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Creating free online small business advertising videos is now easier than ever with InVideo! Our award-winning video maker allows you to choose from a variety of beautifully crafted and ultra-flexible templates and design your small business marketing videos, right at your fingertips!

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Here Are Four Tips To Help You Market Your Business Through Small Business Marketing

Make the videos brief and to the point. The trick is to say more in less.
Always highlight your USP. Show everyone what sets you apart.
Elevate your video by adding exciting music in the background using InVideo.
Including a "Call to Action” or CTA is a must.

All your video creation needs packed in one simple platform.

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Use InVideo And Create Small Business Marketing Ads In Less Than 10 Minutes

Log in to the versatile InVideo video maker.
Go to the ‘Quick Videos’ section and select small business marketing templates. You will then be able to check small business marketing templates in all the formats.
Upload your media files or choose attractive images and videos from our library. You can also choose great music for your video from InVideo’s expansive music library.
Edit the selected small business marketing video template to make your video more personalized.
In the last step, click on the video, and you can download the video for your small business marketing campaign.
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Build Small Business Advertising Ideas To Reality!

Videos on social media for small business marketing are the thing right now. Hop on to the trend-cycle and start making remarkable video ads using InVideo videomaker.

We at InVideo have got you covered for everything you need in a video. Helping you make your small business marketing videos impressive and breathtaking is what we are here for. With endless templates to choose from and editing tools that function as smooth as silk, creating videos is simple, fast, and fun. We have templates that can be changed to different dimensions with a few clicks. So now, you can post the same video on Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube in no time, and as they say, time is money!

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How Can Videos Have An Impact On Your Business?

Let your sales grow
A study shows that viewers are more likely to buy a product or invest in something if they are explained about it through a video. As a small business, you can use videos as a part of your small business marketing technique. Posting attractive and engaging videos can boost up your sales number. It will eventually help in the growth of your business.

Increase brand awareness
A video is way more exciting and attractive to watch than just an image or text. Upload a video on social media sites like Facebook and Instagram, where thousands of people are scrolling through their feed every second. Give them a reason to stop and look at what your brand has to offer. Keeping your video time less than a minute will not only help you get more views but also increase your brand name in the market.

Engagement is the key to success
Every large/big organization has one thing in common. They engage with their audience. As a small business, for marketing your product, you need to keep your existing audience with you to increase your brand. A great way of doing this is by making videos and keeping them up to date with all your products, its features, what you plan to bring out next, etc.

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InVideo Captera reviews
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Great platform! Superb customer relations! THE BEST! I've dropped many of my other video-creation software subscriptions now in favour of InVideo.
Christina C
The EASIEST tool in my video toolkit! There is SO much to love: the intuitive UI, the easy-to-use-and-customize templates, many nifty features.
Maya K
An incredible program to make quality videos. I can openly recommend it to anyone looking for a program to create excellent quality videos.
Paula C

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Hi. I need some help.


Hi, Patrick. How can I help you?


I have a few social media posts that I would like to include in my video. What is the best way to go about it?


You should try our social post feature. You would just need the link of the post you want to embed. Get more details <a href=''>here.</a>


Great to have this feature. Can I change the style of the scene where the post has been added?


Yes, you can. On the right hand side of your Advanced Editor, click “More Scenes.” Scroll through the many options and click on the one that you like the most.


It is always good to be spoilt for choice. Is there a way to undo?


Yes, just press Ctrl + Z on Windows or Cmd + Z on MacBook.


Thank you for the lightning fast support!


You’re welcome. At InVideo, someone will always be around to help :)

Frequently Asked Questions

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How Can I Create Professional Looking Videos On InVideo?

Here are the most important guidelines to create great videos on InVideo

Left panel in InVideo
Everything you need to make your videos look like a dream, handcrafted by an artisan, can be found in the left panel.

Social Widgets
While making opinion videos, include tweets or Instagram posts either as a layer in your scene or as an entirely new scene. Paste the URL of your post under the Social tab.

Use animated grids to display multiple images in the same scene. You can use layouts to compare, show-off new features, and more.

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