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Everything You Need to Know About YouTube End Screen

YouTube is one of the leading social media platforms that is used by approximately 2 billion active users. It receives over 30 million daily visitors, and nearly 5 billion YouTube videos viewed every day.  A successful YouTube channel is not just dependent on creating entertaining content. It is equally important to optimize your videos so that it ranks high in the search results. YouTube end screens are one of the ways to optimize your videos to get noticed by more users.

A YouTube end screen is an excellent tool for small content creators as it allows them to push more viewers to watch their videos. It will also enable creators to plan for cross channel collaborations with compatible collaborators to attract more audiences for their channel. Therefore, it is vital to add an end screen if you wish to grab more eyeballs.

In this article, we will look at why adding YouTube screens is essential and how to add end cards to YouTube videos that will help you give an edge over your competitors.

What Is A YouTube End Screen?

Youtube end card

YouTube end screen, also referred to as a YouTube end card, is a feature that appears in the last 5 to 20 seconds of a YouTube video. The primary job of a YouTube end screen is to direct more traffic to your channel and increase the viewership of your videos. If you are wondering how to end a YouTube video, adding an end screen is a great idea where you can link specific pages of your website, videos, playlists, or even use it to promote merchandise or a crowdfunding campaign. If you want to add an end screen, your video must be at least 25 seconds long for the same.

YouTube also allows creators to add a YouTube card to advertise products for purchase or promote your brand. However, these cards may distract the audience from the main video as they appear as notifications inside the video. Some creators may also prefer consolidating the purchase links or promotional links right at the end, once the main video is over. That’s where a YouTube end screen can be helpful.

Why Should You Add A YouTube End Screen?

youtube end screen template

A YouTube end screen is an upgrade of a former YouTube tool called annotations that allowed creators to create their own end screens by adding clickable links to their other videos. However, annotations worked only on desktops. So a limited number of viewers could see the linked videos.

Fortunately, the YouTube end screen is a mobile-friendly tool. Given that 70% of the YouTube views come from mobile devices, an end screen can help a content creator to recirculate the viewers from a single viewing session to increase engagement and retention.

Adding an impressive YouTube end screen increases the odds of the viewer watching more videos from your channel. Without an end screen, the viewer may end up watching other videos suggested in the sidebar or even exit the app. You can add up to four end screens, as long as the video has a 16:9 aspect ratio.

End screens are very helpful in improving the watch time of a channel. If you create high-quality videos and convince your audience to watch more content by using compelling end screens, the YouTube algorithm will help you to increase the overall watch time of your channel and increase your subscribers.

You can track the performance of your end screens using the analytics. The engagement tab of YouTube analytics lets you know how often your end screens are clicked. You can use these insights to experiment with different elements to keep your viewers engaged. You can optimize your end screen cleverly by adding a clear call-to-action. Therefore, your goal should be to make videos with a great end screen.

What Should You Include In A YouTube Ending Screen?

YouTube ending screen elements

At present, YouTube allows you to add four elements per end screen that provides a clear Call-To-Action. These are:

  • Subscribe Button: You can add a clickable button that allows your viewers to subscribe to your channel within the end screen. It is great for channels that get a lot of views for their videos but do not have enough subscribers.
  • Videos Or Playlist: You can link videos or playlists, from your channel or any other channel, that you want the viewers to watch. If a viewer chooses a playlist, they get immediate access to a curated list of videos that they can binge-watch. However, if you have just started your YouTube channel and do not have enough videos to include on a playlist, it may be best to skip adding this option.
  • Another YouTube Channel: You can add a link to another YouTube channel of yours or any other creator you are collaborating with.
  • External Website: You can direct your viewers to affiliate websites that are a part of the YouTube affiliate marketing program. You can also add links to your blog or any crowdfunding site.

It may be tempting to add all the elements in a single end screen, but that can make it extremely cluttered. Pick only 2-3 elements per screen so that you don’t end up confusing your audience. It is also essential to choose the right video where you can include the end screen. Refer to the analytics to find the high-converting videos, i.e., the videos that have turned viewers into channel subscribers. Include cues such as “Watch Next” or “Next Video” in your end screen that encourages the audience to watch more videos.

You can also add the icons of your other social media profiles to your end screen. While these are not clickable, they give your audience an idea about the different platforms you are active on.

youtube end screen template

If you are in a mood to experiment, adding a verbal Call-To-Action can be a better idea than a silent end screen. For example, you can add an audio clip, asking your viewers to like, comment, and subscribe to your channel.

If you are using your YouTube video to send more traffic to your website, make sure to add something specific instead of just a link to your homepage. For example, if you are offering a course on digital marketing that is available on your website, promote the course through the end screen.

It is crucial to stick to the ideal YouTube end screen length. Therefore, when you are shooting the actual video, you should leave enough space and time in the end to add the end screen.  If the content of your video overlaps with the end screen, the chances are that the viewer will ignore it. Also, make sure not to add any other interactive elements such as branding watermarks as they are suppressed during the end screen.

Finally, your end screen should be crystal clear and tell the viewers exactly what to do. Since an end screen is on display for only 20 seconds, it is crucial to send across your message clearly so that the viewer is not left confused.

How To Create A Customized End Screen For Your Videos?

Where can I get youtube end screen templates?

Before you upload your video on YouTube, don’t forget to design a customized end screen. If you are wondering where you can avail YouTube end screen templates, InVideo can come to your rescue.

InVideo is an intuitive and free online outro maker that allows you to create fantastic end screens in a few simple steps. You can pick a  professionally designed YouTube end screen template or a YouTube end card template to customize it as per your requirements by simply dragging and dropping various elements.

pasted image 0 79

You can use InVideo to modify the font, color, size, images, etc. to make your end screen more appealing. You can reflect your brand color palette in your end screen and experiment with different background images.

pasted image 0 78

InVideo also functions as a YouTube intro maker that can create stunning intros for your videos from readymade templates. An intro maker can help you design memorable intros that will help you increase your followers. With InVideo, you can add transitions, animations, colors, fonts, images, and music to your intros to make them even more special and appealing.

Once you are happy with the end screen, download the image and directly add it to your video using an editor. The good news is that InVideo works as an amazing YouTube video editor that helps you to create professionally edited videos in just a few clicks. You can choose from the wide variety of customizable video templates that have been specially designed for YouTube by expert designers and marketers.


Once your end screen is added to the video, it is time to upload it on YouTube and add the various elements. Remember that the correct placement of various elements on the end screen can make a world of difference. For example, if you want to add a subscribe button to the end screen, it should be placed right at the bottom so that your viewers notice it just as they are about to exit the video.

If you want to add a playlist, the bottom right is an excellent place to grab their attention. If you are going to flag a particular video to the attention of your viewers, placing the icon on top right would be ideal. If you are placing two elements on a single screen, make sure that they appear at different times.

We hope that the tips shared above help you to design impressive end screens for your YouTube videos and make them shine.

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