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How to Win at Instagram: 6 Simple Tips

Instagram marketing is the need of the hour. With over one billion monthly active users, Instagram is one of the biggest social media platforms and the perfect place for you to reach your target audience to increase conversions.

That is why it isn’t surprising that there are 25 million business profiles on Instagram. Over 80 percent of Instagram users follow at least one business, 72 percent have purchased a product they have seen on the platform, and 70 percent have spent time searching for a brand on Instagram.

If everyone who is anyone is joining Instagram, then why isn’t your business? Instagram marketing is a powerful tool for businesses, no matter what industry you are in.

In this article, we will be discussing the top Instagram marketing tips that can help you make your brand a success on the photo-sharing platform.

Here Are The Top Ways To Win At Instagram Marketing

1. Create A Business profile

Instagram gives brands an option to identify as a business account instead of a personal account. By switching to a business profile, you can access in-depth insights about your page, make it easier for users to contact you, and create Instagram ads right through the app, without using Facebook ad manager.

You can add a contact button on your profile to make it easier for people to get in touch with you. Business accounts on Instagram can also add links to their Instagram Stories that the users can access by swiping up on their stories.

To switch to a business profile, go to your settings and click on the ‘Account’ option. At the bottom of the account page, you will find the ‘Switch to Professional Account’ option.

Switch To Business Account

Note that, you will only be able to use the ‘Swipe Up’ feature in your Instagram stories if you have at least 10,000 followers.

2. Create A Community With A Unique Hashtag

While hashtag campaigns work great on Twitter as well, using relevant hashtags on Instagram can help you engage with your followers and create an active community. The idea behind hashtag campaigns is to encourage other users to publish posts using your hashtags.

Your team might be hard at work to create visually aesthetic Instagram content, but the best way to increase engagement is by encouraging user-generated content.

Here’s the thing: Your followers might also want to grow their following, just like you. And you can use it to your advantage.

You can let your followers know how to tag your brand in a post and what hashtag to use. By sharing content created by your followers, you are also able to share more posts with your followers, with only half the effort.

For instance, Nike has started a new social media campaign #PlayForTheWorld in response to the ongoing worldwide pandemic. The brand has been encouraging its followers to play inside and avoid going outdoors. Nike has also asked users to share their home workout videos using the hashtag. #PlayForTheWorld already has been used in more than 25k posts.

Instagram Marketing

Similarly, GoPro has a Photo of the Day campaign where they reshare one photo every day taken by a GoPro user. They also make sure to tag the original user, which in turn gives their followers more encouragement to share their best GoPro images.

Instagram marketing campaign

3. Share Relatable Content With Your Followers

Users on social media are already bombarded with promoted ads from all sides that have made their attention span even shorter. You only get a few seconds to impress your followers, and if your content isn’t relevant enough for them, they won’t think twice before scrolling through your post and completely forgetting about it.

That is why the content that you post on Instagram should be relevant to your brand as well as your target customers. Your content should align with the buyer personas of your brand, and it should be compelling enough for users to stop and notice.

For instance, Sharpie, a brand that offers sketch pens, uses their Instagram account to showcase what their products can do, instead of just focusing on the products themselves.

Instagram Marketing - Share Relatable content

4. Use Instagram Stories

Instagram stories are like a slideshow of vertical images or videos. They can be up to 10 seconds in length, and they only stay on your profile for 24 hours, unless you add them on your profile as ‘highlights.’

Unlike usual Instagram posts that can often get buried in the feed, Stories appear on the top of every user’s Instagram home page. More importantly, Instagram stories allow you to add links that the users can view by swiping up on the stories. Note that there is no way to add clickable links to in-feed posts.

Instagram stories are more than twice as popular as Snapchat, with over 500 million daily active users. Over half of the businesses on Instagram post at least one Story every month, and a third of the most-viewed Stories are posted by businesses.

With Stories, you don’t have to worry about posting content that fits the aesthetic of your brand and looks good with the rest of the posts on your page. Stories only stay on your profile for 24 hours, and they aren’t a part of the permanent feed, which gives you the opportunity to experiment with different types of content.

Stories are also the perfect way to tell a story about your brand. For instance, Starbucks uses their Instagram Stories highlights to showcase the brand’s sustainability policies.

Instagram Stories Highligh

You can use a video editor like InVideo to create amazing videos for your Instagram stories. It is a user-friendly tool that allows you to drag and drop elements and create videos in just a few clicks.

InVideo also has pre-made templates that have been created by expert designers and marketers. All you have to do is change a few elements in the template, and you are good to go.

Video Editor

5. Create Promoted Ads

Promoted content has now become a norm on Instagram. Every brand is trying to invest in Instagram advertising to reach out to a wider audience. The reason why Instagram ads are so popular among brands is that it leverages Facebook’s user data to serve ads to your target customers accurately.

You can effectively target Instagram users based on their demographics, behavior, interests, and much more. Instagram offers different ad placement options to marketers, including:

  • Photo ads (in-feed promoted photo posts)
  • Video ads (in-feed promoted posts with videos instead)
  • Carousel ads (in-feed slideshow ads which allow you to add up to 10 images with different captions)
  • Stories ads (Promoted Instagram stories that show up while users are browsing the stories of the people they follow)
  • Collection ads (A catalog ad that showcases your product offerings)

When creating Instagram ads, it is vital to make sure that your ad creatives look native. They should be able to blend well with the users’ feeds so that they don’t feel like they are being interrupted by ads. The idea is to use images and videos that make users want to pay attention to your brand.

You can also use InVideo as an ad maker to create ads as part of your Instagram promotion activities. InVideo also has bumper ads and promo video templates. For every template, you can change the colors, text, background, and even trim the video. It is also possible to add media, sound effects, stickers, emojis, and animations.

Instagram Video Editor

6. Don’t Overpost

The biggest dilemma that most brands face when it comes to Instagram marketing is – when to post on Instagram?

While you may want to constantly post on Instagram every few hours to get more engagement and likes – you absolutely shouldn’t. After all, you don’t want to spam your followers’ feeds with your posts, which will only lead to more people unfollowing your page.

According to a report, it is best only to post 1-2 times a day on Instagram, and not any more than that. You should also post when the majority of your followers are online – like in the morning when people are commuting to work or late at night when most people check their social media before sleeping. It’s best to experiment with different posting times and then zero in on time, which leads to maximum engagement.

When to post on Instagram

Final words

Now that you know everything about winning at Instagram marketing, it is time to implement these tips to take your brand to the next level.

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