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11 Tips on How to Create Silent Video Ads that Generates Great Impact

Aneri from InVideo
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Are you tired of disappointing engagement on your video advertising? Here’s why your video ads are not performing as well as you want them and here’s also how you fix it.

Most of the social media platforms – Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn do not play the sound automatically when a user discovers a video. The viewer has to stop and turn on the sound by pressing an additional button. And let’s be honest, most of us are too lazy to do so unless the video seems very interesting.

This is why you need to start producing appealing video ads that are compatible with a sound-off experience. In this article, I have shared everything that I have learned about silent ads in my copywriting career.

By the end of this article, you will be able to make captivating video ads for your brand and generate high quality leads from the same.

Let’s dive right into the tips.

1. Write Unconventional Scripts

In a field of evens, an odd one stands out. Take a unique approach to your ad by thinking original copy and design. Entice your audience with curiosity to know more.

For example, let’s take this Squatty Potty ad. You just can’t help but continue watching what the video is all about.

While this is not the best example of silent ads, it does motivate you to turn the sound on and know what this is all about.

The foremost job of any silent video ad is to encourage the viewer to turn on the music.

2. Use Bold Graphics

Social media is filled with boring graphics, and people would love to see designs that are pleasing on the eye. Here’s your chance to lure your audience with a thumb-stopping video. Understand the color psychology for marketing and use a complementary scheme to attract eyeballs.

On InVideo’s ad maker, you will have plenty of options to include bold visuals to your ads. Use videos and photos from our premium library or use vectors and stickers to make your video ad unique.

Use bold graphics that scream “Don’t miss out; watch me” loud and clear.

3. Play with Typography

Say it with words and say it as you mean it. Fonts can really set any mood that you would like. With our video maker, you can use custom fonts, add uber-cool animation to your text and even pick animated text stickers from the media library. Easy peasy!

Check how easily this ad conveys a simple message. You can make this type of simple yet powerful ad easily with InVideo’s YouTube video maker.

Play with fonts and text animations to deliver the message to your audience.

4. Place CTA smartly

Now, the biggest challenge with silent videos is to place the call-to-action. For such videos, it’s wise to place the CTA twice, one within the first ten seconds of the video and one at the end.

Doing so will ensure that your viewers clearly know what the video is about and where they are expected to go next.

However, do not force the CTA for the sake of it.

Add CTA in a way that it fits the script seamlessly.

5. Share your Offer Early On

I am emphasizing this again: you only have 10 seconds to wow your audience. In these ten seconds, you want to show how good your offer is and how it is precisely what your audience is looking for.

In this video ad, Casper doesn’t waste even a second to show what they have to offer. The very opening scene sets the tone for the rest of the video.

Drop the big guns early on.

6. Use Animated Graphics

Nowadays, we can create amazing stories with the help of animated videos. Create 2D or 3D graphic animation or try stop motion animation using objects like clays, toys, food items or even paper.

These work really well when you have a story to tell. And the best part is, most of the animated bumper ads don’t have spoken script as the visuals are enough for conveying the message.

However, these kinds of animated videos can cost you a lot of time and money.

7. Keep it Moving

The world is becoming more and more fast-paced. Be slow, and the audience will probably yawn and move on. To spare your audience from boredom, and to really make your audience jump off the chair, use the power of motion.

Show moving things – whether people, objects or even texts.

GoPro has THE most fantastic style of marketing itself using user-generated videos. Each of their marketing pieces screams “adventure” like no other. At the end of the above promo video, I am sure buying the newest GoPro WILL cross your mind. (TBH, I bought GoPro 8 the very next day I saw this video, so I can vouch for this.)

When it comes to silent video ads, keep it fast, and keep it moving.

8. Optimize the Surrounding Content

Consider the surrounding space before you plan your video content. Place your offer in your title and add a good caption to add details answering the why, how, what, when, and other questions. Each social media platform will have a different field around the primary ad video so plan accordingly.

Ad Placement

Use every inch of your ad space.

9. Create a Buying Environment

Joseph Sugarman, one of the greatest copywriters in the history of the world, has given a very powerful tip in his book, The Adweek Copywriting Handbook:

He claims that he uses words to create a buying environment for his audience. If he has to sell a snack bar, he will create an environment where the viewer feels hungry/curious to try this snack bar.

Use the power of association to make them feel comfortable and confident in your product and brand.

10. Sell a Dream

Connecting on the previous point, by creating a buying environment, you create a mental image of your viewer’s dreams.

Focus on footage that tells a story with environments, action, and texture shots, using text annotations to complement if needed.

If you are selling a jeep, show off-road videos. If you are selling an expensive suit, show red carpet and glamorous events.

Go back and watch the GoPro video again; it sells a dream of being able to capture your finest moments anytime, anywhere.

Don’t sell the product. Sell a dream.

11. Include Audio Anyway

Even though it’s always smart to plan for a sound-off video, it’s ignorant to discard audio altogether. You have to add another layer of experience for people who decide to give you more attention. If your silent ad is 8/10, seal the deal with terrific music and make it a 10/10 experience.

Always deliver more than expected.

That’s all, by following these tips, you have the edge of better video ads already.

These are the 11 most crucial tips that have helped me write captivating copies. With the help of these tips, I am sure you will be able to create video ads with a high conversion rate.

Always split test your ads. Make several versions of your ad with slight variations to see what works best for you. Invideo’s promo video maker works the best here as it allows you to duplicate projects and make changes.

And remember, whatever you do, try not to make the ad look like an ad. You are reaching out to real people with real dreams and real emotions. Help them resonate with your brand.

InVideo is the perfect tool for you to make silent video ads for your digital marketing goals. Check out the “ads” category to start right away with beautiful pre-made promo video templates.

All the best ????

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