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Become a Pro Intro Maker in less than 11 minutes (+ free intro templates)

1 million minutes of video cross the Internet every second.

How do you stand out from this crowd? How do you make your videos visible and remembered? How do you make an irresistible hook for your viewer?

One answer to all these questions is – creating a kick-ass Intro video for your brand.

A powerful start is a sure shot way to guide your audience into the content that follows.

I know, creating a captivating intro video is difficult, time-consuming, and costly.

And most of the free intro makers that have video templates are not equipped with enough customization features.

But this ends here.

Today, I am going to show you how you can create mind-blowing intro videos easily and quickly with a cost equal to a Subway sandwich!

Let’s dive straight into it.

1. What is Intro Video?

Have you been following YouTube influencers or Brands and have never skipped the branded video clip at the start of every video they publish?

That branded clip is called the Introduction video or “Intro” video in today’s digital content dictionary (also known as Video bumper / Video sting.)

And, that very clip is one of the significant contributors to effective branding via videos.

Video intro is your chance to make a great first impression on your viewer.

These first few seconds will set the tone of the rest of the video and enable the viewer to decide whether they want to continue watching it further or move on.

Consider Video Intro as the Grand Marshal of a Parade. If the grand marshal opens well, the audience will be excited to see the rest of the parade.

what is intro video?

2. Why are Intros Necessary for Your Video?

a. Intros enable synergy between all video content.

Intros are a great way to set a tone for your content and bring synergy between them.

Is your brand into the food industry? Make a mouth-watering food video intro.

Are you a tech company? Make a futuristic-looking tech video intro.

Are you a travel blogger? Make an adventurous travel video intro.

The next time someone sees or listens to your video intro, they should know it’s YOUR video and not any random one.

b. Intros re-establish your brand.

Marketing managers try really hard to make the brand visibility as high as possible. Video intros are a great way to do so.

Imagine if your audience views your video content, and each time to see that content, they have to go through the 10-20 seconds of your branded clip.

Each time they see that graphic and hear that signature music, your brand gets registered in their mind, and they start remembering you.

c. Video Intros establish trust among viewers.

It’s not an unknown fact that if your content is excellent, but visuals are weak, you might lose your audience.

Since our intro maker templates will enable you to make a very high-quality video intro, the viewer will automatically start trusting your content.

If you want each of your video content to serve 10x value, Video intro is a must. And as we are looking to get an intro maker on budget, choosing an online video editor should be done carefully.

3. What are the types of Intro Videos?

Now, Intro videos can essentially be of two kinds.

  • BRAND-focused
  • CONTENT-focused

The intro videos that focus on branding will have a broader message pertaining to the brand, and the ones that are content-focused will have a specific message based on the topic of the video.

The Dude Perfect video channel has this intro in all the content they put out on the Overtime 13 series. This makes a good case for Brand based intro as they set a tone for what their brand stands for.

types of intro videos

Starbucks “How To” series: See how Starbucks has kept a single theme for their intros yet have customized each episode intros depending on the content. This approach can be categorized as a content-focused intro.

To further organize the type of intros you will be making for your brand, you can choose from three approaches:

1 – Have the exact same intro for all your episodes across all your series (Brand-focused).

2 – Have custom intros for specific series, same for episodes within.(Brand/Content-focused).

3 – Have different intros for each episode under a series while keeping the basic layout the same (Content-focused).

4. Which intro should you use for your brand?

Well, that depends on which stage you are on in your company’s growth. If you are in your start-up phase, I advise you to go for Brand-focused intro, and once you have your brand established, shift to the content-focused intro.

The best route is to experiment with both and see which one makes your audience STAY for the rest of the video.

Also, another factor to consider is time. Do you have time & resources to use your intro maker for creating a custom intro for each video?

You can use our online video editing software to make a template for your intros so you can easily customize each video with a few tweaks.

5. What is the difference between intro videos, outro videos, and logo revealers?

The very first difference between intro and outro video is their purpose. The Intro video is a part of branding activities, and Outro video is an engagement element.

Further, the structure of the intro & outro is very different.

Intro Videos :

  • Placed at the START of your main video content.
  • Gives an introduction to the following content.
  • May or may not have a CTA. Ideally, it should ask people to subscribe to your channel.

Here’s another example of Intro video:

If you have been following TED, you will know,

TED = Global leaders sharing their ideas.

The intro starts with a montage of speakers that depicts the presence of various THOUGHT LEADERS.

Then these photos revolve into a globe, suggesting its GLOBAL presence.

And in the final frame, the logo is revealed where the tagline says, “Ideas worth sharing,” announcing their third important pillar, IDEAS.

And TED delivered this message within a frame of 7 seconds. Imagine, three-piece information delivered within such a short time-frame – that’s what intro is all about.

The job of the intro video is to set the tone clearly for the rest of the video and to let the viewer know what kind of content they can expect.

Outro Videos :

  • Placed at the END of your main video content.
  • Gives a conclusion to the preceding content.
  • Should have a CTA that leads the viewer to see the NEXT content.

Here’s a perfect example of Outro Video:

Her outro video starts with a screen blackout and branded background, followed by her CTAs – Give the video a thumbs up and check out last videos & second vlog channel.

Her signature outro act – “One love Superwoman, that is a wrap and zoop” marks the end of the video.

This last bit of her outro is quite catchy and people tend to watch her videos till the end.

Outro Videos guide people into seeing your next piece of content or whatever action you want your audience to take.

Check our YouTube Outro Maker and customize these outro templates for your brand.

Logo Revealers : 

  • No content, logo only.
  • Can be a part of Intro Videos.
  • No CTA.

Here’s an example of a simple logo reveal:

As you can see, Brightside uses a 2-second logo reveal as an intro to their main content.

YouTube channels that produce & publish lots of curated content each day can opt for a simple logo reveal at the beginning of each video.

Use our YouTube Intro maker to create a stunning logo revealer for your brand.

6. Where should you use intro videos?

For many years, Intro videos have always found their place in the first 20 seconds of the video. However, recent studies have proved the first 30 seconds to be the most crucial time for attracting the viewer’s attention.

So, some say the intro must be placed at the beginning, and some claim that intro should be placed just after a robust clip that speaks about the video’s topic for the day.

Instead of following either of the two schools of thought, I suggest you run A/B testing to figure out what works for you.

For example,

See how Crunch has placed its intro at two different places in two similar videos.

Here, they have placed their three second-intro right at the beginning of their video.

And here, they have first talked about the topic for about 45 seconds and then placed their intro clip.

So, keep running regular tests to see what works for you. Your audience retention rate can be the metrics to decide what works. On YouTube, you can actually see an average of “when” the viewer leaves the video.

7. What is the Structure of Intro Video?

Great intro videos have three critical elements in them, placed in a particular sequence.

While looking for an intro maker for YouTube, you need to keep in mind that the templates have these three essential elements to it.

To demonstrate the ideal structure of an intro video, I am using one of the Invideo templates.

Part 1: Create awe around your product

Duration – 3-4 seconds

intro maker template

In the first part of the clip, a guy is holding a smartphone (the product), and the upward motion immediately catches the viewer’s attention.

Here, the goal is to GRAB the viewer’s attention with visuals.

Get creative with the first clip of the video. In InVideo clipmaker, browse through a massive gallery of images and videos to find the perfect start for your video.

If time and budget permits, you can even shoot your own creative video and upload them to use in the InVideo platform.

Part 2: Push your claim across

Duration – 5-7 seconds

intro maker template 4

In this next part of the clip, you can edit the text & Media that is relevant to your service points.

Here, the goal is to reveal the UNIQUE points of your channel.

Describe in words what your brand/channel offers to the viewers.

Remember, words are as powerful as other media, and the font is as important as graphics. Choose from a variety of fonts from InVideo or use the chatbot and ask one of our video experts to add your brand’s fonts for you.

Part 3: Reveal your logo

Duration – 3-4 seconds

intro maker template 3

Finally, a logo is revealed in a very dramatized manner to mark the beginning of the actual content.

Here the goal is to let your viewers know who you are.

Reveal your identity with a bang. Let the viewers know; the video is about to start. Logo revealer holds prime importance as it helps the viewer to register your brand in their mind.

Keep these three parts in mind, and you will continue to make amazing intro videos for your brand. If you are going to make a custom intro video for all of your video content, using such intro templates will allow you to maintain your brand image.

8. How to create a YouTube intro video for your brand using InVideo?

Every second of the intro video enables the viewer to make a decision – whether to stay or move on from your content.

Feeling the pressure, eh? Don’t worry. With our online Intro maker, you can create Intro videos with a few clicks.

Each intro template on our Video intro maker is based on the above three-part structure, making it super-easy for you to create videos within minutes.

Let’s get into the fun part.

First things first, whether you are making a YouTube or Facebook video intro, remember that the total duration of an Intro video should ideally be around 10-20 seconds, 30 seconds at the most.

How to create cool intro videos for your brand using the free video intro templates from InVideo:

Step 1: Choose a template

intro maker templates

Click on the intro/outro button on the categories panel or search “intro” in the search panel. You can also search for a specific type of intro like “real estate intro.”

Preview the templates and choose the one that you like:

real estate intro templates

Step 2: Edit Media & Text

best intro templates

Choose videos and images from a library of 1 Million+ premium assets and use them to customize your intro video.

Simply drag-and-drop media from this premium library. You can upload your own media too.

Step 3: Export & Download

Once you are happy with your custom video intro, go ahead and export it. In a couple of minutes, your high-quality intro video will be ready to download!

You can leave the website once you press export. InVideo will notify you on mail once the video is ready to download.

luxurious intro templates

You see, you don’t have to know any complicated promo video maker to make the intro video yourself.

Neither do you have to spend thousands on making a jaw-dropping intro video.

All you need is a library of intro video templates to choose from, and you can make a solid intro video in a coffee break.

Now that you have mastered the art of intro videos, why don’t you choose one of these templates and make your first intro video?

I challenge you to make it in 15 minutes! (I promise, it’s possible, we have tried it ourselves.)

9. Intro video templates

a. Baby Girl Intro Template: (Use this template here)

b. Restaurant Intro Template: (Use this template here)


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