added, and you can select another one afterward.

Video Editor for Games—Three Bonus Tips

Producing a gaming video is straightforward—you record your screen on Mac or Windows, fine-tune your clip in the editing stage, and upload it to your chosen social media platform. If you are a beginner in the field of gaming video creation, you can benefit from some additional tips.

Here’s what you should keep in mind to create stunning gaming videos and save time by not making common beginner mistakes:

Tip #1 - Stick to one video editing software

Most people don’t have the luxury to spend weeks making one video, so your best bet is to choose one video editing software and learn how to use it. 

Tip #2 - Teach your viewers a skill

If you’re making let’s play videos or walkthroughs, give your audience a few tips and tricks that will help them beat a certain level or boss. Don’t just speedrun through the entire game—explain what you’re doing and teach your viewers how they can do the same. 

Tip #3 - Have a script

Whether you want to review a game, or have a walkthrough video to show your viewers how something is done, prepare the outline of the points you’re going to go through. Without a script, you can quickly get sidetracked or, even worse, have your video riddled with segments of awkward silence. 

Summing up

We hope our curated list of the best Games Video Editor helps you take your game videos to the next level. For more tips and best practices, check out our comprehensive guide on making a scroll-stopping video, which covers everything from choosing a topic, to planning a shoot and editing your footage.

And if you have questions or recommendations on options we may have missed out on, come continue the conversation with us here on our community.

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