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15 Heart-warming Wedding Video Ideas For 2024

Zoya from InVideo
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There are few events in your life as momentous as your wedding day. It’s imperative therefore that you want to capture all your fondest moments and your favorite people on film to look back and remember these fondly. The best way to do that is undoubtedly creating videos that will preserve your memories in all their glory.

But with everything else to take care of leading up to the big day, coming up with creative wedding video ideas is a tough ask. So, to help you out and make your wedding just a little bit more special, we’ll be sharing the best creative wedding video ideas for inspiration. And if you stick around till the end, we will show you exactly how you can create your own wedding video using one of these ideas within a matter of minutes on InVideo.

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Here’s what we’ll be covering:

A. Pre-wedding video ideas

1. Wedding invitation video idea
2. Save the date 
3. Wedding announcement 
4. Bachelorette party invite 
5. Wedding FAQs video ideas

B. Wedding ceremony/wedding day video ideas

1. Wedding timeline 
2. Wedding reception invite

3. Wedding album video idea
4. Marriage photography

C. After the wedding/honeymoon video ideas

1. Post-honeymoon video ideas
2. Welcome to the family
3. Honeymoon video idea
4. Anniversary collage video idea
5. Wedding anniversary 
6. Post-Wedding romance

A. Pre-wedding video ideas  

Finding the perfect pre-wedding video idea might feel like an insurmountable task- but it’s pretty simple once you identify your style. While you want your pre-wedding video to stand out from the crowd, you also want it to capture your love story in a beautiful and comprehensible way. Some couples might prefer a more traditional approach to a pre-wedding video, while others may want to add their own personal touch by adding in some humour or creativity. 

Here are some pre-wedding video templates that will make the job way easier and all the more fun for you!

1. A feel-good wedding invitation

Use this template

A majority of people now opt for digitized wedding invites as they’re easy to share, quick to make, and the canvas is yours to play with. You can add photos, videos, illustrations and peppy music to make it unique and share with your loved ones. 

This simple yet elegant wedding invitation template is perfect for sharing news of upcoming nuptials. It is super easy to edit and gets the message across. It is also very classy and gives you all the leverage to customize it as per your taste in music, added scenes, etc. You can also add a little quote to share what you two mean to each other. 

2. Save the date wedding card

Use this template

Just finalized your wedding date? Send out a save the date card is a great wedding video idea to remind your friends, colleagues, and family that they need to keep a few days aside for your wedding. You can even add details about the location and the sequence of events that will follow to make it highly personalized. 

This InVideo template has all the elements necessary to share with your guests— it’s soothing to the eyes and is yet peppy and novel. It also focuses on the who’s who of the family which makes the receiver feel like a part of the grand event. You can customize it with your wedding details, timings, and location. 

3. Wedding Announcement video

Use this template

Before distributing your wedding cards, let your love be known to the world with a classic announcement video. Wedding announcement videos have also become super popular on social media in recent times. And they’re a great way to let people know that you have decided to pledge loyalty to each other for life and will tie the knot very soon. 

For inspiration, you can use this simple wedding announcement video card that is super easy to customize and create. As it’s open to customization, you can leave important wedding details for later or share more as you prefer. This can be all about your time together while letting people know you’ll be finalizing dates soon. As it’s all open to your interpretation you can even take the witty approach by adding a fun story to let people know more about yourselves.

4. Bachelorette party invitation video

Use this template

Weddings are incomplete without bachelor/bachelorette parties! Get your pals in party mode by sending cool invites where you will be celebrating the final moments of your bachelorhood. Add in details about the location, the food, and other fun stuff you plan on doing to make your friends get all excited about the upcoming event using this funky template. Alternatively, you can also use it as a post-bachelorette compilation where you can see your pre-wedding life on playback. Now that’ll truly be going down memory lane.

Since it is a visual-focused template, you have a lot of space to add your own photos and videos. But while it’s fun and peppy it also keeps the message clear and simple. Add as many scenes as you like and customize it down to the finest detail. If you want to learn how you can make these changes, check out this blog on how to edit a video using InVideo’s online editor. 

5. Wedding FAQs: 

Use this template

This is such a unique wedding video idea that you can use to share all the important details of your wedding with your loved ones and other attendees. It works as a great way to break the ice with guests from near and afar and can also be used to create short FAQs about your important day.

This soothing pastel wedding template is perfect if you want to give equal weightage to visuals and information. In fact pastel colours are also in trend so it makes the perfect sense to use this season. Every scene is backed by cute illustrations that truly make it unique and a treat to watch.

Pro tip: The kind of music you use can make or break your wedding invitation video. So ensure you select a track that matches not just the mood but also your taste in music. You can learn how to add music to your videos here. 

B. Wedding ceremony/wedding day video ideas

Wedding videos are a great way of preserving memories for every bride and groom. They can be used to capture the bride and groom's emotions, the reactions of their guests, and the atmosphere in the venue. But it can be tricky to think of a creative idea for your wedding video. For that, you can always take inspiration from pre-made video templates that do half of the job for you. 

Here are some fun wedding video ideas for your big day!

1. Wedding Timeline:

Use this template

What is more unique than letting your people know how you met the love of your life? Make your day special by putting together a romantic video of how you two came to know each other. You can also send it as an invite or better yet, play it on your wedding day to share your love story with the world. 

Start with this cute template to showcase your ideas. Every frame has a text portion that lets one use every scene in the form of a story. You can customize it to write your own- which is an experience you’ll treasure when you go about making this video together.

2. Wedding Reception Invite: 

Use this template

Design your own wedding reception invite at literally no cost. Sometimes you don’t want to throw a grand wedding ceremony but want a small wedding reception for near and dear ones and there’s no better way to announce that than to create a cute video and share it with your dear ones. 

Here is the perfect template for a graceful reception invite that works every time. You can edit this wedding reception invite in any format as you please and share it across various social mediums. This template is pretty neat and simple- you can opt to keep it as it is (on one frame) which helps guests keep the necessary information handy when the day is near or you can tweak it to include multiple frames for a longer message. 

3. Wedding Album video 

Use this template

Who said you have to stick to printing out photos and sticking them in huge albums in order to preserve your wedding memories? How about you go digital and create a stunning compilation of your wedding pictures and videos? This way you will have a beautiful compilation to watch whenever you want and also share it with your friends and family even after the celebrations are done. 

Get started by using this stunning template which is a a perfect example of how one can store their wedding memories on video. And you can add as many scenes to InVideo’s pre-made templates, which allows you to make different compilations: honeymoon, first festival together, pre-wedding shoot, etc. to have all the great memories organized neatly and within easy access. 

4. Marriage photography slideshow

Use this template

Compile all the photos of your wedding ceremony, starting from the engagement to the grand wedding reception in a peppy video as a great way to treasure precious moments in one place, for years to come.

This template has a nice collage blend where you can highlight different moments in one frame. It can also be used as a teaser to share with your family and friends before all the wedding photographs and videos are published.

C. Post-wedding/Honeymoon video ideas: 

Post-wedding or honeymoon video ideas can be a great way to capture memories and share them with friends and family. Some people might think that recording yourselves is the only way to make a video. That is not true at all. There are many other creative ways to make a honeymoon video so that it will be more memorable for you. We’ve compiled some amazing post-wedding video templates that can help you begin right away.

1. At-the-honeymoon: 

Use this template

Put together some of the most sensuous clicks for your better half in the form of a story with this sweet and romantic template. Not only is it going to etch your honeymoon for you forever, it’s also going to give you a treasure to look back at through your time together. What’s the best part? Your private moments stay between you two as you start your new journey while not having to create anything from scratch.

This preset template makes it super easy for you to create a boudoir wedding video because all you need to do is insert your clips, photographs, and loving messages. You can opt to keep it short wherein you can incorporate only a few headshots to create an aura of secret intimacy. You can also create it like a movie trailer, where you go all out with your creativity to create your secret romantic world.

2. Welcome to the family: 

Use this template

Give a warm welcome to your new family member by sending across this feel-good video. It makes for a beautiful welcome wish which is bound to put a smile on the receiver’s face. You can compile a mix of messages, blessings and wishes from every family member in a video format that can be looked back at for times to come. 

The bright colors, font, and text of this template from InVideo create a welcoming look that enhances the beautiful messages. Also, incorporating short video messages from each family member gives this template more of a personalized family documentary.

3. Honeymoon adventures: 

Use this template

Share your honeymoon adventures with the world with a visually attractive video template. Compile your favorite moments, shopping hauls, goofy snapshots and all that you want to share with your people in this super easy-to-edit template, that too within minutes!

The dynamic background and moving elements in the frame instantly grab the viewer’s attention while giving you a canvas to unleash your creativity. The wide border makes your video larger-than-life- which is just what is needed to bring your honeymoon adventures to life. You can add a mix of pre-wedding, wedding and honeymoon videos to compile your journey in the form of a vlog.

4. Anniversary Collage: 

Use this template

Has it been a year already? While your love for each other doesn’t require a date or reason to celebrate, you can definitely amp things up on certain occasions like your anniversary. This video template is not only super cute, it lets you put your moments together into a collage as you relive your best memories as a couple. Whether it’s been a month, year or decades of togetherness- an anniversary collage always lifts up your spouse in ways that can’t really be described.

Collages never really go out of fashion. This ready-to-use template is made up of pastel colors and a simple background that gives all the focus to your photos and videos. The template further has a very pleasing and minimal design that gives a calm and soothing effect.  

5. Wedding anniversary wishes: 

Use this template

When the love is strong, it ages like fine wine. Your relationship gets deeper and stronger with each passing day. So, celebrate your anniversaries with a video and make your beloved feel special by telling them how much they mean to you and how they make your life better.  

This classy and chic template completely justifies how well your relationship has matured. The light color of the background against nature-inspired leaf illustrations go well with bold text and are perfect for creating anniversary invitations for your friends and even family members

6. Post-wedding romance

Use this template

Keep the romance alive with gestures like these. You might have given each other plenty of gifts already, but making a short video of all the experiences you’ve had together before “the day” is surely one-of-a-kind. 

This template feels like a re-creation of a proposal on video. It looks like a moving card where you can add as many elements as you would like- pictures, messages, and memorable videos. You can send this video as a romantic gesture after the wedding and honeymoon to reignite the passion and make your spouse feel like this is just the beginning. 

We hope this list of the top 15 wedding video ideas for 2024 gave you enough inspiration to get started. Right below, we’ve broken down a step-by-step process for you- choosing one of these templates shared above.

How to Make Your Own Wedding Day Video in Less Than 5 Minutes Using InVideo

While chances are that for the actual D-day, you want to hire professionals to film your ceremonies and then turn them into beautiful videos, for other occasions and for personal moments, you might want to create your own wedding videos. And this section will help you out with just that. Let’s take you through how you can create your own wedding videos using one of the templates showcased above:

Step 1: Begin by logging in or signing up to InVideo and then searching for wedding templates. Once you find a template you like, select your aspect ratio and click on the Use this template button.

How to Make Your Own Wedding Day Video using Invideo - Step 1

Step 2: Once the editor is open, choose Uploads from the menu on the left corner of your screen. Click the Uploads media button to import your clips and images on the editor. Alternatively, you can choose media from InVideo’s stock library. 

How to Make Your Own Wedding Day Video using Invideo - Step 2

Step 3: Now, drag and drop the image you want to place on the template onto the workspace and click Replace to add it. If you’re adding a video clip, a trim window will appear and you can edit the length and volume of your clip. Once you’re done with the trimming, hit the Done button to add it to the video. Repeat this step for all the scenes to add more videos to your workspace.

How to Make Your Own Wedding Day Video using Invideo - Step 3

Step 4: To add text, double-click the text on the template and replace it with your own content. 

How to Make Your Own Wedding Day Video using Invideo - Step 4

Step 5: Now, let’s get to the audio part. To add music, choose Music from the menu of the left corner of your screen. You’ll see music divided based on moods and genres. Choose the one you like and click on the 3 dots. Choose the Replace music option to add it to the template. 

How to Make Your Own Wedding Day Video using Invideo - Step 5

Step 6: Once you’re satisfied with the outcome, it’s time to download the video and share it with your loved ones! Click the Download and share button on the right corner of the editor. Choose the resolution for your video and click Export.

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Summing Up:

Creating videos for your wedding is a perfect way to preserve those precious moments for a lifetime. With this exhaustive list of wedding video ideas, you can create awesome-looking wedding videos in no time all by yourself! Also, you can utilize this opportunity to get a little more creative by creating your very own music video for your wedding. We promise it’ll be fun! To understand how you can add some cool effects to these wedding videos you create, check out this blog

And if you prefer learning via videos, you should definitely check out our YouTube channel where we share daily video creation tips and tricks, the latest video trends and ideas and help you make more money as a video creator. 


This post was written by Zoya and edited by Adete from Team InVideo

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