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40 Best Instagram Reels Ideas and Templates for 2024 | Instagram Reels Guide

Aditi from InVideo
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Did you know that Instagram redesigned their home screen to put Reels front and centre? Reels have become a key frontier for organic reach on the platform. In fact, we tried out Reels on our own Instagram channel over at InVideo, and we saw a whopping five-fold increase in reach.

The reason’s very obvious — IG Reels are Instagram’s “shiny new toy”; the feature was launched directly in competition with TikTok, and Instagram is making sure they promote it to as many people as they can. With the introduction of Remix on Reels, they are clearly indicating that reels are here to stay, and have a bright future ahead. This gives brands and businesses a very unique opportunity to ride this wave and make the most of Instagram Reels for business.

In this guide, we cover everything you’d need as a business, brand manager or a marketer, to leverage Instagram reels and grow your reach and audience on Instagram.

Not just that, but we’re also sharing 40+ cool ideas that any brand or business can use to create Instagram Reels using InVideo’s online editor that will catch and keep your followers’ attention. And if you stick around till the end of the blog we also have a special bonus section where we’ll show you how you can create an Instagram Reel Remix.

Let’s get down to it. Here’s what we’ll cover:

1. What are Instagram Reels?
2. How to find trending Reels
3. How to make and post Reels in Instagram
4. 40 ways to use Reels for your business
5. How to use Instagram Reel Remix
6. 5 cool ideas for Reel Remixes

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Create viral Instagram Reels

1. What are Instagram Reels?

Instagram’s newest mobile-only feature — Reels — lets you provide super snackable videos of upto 30 seconds.

Here are the key specifications you need to know:

(i) Length: Upto 30 Seconds
(ii) Resolution and aspect ratio: 1080 x 1920/ 9:16
(iii) Reels are mobile-only, which means you can only upload and publish Reels from a mobile device.

Instagram Reels specifications

You can upload a video from your camera roll, or you can shoot it within the app. You can use filters, slo-mo effects, or add music. The Reels feature also allows you to shoot in breaks to set a timer and shoot in different locations, attires, or however you want. Even if you’re uploading a pre-recorded video, you can combine other parts or videos to form a single reel.

Instagram Reels are often referred to as the “middle child” between Instagram stories (videos of upto 15 seconds that disappear after 24 hours, and don’t show up on your feed) and IGTV (long-form videos of upto 10 minutes for regular accounts). Instagram Reels live for longer than 24 hours, and they can be found on your feed.

So far, so good. But how can you use this feature for business, right? Check out InVideo’s Instagram channel for some great ideas or navigate to our 40-odd Instagram Reels ideas for businesses.

Before we get started on making Reels, let’s see where to locate them in the app first.

Reels can be found and uploaded in many different places on Instagram. Let’s look at the most popular places.

(A) The Instagram Reels Tab

On your homepage, you’ll find five icons right at the bottom of the screen. The Reels icon sits in a place of prominence — right at the middle, with an icon that looks like a clapboard.

See it? This is the Explore feed for reels. Once you click on it, you’ll find trending Reels, and you can keep scrolling down to find even more.

The Reels with a Featured label are the ones which have been selected by Instagram.

(B) On your Instagram Feed

Look out for that same clapboard icon for posts that appear on your feed from people you follow. Can’t find it? Look closely at the bottom left corner.

How to Find Trending Reels - On Instagram Feed

(C) Use hashtags to look for Reels

Just type out a specific hashtag into the Instagram search bar, and you’re bound to come across reels using that same hashtag.

Here’s how to do it — 

Step 1: Click on the Reel you want to find related content on.

How to Find Trending Reels - Use hashtags to look for Reels

Step 2: Tap on the description, and check for the hashtags used in the Reel.

Use hashtags to look for Reels

Step 3: Tap on the hashtag you’re interested in finding more posts related to. Voilà!

Use hashtags for finding more posts

(D) Search by audio

Let the music lead the way. When you tap on the name of the audio track of an Instagram Reel (look at the bottom of the screen), you’ll land upon a page with other reels that use the same audio.

How to Find Trending Reels - Search by audio

If you really like what you hear, you can just tap on the ‘Use Audio’ button, to use the same track for your own reel.

How to Find Trending Reels - Save audio

An audio track can also be saved by hitting the ‘Save Audio’ button, so you can make a video on it later.

(E) Find Reels of a Specific Brand or Business

If you want to look at specific reels for a page, you can visit the page and find a dedicated section of reels with the same clapboard icon. This is similar to how Instagram stores IGTV videos on a personal account. 

Check out the reels section on the InVideo Instagram channel for some cool tips & tricks that will help you create videos for your brand easily. 

How to Find Reels of a Specific Brand or Business

3. How to Make and Post Reels in Instagram

Reels create more public engagement, since Reels can be accessed in various different places — they create many opportunities for people to access and view your content.

First things first — how to make Reels on Instagram? Here’s a step-by-step breakdown.

Step 1: Go to your home page, and click the plus button at the top, the way you would if you wanted to add an Instagram Story.

How to Make and Post Reels in Instagram - Step 1

Step 2: You’ll find that your gallery has opened up. Click on Reel to get started.

How to Make and Post Reels in Instagram - Step 2

Step 3: On the left hand, you’ll find all the options available to make your Reel attractive and interactive. Let’s get acquainted with these.

How to Make and Post Reels in Instagram - Step 3

Step 4: Let’s start with the first one from the top: the time of the Reel. Set the time for how many seconds you want the Reel to be — either 15 or 30 seconds. 

How to Make and Post Reels in Instagram - Step 4

Step 5: Add music by clicking on the music icon, second from top in the left hand panel. Choose from the myriad options Instagram provides for you, or use your own saved music, if you prefer. You can record your own original audio too!

How to Make and Post Reels in Instagram - Step 5

Step 6: Adjust the speed of your video. We suggest you think of a story-board, like you would with an Instagram Story for business, before you start adding features to your reels. Slowed down videos might look good for some types of Reels, whereas fast-paced videos might look better for others. 

How to Make and Post Reels in Instagram - Step 6

Note: Make sure your video is of good quality, because blurry Reels rarely get noticed!

Step 7: Add effects to your Reel! Filters are a great way to keep things interesting, and can even help enhance the message of your video. A golden glitter filter can add that spark that every proper reveal/promo video deserves, or a contact sheet filter can add to the aesthetics of a trailer. So choose wisely.

How to Make and Post Reels in Instagram - Step 7

How to Make and Post Reels in Instagram - Step 7

Step 8: Lastly, set a timer to your Reel if you want. You can choose between 3-10 seconds for this. By setting a timer, you set up a countdown before Instagram starts recording the Reel.

How to Make and Post Reels in Instagram - Step 8

Step 9: You can also add text to your Instagram Reel or even automatic subtitles. 80% of people are browsing through social media with their sound off, so this is a good way to keep them hooked to the Reel.

Here’s how to add text to your Reel, and edit it. 

Congratulations! Now that you know how to post reels on Instagram, you’re now all set to make your own Instagram Reel. We’ve got a treasure trove of ideas waiting for you — so let’s dive right in.

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Easily create an engaging Reel in minutes

4. 40+ ways to use Reels for your business

The thing is — it’s always a good idea to tap into the new features because the Instagram algorithm helps to promote these. At this point — they’re a straight-up growth hack for your business. So don’t sleep on this feature.

What does this mean? Create fresh and original content if you want to show up on the Reels tab, and get ready for it to go viral.

Let’s kick it off with ideas to help your brand grow, regardless of whether you’re an established brand or a start-up in its initial stages. Here are some ideas for inspiration:

(A) 24 Ideas for Brands and Businesses

1. Introduce yourself, and your brand

Get started with the basics — let your followers know all about you and your brand. You can include details like where you’re based, your brand values, and the work you do. Adding catchy music always takes up the energy of the video a notch — check out these examples to get a sense of how you can make this for yourself.

You can also straight-up showcase your work, and let it do the talking for you. Whether you’re a copywriter, a filmmaker, or a photographer, here are over a dozen free InVideo marketing templates that you can edit and use to create a portfolio of your work. 

2. Introduce your team

What is a brand without its team members? Let your team members take the spotlight and introduce each of them, the role they play, and the value they add to your team, and perhaps a special quirk or habit they have on a personal level.

Use this template

This builds a stronger sense of solidarity within the team, since every member is recognised for their role, and also familiarises your followers with them.

Check out how Netflix incorporated a teaser and a meet-the-cast, all in one reel:

This one’s nice to tag your biz squad:

3. Tell your brand story 

Instagram is teeming with brands. So what makes yours unique? If you’re solving a problem within an industry, you’ve created something completely original, or you have a brand aesthetic that is completely on-trend right now — this is your chance to show it off.

We love how this entrepreneur, Natasha, has told her story, for instance.

4. Take your audience behind the scenes

Keep your followers up to date with what’s happening by giving them a peek behind the scenes. Everyone likes to understand how things pan out in real time.

You can try and answer questions like what your average day looks like, your current projects, or you can even consider a teaser Instagram Reel to hint at upcoming work that your followers can expect to see soon. 

Here’s a ready-to-use template you use to create a teaser for a BTS video. But if you’re still wondering how to create the perfect personalised BTS video, don’t worry, we have many more ideas for you.

5. Tag people in your reels to get noticed!

Tagging the original creator of a challenge, or the inspiration behind your Reel is likely to get you more traction. Here’s a dancer doing the #GirlLikeMe challenge.

This user not only tags Shakira and Black Eyed Peas in her own video, but also encourages her viewers to tag them in their comments. This goes a long way in terms of getting more reach. 

Check out how MAC Cosmetics shared a user’s video of how to use their lipstick for a front-row fashion look. 

If you’re a fashion brand, you’re in luck — InVideo has over a 100 fashion-related pre-made templates you can edit and use for your Instagram Reels.

6. Use challenges to showcase your products

We’ve seen all kinds of challenges go viral on Instagram. How about leveraging them for your business?

So let’s take Louis Vuitton; we all know this is one brand that has cracked the best way to use Reels. They get an average of a whopping 4 million views per reel! 

So how do they use challenges to their advantage? They use high-quality videos to showcase their products in a fun and fashionable way. We hate to break it to you, but someone has to do it: blurry videos with low-quality editing are not going to get you noticed.

Did you see their popular phone-dropping videos? 

 7. Customise the latest trends to your advantage 

One trend that works well for brands is the snap trend

It’s simple — everytime you snap, a different word appears on the screen and at the end of the video, you have a sentence or short paragraph. This can be a fact about yourself, your business or your product. Make sure you pick a song with a groovy beat that you can snap to. 

Here’s a user showing his dirty kitchen, and then with one snap, he shows his clean kitchen and adds a filter. 

This is a great way to post relatable content with minimal effort. Marketing strategist Alexa Donner’s Reel can give you a cue, if you’ve been waiting for to get on the snap trend: 

There are certain sounds — like whispering voices, paper tearing, and the sound of rain — that evoke emotions of well-being in the listener. This is called ASMR or the autonomous sensory meridian response, and it took over the internet recently. 

L’Oreal Paris knew exactly how to ride the wave. Their intricately-created original audio, the close-up of the products, and the sheer aesthetic beauty all use ASMR perfectly!

We understand that it can get overwhelming to keep up with the latest trends, especially if you’re new at content creation. So we have a whole bunch of free pre-made templates lined up for you to choose from. 

Remember the famous Vogue trend on TikTok where people converted their photos into Vogue magazine covers? 

Use this template

Or how about the famous In The House trend? We’ve got that covered too.

Use this template

There was also the Picture trend where you put photos and someone falls in love with you? All you have to do is replace our images with your own.

Use this template

Try out our favorite trend where you let just a few images finish the sentence, “What I mean when I say I live in…”

Use this template

In our template, we show “what I mean when I say I live in Alaska.” You can customise it to your city by adding your own photos!

Hop on the latest trends

With 1000+ ready-to-use templates

Hop on the latest trendsExplore Reels templates
Hop on the latest trends

 8. Give tips or insider feedback in your industry

We’re sure you’ve learnt a lot in the process of setting up your brand; so don’t be shy to own it. You can use your knowledge as content for Reels!

9. Relatable Content

If you’re not a big brand with lots of funding, chances are you can’t spend too much money on market research. And that’s where social media can step in. There are many moments that are just so “relatable” even if your audience isn’t filled with business owners in your niche. 

Reels are exactly this: bite-sized relatable content. Here, you’ll see even big brands do the same challenges as you. 

Here’s a reel by photographer Kasie Marie that went viral. 

She usually does explainer reels, but in this one, she just talks about the relatable feeling of counting the views on your posts. So remember to keep it simple; a reel doesn’t have to be a massive production. 

The year 2020 sure gave us some celebrities doing really funny, relatable things to light up our social media. Did you see Joe Jonas’ Instagram? 

How about Tyra Banks at home giving us hilarious insight into a popular high-fashion pose?

10. “Get to know me” Reels

These are a relaxed and informal version of the brand and team member introductions we touched upon earlier. A small snippet of your life, or a story divided into multiple parts, make for an engaging and relatable experience for your viewers. 

It can be reaffirming to share your goals with your audience, and it can also serve as a reminder about what your ethics and hardwork are leading to. Here’s a small business owner Charlotte sharing her goals with everyone: 

11. Checklists 

Checklists are a great way to take your audience through a process. What are the things you do when you package a shipment? How do you stitch on a custom button? The more intricate the process is, the better the content for a checklist! 

12. Listicles 

Listicles are such a popular medium today! You can show your audience what your inspirations are, like a list of books you read that helped your business pick up, or entrepreneurs in your field that inspired you. At InVideo, we have a template created exclusively for this. 

Create binge-worthy listicles for Reels

With our ready-to-use listicle templates

Create binge-worthy listicles for ReelsExplore listicle templates
Create binge-worthy listicles for Reels

13. “Day in the life” videos 

Don’t confuse these videos with the “introduce yourself” videos. #DayInTheLife is a popular hashtag where you share snippets of a type of day. Some people share their self-care days and weekends to show what they look like outside of their work hours. Others just show the hectic work days, when everything seems challenging. 

Imagine this as a chapter from your novel. What kind of a day is important enough to share? And what kind of a day would your audience be interested in? 

Here’s Kara Lee, a photographer taking us through a day in her life as a Florida photographer: 

Notice how both videos show small aspects of life outside of work, like drinking coffee, going to the gym, chilling about, and taking the pets out for a walk? That’s because these are the fun, relatable moments that can make an audience connect with you. 

14. “Outfit of the day” Reels

Even if this has nothing to do with your business, your viewers want to see your relaxed and fun side. 

One popular reel trend is people wearing their daily casual clothes and throwing up their shoes in the air to change into their business clothes. It’s a great and fun way to show off your styles. Make sure you get your transitions right, and pick the right song for such a video.

Lilly Singh did this for her Jordans by changing from herself into one of her characters.


15. Show a book you’re currently reading 

This is great if you have book recommendations for your industry. 

Here’s indie publisher Navayana showing off their sale for Dalit History Month by close-ups of their latest book:

16. Motivational Quotes/Inspiration videos 

We all need motivation once in a while. If you can get that to your audience with a fun Reel that outlines even a snippet of the hard work you put in, displays your work ethic, or generally puts a positive spin on the challenges that come with running a business, then do it! 

We, at InVideo, did one ourselves. Check this out for a laugh:

Use this template

17. Commentary Videos with the Green-Screen Effect

These are very popular, especially for a news headline. Use the green-screen effect for this. Take a screenshot of the headline you want to discuss, and put it on the green screen and then react to it. This can be a rant, a text, a dance or even just a laugh. This can also work for a myth v/s truth video.

We all have opinions on things, so why not share them, and have a laugh? Have you seen how comedian Abi Clarke highlighted a praise she received? It’s a great plug, plus it’s hilarious.

Kasie Marie is using the green-screen effect for using a screenshot of Instagram Insights to teach her viewers about the best posting times on IG.

FoodScienceBabe often uses the green-screen effect to explain complex equations and debunk myths. Here’s her debunking a popular video about alkalised water changing the pH of your body.

18. Make a holiday/seasonal videos

Holidays are a great time to amp up your business growth and get new followers. Edit and use our free, pre-made calendar templates for year-round celebrations.

And we all know who’s figured that out best, right? Starbucks doesn’t just go all out with their packaging, but also creates Reels that just put you in the mood to pick up a mug of coffee.

A couple worth checking out —

Their peppermint latte Reel for Christmas:

Or check out their BTS about putting together the perfect spring shot using an iced pineapple matcha drink:

If you’re looking to make Christmas or holiday/festival Reels, InVideo’s got you. We have tons of templates for all kinds of festivals for you to edit and use. 

And don’t just wait for the big holidays like Christmas. Tap into the spirit of International Women’s Day or find holidays like World Donut Day (whatever floats your boat) and make a Reel. InVideo templates for so many occasions — World Health Day, Mother’s Day, Women’s Day, etc.

We can’t let you leave this section without watching this Lilly Singh Reel for Women’s Day:

19. Post User Generated Content 

Regardless of whether you’re a brick-and-mortar shop or an ecommerce store, Reels are a great way to hold contests to keep your followers glued to your account. One way to do this is by posting the winning reels.

This Reel features the luminous Maye Musk:

20. Show off your informal side

Yes, you’re a professional — but you’re a person, too. Probably one who likes to kick back from time to time, so there’s no need to be shy about it. Show your followers how you unwind; relatable content can actually enhance your brand communication.

Red Bull uses stunts and high-quality videos for promos and teasers, as well as really cool videos of the informal or laid-back side of the brand. Check it out! 

21. Wanderlust or Travel-Inspiration Videos

The snap transition makes another appearance, this time for travel videos. Here’s a great example of how this travel agency used it in their Reels: 

Make your own Reels from scratch on InVideo, with tons of high-quality stock images and stock footage, with this template:

Looking for something more specific? Check out these other template options, and pick your favorite.

22. Expand on the “Why” of your Business

Take a cue from Simon Sinek and elaborate on the reason you started your business in the first place. Use the hashtags #SimonSinek and #startwithwhy
What is the problem you are solving, or the industry gap you are aiming to fill? Share your story with your followers, it’ll lend them some important insight into your business.

23. Show Glimpses of the Creative Process

Whether it’s choreography, painting, construction, chiselling… whatever your art form, reveal parts of your creative process to involve your audience. Show them where the magic happens. This is a variation of the BTS Reel we talked about earlier.

24. Unboxing

Did you just buy new items to create a line of custom products? There are many ways to do the traditional unboxing. The reason this type of video always works is because people feel like they’re opening a present with you. It works great with themes, festivals and funny filters too. 

Here’s how Sephora shows us what’s in their vacay set, and what each product can do!

(B) 16 Ideas to Promote your Products

Instagram Reels can be a powerful tool for people to better understand the nuances of your product — if used right. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

1. Product demos

CoverGirl, for instance, showcases their makeup products and uses them for tutorials and demos. They also explain what sets their product apart, and guess what — this is all rolled into just one reel! 

Edit and use these ready-to-use templates — they’ll come in handy in creating professional-looking, to-the-point product demos.

2. Tutorials & Educational Content

After you’ve initiated a conversation with your followers, and zeroed in on a gap in their knowledge or understanding, you can make relevant tutorials and guides based on your knowledge area. 

We’re talking about everything from how-to’s, dos and don’ts, to myth-busters, statistics and research. Myth v/s Truth Reels are very popular on Instagram right now, especially with #YupNope trend. 

Check out how Sephora does their tutorials: 

Educating your followers is a fantastic way to increase engagement; it goes hand-in-hand. Your content can be tips about your product or the research surrounding your product. 

You can use the ‘talking head’ format — where you film yourself talking about each tip as well as putting important text in the frame — which is simple and easy to digest. 

Here’s how self-help creator Matt D'Avella uses this format to create videos around productivity and growth: 

Keep it light — educational videos don’t have to be wordy explainers. They can be small skits and make for funny content too! 

You can edit and use these pre-made templates for making videos on tips.

3. Get Influencers Involved 

You can reach out to influencers or micro-influencers and ask them to make reels about your product, and then reshare these with the corresponding captions and hashtags.

Here’s Fashion Blogger Lena Daniels promoting her favourite small shop WhatevaLola through the hashtag #supportsmallbusinesses through an unboxing video of the products they sent her.

4. Product Teasers

This is a teaser to pique the interest of your followers, and to keep them tuned in to what’s coming next. Make sure your preview is enticing and doesn’t give away too many details about your product before the launch!

Use this template

You can use this template for this idea to create a sense of curiosity in your audience, choosing from thousands of stock images and stock videos to find and use the ones that fit the bill.

5. Countdown to a Special Event

You could even use some of InVideo’s countdown templates to count down to a product release, a sale, or even your organisation’s anniversary.

Have you watched ‘Pretend It’s a City’ on Netflix? Their teaser is one we love!

6. Mini Q & A 

Again, the #YupNope trend can work really well with the Reels format, because it can answer questions in a way that’s short and snackable for the audience. 

7. Reels to Announce Sales/Discounts/Giveaways 

Using Reels to announce these creates a feeling of exclusivity for your followers, which leads to more chances of them returning to your page.

Here’s how Sephora promoted their sale:

You’re in luck — we have the perfect pre-made InVideo templates for this; for giveaways, sales, discounts and tons of templates for promo codes, too.

8. Hyperlapse videos

Moving time lapse videos or hyperlapse videos are created by the camera moving considerable distances during the time of capture, to create and capture motion paths including camera angle changes. It’s much like a tracking shot, really, and you can use this format to promote your products. 

Combined with thumb-stopping music, this is how captivating it can be:

9. Products in Action 

This can just be people using your products. Like if it’s sneakers, then you can just create and post Reels of people walking on different types of roads. 

Here’s a small runway walk that shows the model in different clothes. Although Zina isn’t showing off her own products, but putting styles together, this is an idea worth taking a cue from, for your own products. 

10. Behind-the-Scenes Footage 

Trust us — you can have behind-the-scenes footage for days; there are just so many ways to spin this and leverage it to promote your products. We’ve already discussed this before. But there’s just so many ways to mould this idea. Here are a few, off the top of our heads — 

Idea #1 - Shoot the Concepts Behind your Production

Check out how this accessories store called Carly’s Corner showcases the behind-the-scenes of a shoot:

People are curious about what goes on behind a production — so give them a glimpse into not just the triumphs, but also the hilarious goof-ups and mistakes. You can go all out and use the below template to a make a Bloopers Reel:

Idea #2 - BTS of the Making of the Product

We suggest you use a trending song so you’re most likely to be noticed in the algorithm. Does a song fit the mood of the process you’re working on currently?

Here’s block print and textile brand Gitto showing off their gorgeous hand-block printing process:

Idea #3 - BTS of Packaging and Shipping 

Use this idea to make a Reel that’s kind of like a reverse unboxing. 

Do you use cute fillers to package your items? Or is your packaging eco-friendly? That would add to your appeal. Especially for a small business, what are the nifty cost-cutting measures you use when you ship your products? Are there unique ways in which you keep your product safe? 

Check out how Carly’s Corner showcases the packaging of their client gift boxes:

Idea #4 - Film a BTS for Custom Pieces 

What’s the story behind your product? What prompted your client to order this specific item, and did you run into any issues while creating it? 

What did you enjoy about this process most? Spill the beans in the Reel.

11. This or That videos 

This is a super simple way to showcase multiple variations of the same product. Ask your viewers — do they prefer one colour over the other? If — say — it’s a reversible jacket, which side do they prefer? Make it into a poll and link it to your story for added reach. 

12. Shoutout Reels for Other Brands’ Products 

There’s a bunch of permutations and combinations you can try out. 

If your product is a foldable table, what kind of vase would go best on it? Or which brand’s table cover? This is a great way to link to other small businesses (likely with complementary products) you’re collaborating with. Go ahead and create a shout out Reel!

Tyra Banks did a shout-out reel for an ice-cream brand, for instance:

13. Before / After Videos 

This can work for all kinds of products. Take spaces, for instance. 

If you have a new workspace, you can show your old workspace and contrast it with your new one. It’s a great way to show that your business is growing, and to keep your followers updated on what it looks like. You can even use the green screen effect for this idea and point to different images.

14. Show how your product solves a problem

Pinpoint the unique features of your product. This can be a before-after video too, especially if you provided a solution for an existing problem. In that case, show the problem first, and then depict how your product solves that. Don’t be afraid to have fun with it.

You can take a cue from this jaw-dropping before/after Reel that Foxterra Design made:

15. Show close-ups of your products 

Really focus on all the small details a customer might be interested in. Since most people are shopping online, they would want to get as close to feeling the product in their hands. Here’s a template you can use to show the intricacies and designs of your products. 

Use this template

Here’s a how a jewellery brand showcases their earring collection in their Reel:

16. Create Reels of the Lifestyle Around the Product 

If it’s a bath bomb, show the tub with candles and a book and mood lighting, and really paint a picture for the audience. Here’s another opportunity to link back to complementary products! 

Check out how luxury candy boutique Sugarfina creates a lifestyle around its tea, by making it a part of their self-care day: 

40 Instagram Reels ideas— CHECK! Now, let’s step it up a notch with Instagram Reels Remix.

5. How to use Instagram Reels Remix

You have to give it to Instagram — they do know how to keep us on our toes, with every new feature that comes out. Similar to Tik Tok’s duet feature, Instagram Reels remix, released in March, 2021, allows you to “remix” another account’s reel. Their reel will appear on one side of the screen, and your reel, in the other half.

How to use Instagram Reels Remix

Source: Instagram

The idea is simple — this feature allows you to react or respond to another reel, or put your own spin on things. The Reels will be shown side-by-side, and will play at the same time. Think singing challenges, virtual dance offs, and a whole lot of interaction.

So how do you make an Instagram Reels Remix? Here’s how:

All set? We’ve got more ideas for you — this time, for Instagram Reels Remixes. 

(6) 5 cool ideas for you to use Reels Remix

According to Instagram, “Whether you’re capturing your reaction, responding to friends or bringing your own magic to trends, Remix is another way to collaborate on Instagram.”

So it’s all about reactions and putting your own spin on things. Here are a few ideas to get you started —

(A) A Virtual Dance Tutorial or Dance-off

Put on your dancing shoes for this one! It’s all about matching your steps and timing with a previous Reel, and putting out your own version once you’ve learnt how to pull off the dance routine. Pretty impressive when you watch the Reels playing side-by-side, in real-time.

With so many of us around the world in lockdown again, a virtual dance-off is a great way to spend time with your friends online, engaged in a virtual dance-off.

(B) Funny Reaction Snippets

Who doesn’t like a good, responsive audience? People who are inherently performers are missing their live audiences lately; Instagram Reels Remixes might just be the next best thing.

(C) Singing Duets or Having Singalongs 

Calling all musicians — this Reels Remix trend needs your participation. Bring your instruments, and your sick beats to this duet, it’s a great way to have a blast with your musician friends online.

(D) Work out together

Fitness enthusiasts — here’s a way for you to ride this Reels Remix wave. You can respond to someone else’s workout with you doing the same routine. What better time than now to get fit?

(E) Find A Wacky Way to Send a Message

The idea behind Instagram Remix Reels is to collaborate and get wacky together. So find a way to convey your message with some flair and quirk. Keep it light, to-the-point, and relatable. 

The Reel Remix above is a great example that illustrates that not every single Reel Remix needs to be a reaction. Flex your creative muscles; you can have one person dancing and the other talking, like Armiel Chandler and Taylor Cassidy did.

Get started making your own Instagram Reels Remixes; we have a feeling this feature is here to stay. 

Summing Up

Congratulations! You’re all set to plan, create and post engaging Instagram Reels and Reels Remixes to keep your followers hooked. If you want to learn how to leverage Instagram stories for business, head over to this article we’ve put together. You should also sign up for a free account on InVideo to leverage the 5000+ templates that can be fully customised to create your own Reels!

We’d love to help you with your questions, so leave them in the comments below. Also, if you did find this guide helpful, please feel free to share it with your friends who are also looking to create Instagram Reels.

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