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29 Most Useful Social Media Marketing Tools In 2024

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More than 90% of businesses grow their brands’ exposure through social media. And the reason for this is simple – social media interaction helps brands build trust and authentic relationships with customers as well as generate leads for further growth. 

It’s imperative, therefore, to focus on social media marketing if you want to grow your brand in 2024. But you can’t just wing it! If you’re serious about growing, you need a solid strategy in place and the right social media marketing tools to help you implement it. 

Now, the list of social media tools in the market is huge! You have tools catering to different content formats such as images, video, and text, as well as different functions such as scheduling, monitoring, and tracking. How do you navigate this space and figure out which are the best ones for you and which ones you need? That is exactly what this list is here for – to help you pick the best social media marketing tools for your business. 

In this article, we’ll cover 29 tools across the following categories:

- Best tools for creating engaging social media videos
- Best tools for designing posts
- Best tools for scheduling social media posts
- Best tools for monitoring social media engagement
- Best tools for tracking your social media 
- Other social media marketing tools

Let’s get started.

Best Tools for creating engaging social media videos

Of all the different content formats you can use on social media, videos rank on top. Videos are the most engaging form of content for users to consume and the top-performing content type for businesses to create. Research shows that on Instagram, video content sees more engagement than any other type of content, and Tweets with videos have 10x more engagement. 

And with the advent of short-form video content such as Reels, TikToks, and YouTube Shorts, creating videos has become all the more important for brands if they want to stand out. 

To that effect, here’s a list of video creation and editing tools to help you create thumb-stopping videos for your brand or business.

1. InVideo

InVideo is a super-intuitive video creation platform that will enable you to create professional-quality videos in minutes, even if you’ve never edited a video before. InVideo comes pre-built with everything you need to create amazing, professional videos, from templates to stock footage to a super user-friendly editor

It is quick and simple to use and allows you to create professional videos in 5 minutes. You can get started for free using the pre-designed templates or create a custom video. And if you want to make things even simpler, you can consider signing up to InVideo for business where templates can be customized for your exact marketing needs and you also get video editing services on demand. Get your free demo here

Key features

- Access to millions of stock videos, photos, animations, filters, and music tracks
- Option to turn text into video
- Audio editing feature
- Easy transitions
- Mobile app available so you can download your videos directly to your phone

There are also tons of step-by-step tutorials which make getting started with the platform easy as pie.


- Free: gives you 60 watermarked video exports a month, access to 5000+ video templates, 3M+ standard media library, and automated text to speech
- Business: $15/month gets you 60 videos without a watermark, 10 iStock media per month, 1M+ premium media
- Unlimited: $30/month gets you everything in the Business plan + unlimited video downloads + 120 iStock media per month

2. Biteable

Biteable video editing tool

Biteable is a video editing tool primarily known for creating animation-style videos. The tool offers an impressive range of ready-to-edit video templates. It’s easy to use for beginners and is a simple way to create animated videos for marketing campaigns, slideshows or explainer videos. 

If it’s your first time with video editing, Biteable is a great tool to get started. The vast library of fonts, images, and assets means you don’t need your own content or images to create a polished, professional video.  

Key features

- Ready-made templates for social media ads, stories, commercials, explainer videos and more
- Use your own photos and videos combined with Biteable’s animations
- Easy to use editing tools with drag and drop interface to simplify your editing 
- Studio quality stock footage and effects
- Extensive fonts library
- Unlimited exports 

Biteable doesn’t have a mobile app, making it more challenging to create footage you want to share via mobile. Check out these options for alternatives to Biteable. 


- Free: $0/month gives you unlimited exports with the Biteable watermark, access to 4 million pics, clips, animations and video clips from Shutterstock 
- Ultimate: $49/month (paid annually) gives you everything in the free plan plus, your branding and watermark, video analytics, a call to action button, HD 1080p resolution, ability to upload your own videos and images 
- Teams: $2,500/year gives you everything in the Ultimate plan + 5 team members, 100+ branded templates, 150+ branded scenes with your brand font, color and logo, and dedicated account management

3. Camtasia

Camtasia is great for creating how-to tutorials and screen recordings. It’s available to download on both Mac and Windows. 

You can use the tool to record and edit your videos all in one place and edit using the features geared towards tutorial-style content. If you’re not recording your video in the app, the import feature makes it easy to upload your content, and you can even turn a presentation into a high-quality video. 

It has an easy-to-use drag and drop interface, making it simple for video editing beginners. The Camtasia library includes dozens of templates, so you don’t have to start your video from scratch. You can find an editable template to suit your needs, from presentations to product demonstrations and explainer content. 

Key Features

- Easy to use interface
- Turn your PowerPoint presentation into a video
- Over 40 templates you can edit 
- Drag and drop text 
- Access to easy transitions
- Caption syncing 
- Green screen
- Animations library
- Make your videos interactive by adding quizzes 
- Add custom themes, colors, logos and fonts 
- Instant upload option to share your video on YouTube, Vimeo, Screencast, or your online video course

The downside of Camtasia? The built-in templates library have limited functionality, as are the auto-record features. The app is known for regularly crashing.


- 30-day free trial to test if you like the tool
- Individual: $357/year for a 1-year license + first year of maintenance (available in 6 languages)
- Business: $357/year for a 1-year license + first year of maintenance + site licenses (available in 6 languages)
- Education: $255/year for a 1-year license + first year of maintenance + site licenses (tax-exempt, available in 6 languages)
- Government & Non-Profit: $320/year for a 1-year license + first year of maintenance + site licenses (tax-exempt, available in 6 languages)

Here are some alternative options to Camtasia if you want to make educational content. 

4. Lumen5

Lumen5 is a slick video creation tool that helps you create professional-looking videos in a few minutes. The tool is ideal if you need simple, short videos for your business. If you’re looking for something more sophisticated, check out these options for a video tool with similar features but more advanced options.   

Key Features

- AI features automatically transform your blog post into videos 
- Customize with your logo, branding, and color palette
- Content library with millions of stock photos, videos, and music


- Community: $0 a forever free plan for casual creators
- Creator: $11/month for individual creators with unlimited videos and no Lumen5 branding
- Premium: $59/month for access to stock photos, videos, brand kit and unlimited videos
- Business: $149/month for large businesses with more customization options and access for teams

5. Animoto


If you want to make slideshow-style videos from ready-made templates, then Animoto is ideal. Animoto is effective for short, simple videos. The tool is easy to use and it’s simple to get started if you aren’t used to creating video content. However,you can only access the stock image and music libraries with the professional plans.

If you want to create more sophisticated video content, don’t forget to check out one of these tools. 

Key Features

- Upload your own photos or video clips 
- Easy-to-use templates
- Customize your video with colors, fonts, transitions
- Access to stock images and music library
- Customization tools to add your branding 


- Free: $0/month for videos with Animoto branding
- Basic: $7/month (billed annually) for videos without branding and unlimited downloads 
- Professional: $14/month (billed annually) for the same features as Basic with access to 1 million+ stock photos and videos from Getty Images, 3,000 licensed music tracks and professional fonts 
- Professional Plus: $35/month (billed annually) gives you the same features as Professional, up to 3 users, access to 100 million premium photos and videos from Getty Images

5 Tools for designing eye-catching posts 

Image based posts are the second most important aspect when it comes to social media content and in order to grow your brand as well as establish a connect with your audience, eye-catching posts are essential. To that effect, we will look at the top social media marketing tools that can help you in this endeavour of creating stunning posts 

1. Canva


You’ve probably already heard of the popular design tool Canva. It's simple to use: you choose a template, edit the text and images, download it, and can post it straight on your socials. Canva also offers a social media scheduling feature. 

The tool has thousands of templates for every marketing need. You can also resize original images to fit all social media requirements. In the tool’s free version, you have thousands of templates and assets to choose from. If you opt for the pro version, you have more advanced features, including Canva photo, which provides tonnes of stock images that you can use for your promotional material. 

Key Features

- Ready to edit templates for social media posts, ads, videos, blog posts, apps
- Stock image, video & audio library
- Photo resizing
- Image editor & background remover
- Access to a library of graphics
- Social media scheduling 
- Online video recorder 


- Free: you have access to 250,000 templates with the free plan and 5GB of cloud storage
- Pro: $125/year gives you access to the stock image library, all 610,000 designs ad templates, ability to resize images and remove backgrounds, 100GB of cloud storage, schedule social media content for up to 8 platforms and access for up to 5 people

2. Adobe Lightroom

Adobe Lightroom

Adobe Lightroom is a picture editing tool that can help you take your images from average to professional. It’s easy to use and works similarly to the editing tools on Instagram. Lightroom gives you a much broader range of options than Instagram.

It’s a downloadable app that works well on mobile, making it perfect to use when you’re on the go. 

Key Features

- Edit your images and improve the tone, color, and balance
- Retouch your photos, mask elements of the image and remove flaws 
- Add presets (filters) to your images
- Sync mobile and desktop 
- Store your images with cloud storage
- Photography tips and tutorials in the app


- Lightroom: $9.99/month for access to all the Lightroom features including Adobe Portfolio & 1TB of cloud storage
- Photography Plan (20GB): $9.99/month for access to Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Photoshop on desktop & iPad, Adobe Portfolio & 20GB of cloud storage
- Photography Plan (1TB): $19.99/month for access to Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Photoshop on desktop & iPad, Adobe Portfolio & 1TB of cloud storage

3. PicMonkey

PicMonkey is a graphic design tool that makes it easy for anyone to create stylish, professional assets for social media. The tool gives you access to thousands of ready-to-edit templates and makes it easy to create assets that will impress your followers. 

You can create flyers, YouTube homepages, Instagram ads, logos, and presentations in minutes. There’s also an option to touch up your photos using the photo editor. 

You can use PicMonkey on the go or from your desktop. 

Key Features

- Pre-designed templates you can edit
- Photo editor and touch-up tool with color changer and background remover
- Graphics and textures library 
- Add your branding to templates
- Stock photos and videos 


- Basic: $10.99/month 
- Pro: $19.99/month includes unlimited storage and brand kits
- Business: $29/month includes multiple brand kits, more than one user and full access to stock libraries



A popular photo editing tool, VSCO, helps you take your photos from amateur to pro in seconds. With the tool’s free version, you get access to the VSCO presets and editing tools to improve your images’ contrast, saturation, and grain. 

The tool is only available as a mobile app and you can upload your images straight to your social media. It’s excellent for smaller creators rather than big businesses. When you become a member, you become part of the VSCO community and get access to photography tutorials and idea-sharing. 

Key Features

- Access to over 200 presets (filters), including vintage film looks by Kodak, Agfa, and Ilford
- Advanced editing tools for your photos and videos such as HSL and borders
- Montage mode allows you to layer videos to tell a story 


- Free plan gives you access to basic presets
- Pro membership is $19.99/per year 

5. Snapseed

If tools like Photoshop are too overwhelming, you should find this option an easy alternative. Snapseed is one of a few great free social media marketing tools and it's available for Apple and Android devices. 

The drawback of the app is that the range of tools and filters isn’t that extensive. But if you need a simple tool to upgrade the standard of your visual content quickly, it’s perfect. The app is also available in over 40 languages. 

Key Features

- Save your edited images in high quality
- 29 tools and filters to edit your images
- Save your changes and create a pre-defined look to use on your other images
- Stacks feature lets you re-edited images


- The app is always free

Pro Tip: You can enhance the reach of your image-based posts by compiling them into a video. This requires very little work and can actually help you boost engagement on social media platforms. InVideo for business can help you do that quickly and easily with tailor-made templates and on-demand video editing. Get your free demo here

5 Tools for scheduling social media posts

Despite consistency being key on social media platforms, remembering to post on social media every day can be a huge hassle. You want to bulk schedule your posts to publish automatically across your channels. Here are the best tools in 2024 to organize and schedule your social content.  

1. Meet Edgar

Meet Edgar

Recycling old content may seem a little controversial. But since only a tiny percentage of your audience sees each post the first time around, resharing is an easy way to get more eyes on your content.

Meet Edgar is one of the top social media marketing tools for content repurposing. Its core functionality is a social media scheduler that automatically posts your content to all major social channels. 

The difference between Meet Edgar and other tools is you can create a library of evergreen content. If you have posts that aren’t time-sensitive, you store them, and the app automatically reposts them when the algorithm decides it’s a good time. 

For instance, you can create a set of videos using a tool like InVideo and then recycle those all year round using Meet Edgar. Less work for you and more engagement from your audience. 

Key Features

- Link to your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn
- Weekly automation time slots
- Build a library of evergreen content
- Auto-generated variations of your content
- Monitor your engagement 
- A/B test variations 


- Lite: $19/month allows you to link 3 social accounts and get 4 content categories, access for 20 team members
- Pro: $49/month allows you to link 25 social accounts, 1,000 weekly automations, unlimited content categories

2. CoSchedule


Want to have all your marketing plans together in one place? With CoSchedule, you can plan and schedule your blog and social media content in one handy space. 

The drag and drop calendar is easy to use, and the interface provides an easy workflow for your marketing team. Another advantage of CoSchedule is all the integrations you can use to make life easier. You can integrate Google Docs, Evernote, and WordPress to make your planning seamless and stress-free. 

Key Features

- Marketing calendar - see everything in one place
- Marketing suite - manage marketing requests and maximize content output
- Headline studio - improve your headlines with autosuggestions
- Access to Marketing Institute content to improve your marketing skills 


- Free: for personal task management and social media publishing
- Pro: $29/month for bulk scheduling unlimited team members and customizable workflow templates
- Business: you can discuss a tailored plan with the CoSchedule sales team

3. Tailwind

Tailwind is a social media marketing tool for content scheduling and content creation. There are thousands of layout options to create professional-looking social posts quickly. When you create a post, it automatically saves it in the correct format for each social media channel. 

You can view everything you’ve scheduled for each channel in the calendar, and Tailwind will automatically post for you. Set it and forget it; the app even chooses post times that correlate to when your audience is most active. 

The downside of Tailwind? Its primary focus is Pinterest marketing. You can also design and schedule for Instagram, but it will always prioritize Pinterest. It’s a good tool if Pinterest is a strong channel for you. Otherwise, you might want to stick to other social media marketing tools for small business.

Key Features

- Instagram and Pinterest schedulers
- Planner to visualize your Instagram feed
- Tailwind create to design and edit posts
- Instagram hashtag finder
- Instagram bio link tool


- Free: limited profiles and only 20 posts per month 
- Pro: $9.99/month gives access to 200 post designs and 100 posts scheduled per month
- Advanced: $19.99/month gives you 2 users, unlimited posts and 6 social profiles 
- Max: $39.99/month you get 5 users, 9 social profiles, unlimited posts and access to advanced analytics

4. Later


A scheduling tool that lets you upload posts to all major social media platforms, Later is good value. If you only want to schedule 10 posts a month for each channel (Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, TikTok, Pinterest), Later is free. 

It’s a very beginner-friendly social media growth tool. It’s practical to start cross-posting across social channels and have an easy calendar view of your content. The tool also gives you the option to view an Instagram grid preview.

You can categorize your images to have a better organized content library. The tool also shows you analytics about the performance of each post. Although Later advertises that you can schedule TikTok and Instagram stories to post automatically, this, in reality, is not possible. Later just sends you a notification to your phone that you need to post the content manually. 

Key Features

- Scheduling tool
- Instagram analytics
- User-generated content
- Instagram stories
- Instagram hashtags
- Pinterest scheduling 
- TikTok scheduling 
- LinkedIn scheduling 


- Free: 1 social profile per platform and 10 posts per profile
- Basics: $8/month gives you 30 posts per social profile
- Starter: $15/month gives you 60 posts per social profile
- Growth: $25/month gives you 150 posts per social profile & 3 users 
- Advanced: $40/month gives you unlimited posts per social profile & 5 users

5. SmarterQueue


For categorizing and storing your evergreen content, SmarterQueue creates a separate queue and posting plan for each content category. You don’t have to worry about manually scheduling content and can rely on the tool to optimize your posting. 

Once a piece of content has been posted, it will go to the back of the queue, ready for posting in the future. You can also add different text variations if you want to keep old content fresh. 

There’s also an inbuilt content creation tool so you can create and schedule all in one place. A Canva integration makes this more straightforward. The analytics and link tracking feature help you quickly see which type of content performs best for your brand. 

Key Features

- Content categories
- Evergreen content recycling
- Content curation 
- Access to a media library
- Integration with Canva
- Link tracking 
- Bulk import your content
- Visual calendar
- Analytics
- Publishing 
- Social inbox
- Competitor analysis
- Instagram scheduler


- Solo: $15.99/month (paid annually) 4 social profiles, 10 posts/profile/day, 10 content categories, 500 queued posts, basic analytics
- Business: $31.99/month (paid annually) 10 social profiles, 20 posts/profile/day, 20 content categories, 1,000 queued posts, intermediate analytics
- Agency: $63.99/month (paid annually) 25 social profiles, 40 posts/profile/day, 50 content categories, 2,500 queued posts, advanced analytics
- Custom: starts at $15.99/month and allows you to boost your chosen plan with tailored add ons

There’s no free version of this tool but you can get a 14-day free trial. 

Pro Tip: There are certain content formats like Instagram reels that cannot be scheduled as of now. So a good idea is to batch create your short-form video content using the help of a service like InVideo for business where you can outsource your video creation process and get tailor-made templates for every format. Get your free demo hereYou can then repurpose and schedule this content for other platforms.  

4 Tools for monitoring social media engagement 

You need to track how well your content is performing to create more social media posts that get engagement and conversions. 

The easiest way to track the performance of your social media is using one of the following analytics tools:

1. NapoleonCat

If you need a tool to manage your social ads, direct messages, customer service requests, and audience insights in one place, then this is it. You can also use NapoleonCat to track your competitors and see what they’re up to.

The analytics reporting is perfect for gaining insights into your customers across different social platforms. You can generate a comprehensive report in a few minutes. Streamline all your social media work in one place. 

NapoleonCat has a user-friendly interface and a very low monthly price. However, it has limited data capabilities; it can be challenging to access historical data for your reports. 

Key Features

- Manage your social media inboxes in one place
- Workflow automation
- Schedule your social media content
- Advanced analytics & reporting


- Standard: $21/month perfect for small and medium-sized businesses
- Pro: $42/month includes automated moderation, and customized reports 
- There’s also an option to pay for what you use and you can upgrade or downgrade at any time

2. Facebook Creator Studio

Facebook Creator Studio

Facebook’s Creator Studio lets you plan and schedule all your Instagram and Facebook posts in one place and it has an excellent analytics function. 

You get detailed breakdowns of each posts’ performance and can quickly get an overview of the posts your followers interact with. It is a valuable tool to understand the type of content that works well for your channels.

It’s a reliable source of information to inform your future content and social media ad campaigns. 

Key Features 

- Create, upload, and post your content to Instagram and Facebook (including stories)
- Manage your content in the content library
- Get insights into the performance of your posts
- Manage your monetization 
- One inbox for Facebook and Instagram 
- Manage your pages
- Download free music and sounds


- Always free 


Although Falcon is a scheduling tool, it is best known for its analytics feature. The tool helps you map your customer journey and understand where they may be at risk of leaving your funnel. You can get deep insights into your customers and learn who interacts with your social content. 

You have access to one social media inbox with all the direct messages from your social channels in one place. There’s also a feature that lets you assign tasks to other team members so multiple people can manage your customer service at once. 

Key Features

- Publish your content
- Engage with your audience
- Advertise your content
- Easy to use data to analyze your content performance
- Social listening 


- Essentials: $108/month includes social media calendar, social inbox, message templates, performance dashboards, chat and e-mail support
- Full suite: custom plan you agree on with a sales rep, includes everything in essentials + team collaboration, approval flows, performance analytics, social listening, competitive benchmarking, ad management, customized onboarding 

4. Juphy

Keeping track of all the comments on your social media channels can be a logistical nightmare. If only you could answer all DMs and comments from one interface.

Juphy enables you to collate all your social channels’ interactions and engage with your followers through the platform. It is easy to use and reduces the time you need to answer customer questions and comments. 

Key Features

- One inbox for Instagram direct messages and Instagram and Facebook Ads comments
- Instagram mention notifications
- Like comments
- Keyword listener on Twitter
- See which comment belongs to which post 
- Reply to Facebook comments privately


- Starter: $12/month gives you access for up to 5 channels
- Growth: $20/month gives you access for up to 12 channels 

4 Social media marketing tools for tracking

It’s impossible to manually keep track of everywhere your brand is mentioned. You don't want to miss out on an important influencer or brand tagging you. That's where tracking tools come in. 

1. Talkwalker


This tool will alert you about mentions and conversations around your brand. Talkwalker can even monitor the sentiment people have about your brand. 

It takes the intel it has found from the web about your brand and turns it into digestible actions to implement. 

Key Features

- AI that scrapes the internet for conversations about your brand
- Identifies needs of your clients
- Analyze, identify and set your strategic focus
- Monitor, track and manage your progress


- Personalized pricing plan specific to your business’ needs

2. Brandwatch


If you want to identify who is influential in your niche, Brandwatch can help you. It analyzes conversations about similar brands to yours and gives you ideas for influencers you could work with. If you have a specific topic or keyword you want to monitor, Brandwatch will create a report that gives you insight into the current trends around that topic. 

Key Features

- Analytics platform
- Brand management - manage online conversations about your brand
- Compare your brand awareness with your competitors
- Crisis management 
- Market research 
- Trend analysis 


- Personalized pricing plan specific to your business’ needs

3. Brand24


Brand24 gives you all the information on what people are saying about you in one place. From online reviews to blog posts mentioning you, Tweets, and news sites, you will get notified about it all. 

The Brand24 software can also determine people’s sentiment about your brand, which is effective for online reputation management. If someone is Tweeting about you, Brand24 will tell you about it and you can interact. 

You’ll also receive updates about relevant conversations you may like to join to get your brand’s voice out there. Brand24 provides insight into how much of the conversation within your industry mentions you. 

Key Features

- Mentions feed
- Discussion volume chart
- Marketing analytics
- Influence score
- Alerts
- Data exploring 
- Filtering 
- Sentiment analysis


- Plus: $49/month gives you access to info on 3 keywords and 2k mentions
- Premium: $99/month gives you access to info on 7 keywords and 5k mentions 
- Business: $149/month gives you access to info on 12 keywords and 25k mentions
- Max: $249/month gives you access to info on 25 keywords and 100k mentions

4. Social Insider

If you want information about the paid posts getting your competitors' engagement, use Social Insider. Instead of manually scrolling through all the social platforms of your competitors, you get a report from Social Insider showing you which paid posts perform and which strategies are succeeding for your competitors. 

Key Features

- Social media analytics
- Social media competitive analysis
- Downloadable reports
- All social media campaign reports in a single dashboard 


- Social Media Manager: $83/month gives you analytics for 20 social profiles
- Agency: $166/month gives you analytics for 20 social profiles, 5 users and customizable reports
- Custom gives you unlimited use and a dedicated account manager

Other social media marketing tools 

Now you know how to create, schedule, and track winning social media content. There are a few other useful tools you should know about for everything else. Check these out: 

1. Bazaarvoice

If you want to drive your conversion rate using social media, user-generated content is one of the most effective ways to do it. Bazaarvoice is a platform that helps you manage reviews and user-generated content at scale. The tool also includes the social selling platform Curalate. 

Key Features

- Collect user-generated content in one place
- Creates shoppable images to increase traffic 
- Amplify your content 
- Manage your ratings and reviews 
- Insights and reporting 


- Personalized pricing plan specific to your business's needs

2. Bitly

Instagram still doesn’t let you add links in your post captions, Twitter has a limited number of characters, and long links are ugly. Bitly is a short link creator that makes sharing links on social media simpler. On top of that, all Bitly links are trackable.

Key Features

- Link management
- Branded links
- Mobile links
- QR codes
- Campaign management and analytics


- Free: gives you 100 links a month 
- Basic: $29/month gives you 1,500 links and branded links
- Premium: $199/month gives you 3,000 links a month, branded links, UTM builder, mobile deep links, QR codes
- Custom: gives you 10,000 branded links a month, at scale link generation, advanced user and group permissions, data and analytics, account manager support 

3. Buzzsumo

If you’re feeling uninspired to create new content, take a look at Buzzsumo. The tool gives you insight into trending topics in your industry and the best-performing posts. Buzzsumo makes it easy to find relevant influencers to work with. 

Key Features

- Content discovery
- Content analysis reports
- Domain reports
- Content research
- Find influencers
- Access to journalist profiles
- Monitoring
- Chrome extension 


- Free: gives you 10 searches a month 
- Pro: $99/month gives you unlimited monthly searches, 5 users, 50 exports, 10 custom feeds, and 5 alerts
- Plus: $179/month gives you unlimited monthly searches, 10 users, 150 exports, 20 custom feeds, and 10 alerts
- Large: $299/month gives you unlimited monthly searches, 15 users, 200 exports, 50 custom feeds, and 30 alerts

4. Sistrix


Using the right hashtags on your social channels can mean the difference between your dream customers finding you or not. Sistrix is primarily an SEO tool that helps you improve your organic traffic. It’s also a valuable social media advertising tool. 

The Sistrix Instagram Hashtag Generator tool helps you find hashtags. It analyzes over 15 billion hashtag combinations to help you find the right hashtags for your social media campaigns. 

Key Features

- Improve your visibility
- Analyze your competitors


- Free for up to 25 queries a day
- Start: $113/month (plus tax) gives you the ability to measure success in Google with the Visibility Index, shares info on the success of competitors, fix on-page website errors
- Plus: $228/month (plus tax) gives you everything in Start + 3 more users and tools for content marketing and an in-person workshop 
- Professional (for agencies): $399/month (plus tax) gives you everything in Plus + complete data history going back 13 years, access to the API for systems integration, premium support
- Premium (for large enterprises): $685/month (plus tax) gives you everything in Professional + extensive export credits, projects and keyword tracking, roles and rights management for all users including audit log and VIP support



Short for ‘If This Then That,’ this tool allows you to integrate various social media platforms and automate posting. 

For example, if you create a new Instagram post, you can automatically set IFTTT to save it to your Dropbox and share it on your other channels. It’s a handy tool for ensuring seamless integration across all your apps and devices.

Key Features

- Automations across platforms
- Connect multiple accounts
- Integrate your notes with your email, calendar, and social media


- Free: integrate up to 5 apps
- Pro: $4.50/month for 20 apps, access to customer support 
- Pro +: $9/month for unlimited apps, connect multiple accounts, access to developer tools 

6. Answer the Public

Tell Answer The Public which keyword you want to optimize for, and it will 

show you questions people are asking about that keyword. Set up search monitoring, and you’ll never miss a trend or topic of conversation amongst your customers. 

The tool is very useful to get insight into the minds of your customers. You can use the intel you get from the tool to create super helpful content for your followers.

Key Features

- Keyword exploration 
- Monitor and get alerts for new suggestions
- Data comparison
- Folders for your research
- Export your results 


- Monthly: $99/monthly (or $79/month when billed annually) for unlimited searches
- Expert: $199/month for unlimited searches and trends for teams

Wrapping Up

The number of social media marketing tools offering to make your life simpler can be overwhelming. What are the best practices for social media marketing tools? How can you choose the right ones for your business? If you want to streamline your workflow and produce high-quality, professional content that consistently performs focuses on one tool from each category in this list. If you want to understand how you can utilize the power of video for your marketing endeavors, check out this blog

And if you prefer to learn by video, check out our YouTube channel for more insights into creating high-quality social media content. 


This post was written by Sofie and edited by Adete from Team InVideo

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