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What is the Best Video Editing Software for Mac?

Nick from InVideo
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Finding a user-friendly video editing software for Mac is a necessity if you’re looking to create a neat, professional-looking video for your audience.

Editing videos is no easy feat—most software solutions are overly complex to use and require exceptional knowledge of the matter. Not all of us want to become professional video editors, let alone hire a person to do the job in our stead. Both of these options are costly, and there are more important business areas to invest in.

The best course of action is to look for a user-friendly and cost-effective video editing software that will allow you to be in full control of your videos. Not only will you be in charge of the stylistic side of the job, but you will also save yourself a lot of time along the way.

We spent the better part of the decade developing an easy-to-use video editing software that both novices and professionals can use to create stunning videos. When we were reviewing video editing software you’ll read about today, we paid attention to the price, the final result, the compatibility with various social media platforms, as well as some of the core features for creating professional-looking videos.

If you’re looking for the best, cheapest, and the most user-friendly video editing software for Mac, there are a few options to choose from:

  1. InVideo
  2. DaVinci Resolve 16
  3. OpenShot
  4. Final Cut Pro
  5. Filmora
  6. Premiere Elements
  7. Lumen5
  8. iMovie

InVideo is the Best Browser-Based Video Editing Software for Mac

InVideo Homepage

InVideo Homepage

When it comes to the best video editing software for Mac, InVideo takes the cake. Our powerful online video editor boasts robust features that make the editing process quick and easy. 

Did you know that creating a 1–15-minute video can take up to seven hours? If you want to be time-efficient, our solution is going to make a drastic change. With InVideo, you can edit your videos to perfection in no more than ten minutes.

With over 2,000 templates to choose from, there’s no doubt you’ll find whatever suits your needs. Our platform is going to help you create high-quality videos through its intuitive editor that doesn’t require you to have any prior knowledge. You can add text, music, effects, transitions, and various other elements with a single click. Just drag and drop the element you want to add to your video onto the screen—it’s that easy!

One of the best things about our platform is that we’ve got a bunch of tutorials to help you create the most compelling video content for your target audience. No matter what kind of video you have in mind, we’ve got you covered.

The best part about InVideo is that you can export up to 60 videos per month without paying a dime. You’ll have full access to all of InVideo’s video editing features with our free plan and you’ll be able to learn video editing at your own pace.


Over 2,000 professional video templates

Drag-and-drop video editor

Dozens of video tutorials

Stunning effects and transitions

Advanced video editing options

Can’t edit videos offline


DaVinci Resolve 16

Blackmagic Design DaVinci Resolve 16

Blackmagic Design DaVinci Resolve 16

You don’t need to be a professional in the field of video editing to you use DaVinci Resolve 16 by Blackmagic Design. Although the software may startle you with all of its options and buttons at first, it isn’t too difficult to use.

If you’ve never edited a video before, though, this software may not be the best choice. You need to have some basic editing knowledge to be able to utilize DaVinci Resolve 16’s capabilities.

You can get the program for free, although there will be certain limitations. One of the most notable ones is the lack of HDR support, which you may not even need, depending on what you use the platform for.

Some of DaVinci Resolve 16’s most popular features are:

  • Facial recognition
  • Image stabilization
  • Customized timelines
  • 2D and 3D title templates
  • On-screen annotation tools

If you would like to get access to some of this program’s more advanced features—such as HDR grading, multi-user collaboration, and DaVinci Neural Engine features —you will have to opt for the paid plan. For $299, you can use DaVinci Resolve 16 without any limitations.

If you want to know what the most important pros and cons of DaVinci Resolve 16 are, take a look at this table:



Excellent color correction

Robust free version

Quick processing


Not foolproof

Slightly confusing interface


OpenShot Logo

OpenShot Logo

OpenShot is an open-source video editor that is exceptionally user-friendly and that can be used on any 64-bit operating system. The software comes with many features that are mostly easy to use.

Some of the most noteworthy features that OpenShot offers are:

  • Audio waveforms
  • Trim and slice
  • Unlimited layer-adding
  • Title editor
  • 3D animations

The most appealing part of OpenShot is that you can use it free of charge. Most users enjoy how easy it is to use transitions and effects panels that add a whole new level to the professional appearance of the video.

The two biggest downsides of this program are that it has lots of bugs and a limited number of effects that you can apply to your videos. Although simple to use, OpenShot may not be the best choice if you want a stable, reliable, and intuitive software.

If you need to make a quick decision on a program for a one-time video-editing undertaking, this software should work just fine.

Take a look at the most relevant pros and cons of OpenShot:



No cost

Time efficiency

Ease of use

Difficulties with creating subtitles

Effects are limited

Bugs are frequent

Final Cut Pro

Apple Final Cut Pro

Apple Final Cut Pro

Apple’s Final Cut Pro is one of the most popular video editing programs on the market. Most Mac users would opt for this solution without thinking twice—should you do the same?

Although Final Cut Pro is beginner-friendly, it lacks more robust features that can take your videos to the next level. You may find some of the options overly restrictive, and this comes as no surprise. Most software solutions that are created to be user-friendly lack some crucial features and options within the features themselves.

To get a better understanding of Final Cut Pro, let’s take a look at the most prominent pros and cons:



Intuitive interface

Excellent render speed


Crucial features missing

No clipping accuracy

Sub-par audio editing

If you decide to opt for Final Cut Pro, you don’t have to invest in it from the get-go—you can sign up for a 90-day free trial. Being that the trial period is generous, you’ll get some hands-on experience with the software and see if it’s the right choice for you.


Wondershare Filmora 

Wondershare Filmora 

Just like the other Mac video editors that we’ve mentioned, Filmora is one of the best options for beginners. With its Easy Mode feature, you can edit videos through a simple drag-and-drop interface, add music of your choice, and pick a theme that suits you.

Although exceptionally user-friendly, Filmora won’t allow you to experiment much with how your videos look. There aren’t many options in terms of special effects and advanced editing options. If you like feature-rich programs, this software may not be the ideal choice.

What most users love about Filmora is that you can get a piece of software for separate devices. FilmoraGo is an excellent option if you prefer editing videos on your phone, whereas Filmora Scrn will allow you to both edit and record your screen.

Filmora offers a few pricing plans, ranging from $39,99 per year up to $159,78 for the annual bundle. You can also opt for the Lifetime Plan that you pay $69,99 for only once, and then you have unlimited access to Filmora for as long as the software exists.

If you want to get a cost-effective video editor for Mac, you’ll be better off using another software instead of Filmora, since a lot of them offer free trials and more robust features.

Check out some of the program’s most important advantages and disadvantages:



Efficient and easy to use

Plenty of drag-and-drop transitions

Excellent text title editor

Lacking some crucial video editing features

No video keyframe

Clunky online store

Premiere Elements

Adobe Premiere Elements

Adobe Premiere Elements

Adobe Premiere Elements has been one of the most popular video editing software pieces since the beginning of time. Since the editing software niche has progressed over the past years, other solutions surpassed Premiere Elements in terms of speed, quality, and usability.

This isn’t to say that the program is bad, though—especially not for beginners. If you’re starting out in the video editing field, you will find Premiere Elements beyond helpful because it offers a feature called Guided Edits. The assistance that you get from the program is fantastic because it helps you learn to edit videos at an advanced pace.

The pricing plan that Premiere Elements offers is simple—you can purchase the software for $99,99 and upgrade your license whenever necessary for $79,99. If you want to get Adobe Photoshop Elements along with this program, you can get them at a reduced price of $149,99, which will save you a total of $50.

To get some hands-on experience with the software, you can sign up for a free 30-day trial before you decide whether you want to invest in it.

Here are some of the most prominent Premiere Elements pros and cons that you should be aware of:



Comes with Guided Edits

Has an intuitive interface

Allows for easy media sorting

Has limited functions

Needs to be upgraded

Doesn’t allow 3D editing


Lumen5 Homepage

Lumen5 Homepage

With a bit of help from AI, Lumen5 has become one of the best, easy-to-use video editors for Mac. If your primary focus is on creating videos for your social media profiles, this software could be precisely what you’re looking for.

With a library of thousands—if not millions—of media files, you can find just about anything you need. Lumen5 is incredibly easy to use and allows you to edit your videos in the blink of an eye.

The video editor lets you create a bunch of different videos through its ‘Makers’ such as the:

Lumen5 offers several different pricing plans, ranging from $29 to $199 per month. You can also get the software for free, though with plenty of restrictions. If you opt for that, you’ll be able to edit no more than three videos per month, and you’ll have to bear the burden of the Lumen5 watermark. The resolution of the videos you create through the free version of the software doesn’t go beyond 720p.

If you’re still uncertain about this solution, take a look at some of Lumen5’s most relevant advantages and disadvantages:



Doesn’t require any technical skills

Lets you produce content fast

Makes it easy to change formats

Has fairly limited features

Doesn’t allow voice-overs

Limits you to text and stock audio


Apple’s iMovie

Apple’s iMovie is an excellent option for you if you want the ability to edit on multiple devices—your Mac, iPad, or iPhone. With its drag-and-drop functionalities, you can edit a video effortlessly and in no time.

If you want to start using iMovie for your video edits, you should know that the program won’t run on operating systems that are any older than the following versions:

  • macOS 10.11.2
  • iOS 9.3

Combining some clips into one has been made easy by iMovie, so getting a video that’s ready to go will be a piece of cake if you have a newer Apple system version. All in all, this program is best suited for simple projects.

You can download iMovie at no cost, which is one of the greatest advantages of this particular video editing software.

If you’re looking for a video editor for Mac that has a wider range of features and allows for more in-depth editing, you should look elsewhere—iMovie will not suffice.

To learn more about the benefits and drawbacks of iMovie, take a look at this short summary:



Has simple yet effective transitions

Allows adding titles

Has intuitive functions

Has few customization options

Takes a long time to export videos

Has limiting audio options

Choosing the Most Efficient Mac Video Editing Software

The main reason why InVideo is listed as the best option is that it’s an all-in-one video editor that is going to make your editing experience quick and easy. Using our platform is a breeze—you don’t need to have any spectacular skills to use InVideo’s features to their fullest potential.

For only $10 a month—if you opt for our annual plan—you will get access to our robust, cloud-based platform. You don’t need to download any large program or mess with complex features to edit your videos to perfection.

If you want full, unlimited access to all InVideo’s capabilities, you will pay only $30 a month.

Since our platform is as flexible as it gets, you can create any type of video you need using some of our most popular video-editing options, such as the:

Sign up to start creating attention-grabbing videos as early as today!

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