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How to Create ChatGPT Videos Using invideo's Video GPT

Aastha Kochar
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Scripting, filming, and montaging videos — it's a marathon that requires a lot of your time, energy, and imagination. And sometimes, it just leaves you burnt out.

But what if you could skip all that hassle? That's where ChatGPT Videos come in. With Video GPT, you can create stunning videos without even touching a camera or editing software. 
Just tell it what kind of video you need, and voilà – you've got it. Sounds exciting, right? Want to see how it works?

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This guide will show you how to use Video GPT and save yourself hours of work. Here's a quick look at what you'll learn by the end of this blog:

Ready to explore how fun and simple the video creation process can be with ChatGPT? Let’s get started!

What are ChatGPT Videos? 

ChatGPT videos are simply videos you can generate by giving text prompts to ChatGPT. Just type the topic of your video along with the requirements, such as the ideal length, tone, accent, etc., and send it. In response, you get your desired video. 

For this, you don't need to be good at video editing or know a lot about AI. You just need an idea, and ChatGPT will make a video just the way you want it. This way, it's quicker and easier to make videos without dealing with complex software, expensive equipment, or time-consuming editing processes.

What is Video GPT? 

A GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) is a language model that relies on deep learning to generate human-like responses for a wide range of prompts and questions.

A Video GPT goes a step ahead and develops videos based on the instructions. Here's how it works: You give it a prompt explaining the kind of video you want, and it produces that within minutes. It does this by understanding what you have described, selecting relevant stock images, background music & voice for voiceovers, and mixing them to create a new video.

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The reason why it is so innovative is because making videos requires you to learn editing software, have video composition knowledge, and spend a lot of time and money in production. Video GPT dramatically simplifies this process. Simply tell what you want, and it will make GPT videos in minutes!

How to Create Videos Using invideo’s Video GPT? 

Have you ever wanted to make a video but felt stuck because of all the technicalities? With a custom GPT like Video Maker by invideo AI, it gets easier as it lets you pick the music or voiceover that fits your concept and choose pictures or clips that showcase your idea. 

Let's break down how to create GPT videos for a seamless experience!

  1. Navigate to the upper left side and go to “Explore GPTs”. Click on it, and you will be taken to the search area in the GPT store.

  2. Search for “invideo AI” and select the first option as shown below:

  3. Click on “Let's create a YouTube shorts video!” or directly give a description of the video you want to create.

  4. Next, enter the topic of your video, and GPT will suggest some video brief options for the same.

  5. Respond with the brief option that seems the most suitable to you. For example, here we replied ‘Narrative A’.

  6. Now you have the script ready! If it looks good, ask GPT to proceed and let it process your request. If not, suggest the needed changes. Once done, click on the video link provided towards the end of the response.

  7. You will now be redirected to your workspace if you already have an account and you are logged in. If not, sign up for a new account and log in with your credentials.

  8. If you wish to make any changes in the media or add new ones, click on “Edit” and make the desired changes.

  9. Once you’re satisfied with the quality, go to “Export” and click on “Continue” after selecting the preferred settings.

  10. Next, you will be redirected to the final video (as shown in the screenshot below), where you can download the same.  

Video GPT

Now create videos within ChatGPT

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Video GPT


Going from your initial idea to the finished video doesn't have to be stressful. Thanks to new technologies like video GPT, creators can bring their ideas to life with less trouble and more room for creativity. And so can you with invideo's Video GPT, the perfect co-pilot for the next creative journey, where you absolutely don't have to take care of the technicalities. So, why not give it a try? Sign up today and make your unique ideas happen!

And if you prefer to learn by watching videos, you should definitely check out our YouTube channel. We share daily video creation tips and tricks, the latest video trends and ideas, and help you better understand the AI video space.

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