The Easiest Way to Make a Lyric Video in 2021: Step-by-Step Guide

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You don’t need to have a huge budget and fancy equipment to make good music videos for any platform! For budding musicians who want to grow their channel, lyric videos are a great way to have aesthetic visuals and convey the meaning of that song all in one!

Lyric Videos are easy-to-make, professional-looking and an amazing tool to bring a lot of attention to your page or channel. You can create lyric videos for your own music, or you can create them for popular songs! InVideo helps you make such unique lyric videos with high-quality and in no time!

Let’s take a look at how you can make an awesome lyric video using InVideo

Step 1: Keep your lyrics ready! This can be your own song’s lyrics, or if you’re choosing a popular song, you can find the lyrics online. Some good sites to search for lyrics are, LyricsMode, and AZLyrics. Here’s how you can do it from AZLyrics: 

how to make lyric video using InVideo - Step 1

Step 2: Keep your music track ready in mp3 format. If you don’t have your own music track, you can download your chosen song using a YouTube to MP3 converter! Check out this tutorial to learn how to do it.

how to make lyric video using InVideo - Step 2

Step 3: Log in or sign up for a free account for InVideo. Next, click on the Blank Canvas option and select the best aspect ratio depending on which platform you’re making the lyric video for. Finally, click on the Make A Video button to get started.

how to make lyric video using InVideo - Step 3

Step 4: Upload your music track! Under Uploads, you’ll see the option to Upload Media. Click on that, and select the MP3 music file you are using. Here’s what it will look like once uploaded:

how to make lyric video using InVideo - Step 4

Step 5: Double click on the MP3 file to add it to the video. After that, in case your InVideo editor is set to the Scene Timeline view, click on All Scenes so that you can view everything more easily.

how to make lyric video using InVideo - Step 5

Step 6: Select the Background that you want for your video! The visuals set the mood for a good YouTube lyric video. There are 3 different ways you can do this:

(a) If you want to use solid colours, select Canvas Color and choose absolutely any colour that you’d like for your YouTube Lyric Video.

how to make lyric video using InVideo - Step 6

(b) You can also use pictures from the in-built media library on InVideo. To do that, click on Image in the left-side toolbar and choose any picture that you think would make a fitting background for the song!

how to make lyric video using InVideo - Step 6b

c) For a more dynamic look, use videos from the in-built media library on InVideo. Click on Video in the left-side toolbar and choose any clip that you think would make a super cool lyric video! Here’s a nifty tutorial that can show you how to do this easily.

Step 7: Add the first line of text to the first scene. Usually, this is the title of the song with the artist names. In a lyric video, this would go over the instrumental part before the lyrics are sung. 

There are a lot of different options of texts and designs to choose from!

how to make lyric video using InVideo - Step 7

Here’s a short visual on how to add text to your first scene.

how to make lyric video using InVideo - Step 7a

For more help, check out this tutorial to learn more about all the text options you have to make your video! 

Step 8: If you want to keep it simple and have the same background across all your text, you can just duplicate the current scene and edit the text according to what lyrics are next. Having a new scene for every line of text will be helpful when you have to match the lyrics on-screen to the lyrics in the song.

how to make lyric video using InVideo - Step 8

Keep repeating this until you have covered all the lyrics of the song.

how to make lyric video using InVideo - Step 8a

Step 9: Now’s the time to sync the lyrics to the music! You can play your unfinished video and adjust the duration of each scene according to the timing of the music. Do this by dragging your chosen scene from its left or right side, to increase or decrease the duration of the lyrics according to the music. Here’s a visual to help you understand better: 

how to make lyric video using InVideo - Step 9

Step 10: Once your lyric video is synced perfectly, you can preview the entire video to check for any errors or edits. If everything’s okay, you can click export and your lyric video will soon be ready for you to download!

how to make lyric video using InVideo - Step 10

After clicking on Export, your video will start to render. Once that’s done, you can just click on Download to save the video to your device or directly Share Video to your social media platforms from here! Now you’re all done!

how to make lyric video using InVideo - Step 10a

And that’s it, that’s how you make a lyric video in a few simple steps. But if this is your first time creating a lyric video, here are a few pro tips to help you create attention grabbing videos: 

Tip #1 - Use transitions between scenes

Adding transitions helps to keep the visual field interesting. With attention spans getting shorter, you want to ideally have a change in visuals every few seconds to keep the viewer engaged. Plus transitions also help make the video look more professional. Here are some awesome transitions you can use on your next lyric video. 

Tip #2 -  Use aesthetic video montages

If you’re editing your lyric video on InVideo, you can choose from over 8million stock photos and videos to go with the theme of the song for your lyric video. Adding video montages helps with creating a more engaging visual experience. Check out this article to understand how you can create a stunning video montage in minutes.  

Tip #3 - Play around with cool effects

A great pro of making lyric videos as opposed to music videos is that you have a lot of flexibility over the editing process. Use that to your advantage by experimenting with different overlays, filters and other effects to create stunning lyric videos. This blog explains how you can add cool effects to your videos.

Tip #4 - Experiment with the pacing of the words

Instead of having one sentence or stanza in one scene, you can also edit to the beat with a single word appearing on each beat, like in this video by The Chainsmokers.

Wrapping Up

It is super easy to create lyric videos for your channel’s growth using InVideo! If you want to dig deeper into how to make a music video instead, check out this guide

And if you prefer learning via videos, you definitely should check out our YouTube channel where we share daily video creation tips and tricks, the latest video trends and ideas, and help you make more money as a video creator.  


Written by Yashvi and edited by Adete

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