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10 Killer Facebook Ad Ideas

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Even with new platforms emerging every year, Facebook has strived to stay relevant to marketers and businesses. Over the last decade, Facebook advertising has evolved to be more intuitive and has created many opportunities for businesses to make the most of their investment.

Whether you’ve dabbles with Facebook ads before or you’re creating your first Facebook ad, looking at Facebook ad examples is one of the best ways to get your creative juices flowing. We’ve curated Facebook ad ideas from some of the best in the industry to inspire you to create successful Facebook ad campaigns.

Let’s jump right in!

1. New York Times

Example of Facebook ad campaigns - New York Times

The New York Times Facebook ads are concise, simple, and witty.
In this particular one, the ad copy is simple, to the point, and makes an offer that immediately captures their target audience’s attention.

2. Porsche

Example of Facebook ad campaigns - Porsche


This carousel Facebook ad by Porsche is interactive and fun. Not only have they used the messenger bot to get people to join the conversation immediately but they have also made the ad all about how users have experienced Porsche’s #SportsCarTogether campaign. The visuals are exciting, fresh, and great to look at with a simple copy that makes their point.

3. Loot Crate

Example of Facebook ad campaigns - Loot Crate

This Facebook ad by Loot Crate works best for Facebook’s algorithm which emphasizes engaging content that interests the target audience. Discussion-based Facebook ads like this are bound to get your audience talking and sharing with their friends. The ultimate goal of any Facebook advertising is to not come across as a sales pitch. Even though Loot Crate has linked their product in the ad, their promos are never in your face.

4. InVideo

Example of Facebook ad campaign - InVideo


InVideo’s Facebook ads showcase how they can take away the burden of creating scroll-stopping videos. Their exciting visuals and engaging content get their target audience to click on their offer.

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5. MeUndies

Example of Facebook ad campaign - MeUndies


The humorous and witty headline combined with a fun video makes for a great Facebook ad. They have also smartly used Collection Facebook ads to showcase the products that their audience has now seen in the video – giving them an opportunity to buy it right away.

6. Slack

Example of Facebook ad campaign - Slack

Slack’s Facebook ad ideas are relatable and engaging because they speak directly to their users, letting them know that they understand their problems. Their creative visuals and on-point ad copy are what make these Facebook ads highly effective.

7. Canva

Example of Facebook ad campaign - Canva


Canva’s Facebook advertising calls out directly to their target audience – businesses that do not have professional designers or any experience and offer them a free trial to use their service to create social content. Their simple and direct ad copy – including the headline and description of the post compels their audience to click on their offer.

8. The New Yorker

Example of Facebook ad campaign - The New Yorker


This slideshow Facebook ad by The New Yorker is minimalistic and focuses on making a clean and simple offer to its target audience.
The Facebook ad also communicates that you will be getting 12 issues for $12 dollars through great, high-resolution visuals.

9. AirBnB

Example of Facebook ad campaign - AirBnB


Airbnb knows how to use Facebook ads to get their target audience to make a booking. They use Facebook carousel ads to show their audience multiple stay and experience options, in locations they have shown interest in, that can be booked with a simple click.

10. Absolut

Example of Facebook ad campaign - Absolut


Absolut’s campaign to get their users to try their new range of cocktails at local bars around them was a success because of how simple it was to convert their audience on Facebook Messenger.

In this promotional campaign, Absolut asked their audience to choose one of the three cocktails which they could then enjoy at a local bar after showing them a promo code. It doesn’t end here. When the customers used this promo code at the bar, they would get a notification from Lyft offering them a ride home. The campaign was so successful that it exceeded Absolut’s expectations.

We hope you can create your own successful ad campaign using these killer Facebook ad ideas. With new trends emerging every day, choose from a variety of Facebook ad types that work best for your business. If you want to know more about Facebook ads manager and how to create Facebook ads, make sure to check out our A-Z guide for mastering Facebook ads.

If you’re looking for more inspiration on Facebook advertising, Facebook ad ideas, and more, you’d love what we have built at the InVideo community – a place for you to connect and learn from 13,000+ other marketers, business owners, and creators like yourself, you should join the InVideo’s super helpful community here.

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