Fitness Advertisements: The Ultimate Guide to Getting Started (With Examples)

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One of the best niches to create online is the weight loss/fitness market. It’s a $60 billion niche, which is only getting bigger as the years go on. If you are passionate about helping people lose weight and get healthier, this is the niche you should get started with.

Why Should You Use Fitness Ads?

There are several effective organic fitness marketing methods, such as blogging and social media marketing, on networks like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Pinterest. They work really well on all these platforms.

But the problem is that this niche is already saturated with hundreds of people and companies that have already built a beachhead.

There are high authority blogs like Livestrong and that rank high for fitness-related keywords.


 Livestrong Blog Page - Fitness marketing


Then there are bodybuilders like Athlean X who have built a strong presence on YouTube.



And of course, Instagram is full of hundreds of influencers like Michelle Lewin and brands like Under Armour with millions of followers.


View this post on Instagram


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It will take you a while to build an organic presence to compete with these established brands. So, to generate quick sales, you need to supplement your organic presence with health ads.

Fitness advertisements can also be combined with organic methods to scale them further with tactics like retargeting. These can help you reach people who recently visited your website, signed up to your list, viewed your videos, etc.

The Step By Step Guide To Health And Fitness Advertisements

Here’s a step-by-step process you can use to run successful fitness advertisements. Of course, you will need to modify the funnel depending on the goals. For example, if your goal is to generate sales, and you were promoting an e-commerce store, you can send people directly to a landing page that leads to a cart. If you are running a gym advertisement, it would be better to send people to a landing page that leads to a free tour scheduling page.

Choose Goals For Your Health And Fitness Ads

The first thing you must do is choose a goal for your fitness advertisements. There are usually two best options while creating ads. One is building a brand image. Here you create an image or video that contains content that your audience wants to read or watch. And you promote it to reach your target audience and get as many impressions as possible.

For generating sales, your aim should be to drive traffic to a landing page and get people to buy your products. I will show you how to do that below, as this requires more work.

Set Up Landing Pages And Conversion-Optimized Blog Posts

To generate sales, you will need two types of pages to send traffic to – those where you directly sell products and those optimized for generating leads.

An example of landing pages where you directly sell products is e-commerce landing pages like this one from My Protein.


An example of landing pages for selling products


As you can see, it is a good landing page with a clear photo, well-written copy, social proof, conspicuously displayed discount and shipping offers, etc. You should be creating e-commerce landing pages like this one if you want to drive more sales.

They might look difficult to create, but you should be able to set up one quickly with tools like BigCommerce.


ecommerce builder tool - BigCommerce


These e-commerce building platforms come equipped with templates and integrations that make it easy for anyone to build one from scratch.

Sending cold traffic directly to e-commerce landing pages like this works best for products that cost less than $100. If the product costs more than this, it would be better to warm up the traffic before you make the offer.

One way of doing this is by getting them to sign up for a lead magnet like an ebook or a video tutorial. You can use this free content to build trust.

The simplest way to do this is by gating an ebook behind a landing page like this one from Summer Tomato.


Summer Tomato - e-commerce building platforms


Here, they ask you to sign up for a free starter kit and a chapter of a book. It is a simple page created on WordPress itself. But I recommend that you create a more conversion-focused landing page where there is no menu or any other distractions that could lead people away.

An example is this one from Freshbooks.


conversion-focused landing page example from Freshbooks.


As you can see, it has no distractions like a menu. So, conversions will be higher here. You can easily build something like this by using a tool like Leadpages.

Another way to get more sign-ups is by optimizing your blog posts. It can be done by placing opt-in forms like popups, welcome mats, and content upgrades on your blog posts like in this post from

Health and fitness advertisements


They have opt-in forms like this one placed at the top and bottom of the post.

Taking these measures will ensure that your landing pages and blog posts generate more leads when you send traffic through fitness advertisements. You can then nurture those leads and convert them to sales.

Also, make sure you add the ad pixels to your blog posts and landing pages. It will make it easy for you to reach these people through retargeting even if they do not sign up.

Create The Health Ad

Once you have the landing pages and the backend of the funnel set up, you can begin creating the ads.

Create Visuals

First, you should create a visual, as visual ads will stand out better than text ads.

For best results, you should create video advertisements as they drive more clicks and conversions on platforms like Facebook.

Facebook ad results

Creating video ads can sound like a complicated task, but they are actually very easy to create as tools like InVideo have ready-to-use video ad templates.


InVideo Video Maker


You can just pick one, modify it, and create your video in a few minutes. They don’t have to be very long. Facebook recommends you to create ads that are just 6 seconds long.

Ads that only last a few seconds work on Instagram too, where views drop as the watch time increases.

watch time vs views Feed Graph

Short ads work because when you include less information, people tend to visit the landing page to learn more about you.

An example of a nice short video ad is the one shown below from 3dcart.


eExample of short video ad from 3dcart


It’s only 15 seconds long and gets the point across quickly.

Accompany Your Visuals With Copy

Not all of the people who watch your fitness advertisements will go to the landing page immediately; some will want more information. These people will read the copy. So, add some extra information in there. But keep it brief because, as I mentioned earlier, using only a little information will generate curiosity. They will need to visit the landing page to learn more.

Also, make sure that the text is easy to read and has no grammatical errors. You can use a tool like ProWritingAid to help with this.




An example of a well-written copy is the one shown above from 3dcart again. It is only a couple of lines long.

Create Several Versions Of Your Videos, Images, And Ad Copy

It is very unlikely that you will create the best version of your ad in your first attempt. This is why you should create multiple versions of your ads and split test them. You will then find your winner.

Even after you have a winner, you should continue testing newer, better versions of your ads to improve results. The top media buyers do this.

But make sure you only make one minor change to every new version. You won’t know what brought a positive or negative change if you make too many changes.

Launch The Fitness Advertisements

After you have the media and copy for the fitness advertisements ready, you can launch different versions of your ad. But don’t just target everyone. You need to be very specific about who you target for optimal results.

Targeting will limit the number of people you reach from your ads, but it will increase your ROAS (return on ad spend) as your ads will only reach the people who are interested.

Note: ROAS is the amount you earn for every $1 you put into your ads. For example, if you spend $10 on ads and get back $100 it means that your ROAS is 10 as you’re getting $10 back for every $1 ad investment. But remember that this will only give you an idea of whether your ads are working. To get a better idea of whether your ads are profitable you will need to take in other major expenses such as warehouse (storage) cost, cost of raw material and manufacturing, and smaller expenses such as average credit card processing fees and shipping fees into consideration. If you are still making a profit after all those expenses are subtracted then it indicates that your ads are profitable.

Here’s how to go about this.

Start With Retargeting Fitness Advertisements

One of the reasons I asked you to install the pixel on your landing pages was to retarget visitors. If someone visited your website previously either through an ad or organically, you could be certain that they have some interest.

Hence, if you retarget them with relevant offers, they will convert to sales.

An example was an ad I saw from Thrive Themes. A few days ago, I was doing some research on creating quizzes for lead generation. And one of the posts I read around that time was a post on the Thrive blog on creating and using quizzes.

A couple of days later, when I visited Facebook, they retargeted me with an ad promoting their Quiz builder.


Retargeting Fitness Advertisements


This way, you should also work on retargeting people who visited your website/blog, or watched a video of yours, or took another action that confirmed their interest.

For example, if someone visited a blog post on building abs, you can target them with weight loss ads or ab workout ads that promote a relevant product as you know what they want.

But make sure you follow the network’s rules when running weight loss adverts. Many networks have special rules that protect people from harmful adverts. You should abide by these rules to not hurt your audience. If you care about them, you will gain their trust faster and serve them better.

If you have zero traffic to retarget, you can try out link retargeting instead. This is where you create a shortened URL using a tool like Rebrandly and attach your ad pixel to it.


Rebrandly shorten URl tool


When someone clicks on this link they will get tagged by the pixel.

So, even with zero traffic, you can retarget people who clicked on the content you shared/curated on your social media accounts.

How To Target Warm Audiences?

Once you begin driving some sales through retargeting traffic, you can retarget warm audiences. These are people who either signed up for your list or previously purchased something from you.

You can retarget people who signed up, but didn’t yet make their first purchase, with fitness advertisements that get them to make their first purchase.

And you can retarget people who already made a purchase, with ads that promote upsells.

An example would be a gym advertising strategy where you serve ads to people who signed up for a trial but didn’t convert yet with ads that promote a basic membership plan.

Those who already signed up for a membership can be retargeted with gym ads that get them to sign up for an upgrade or personal training.

Create Ads For Lookalike Audiences

There are only so many people you can reach with the above 2 methods. This is why once you achieve a good ROAS with the above methods, you can start targeting cold traffic with lookalike audiences.

This will get the ad networks to only display your ads to people who are very similar to the ones you are already targeting. So, you should be able to achieve a similar conversion rate and scale your budget and revenue accordingly.


This is how you run fitness advertisements that convert. It can take a lot of time to create the landing pages and the ads itself. But all the effort you put into meticulously creating both will be worth it as your ROAS will be higher when you use this process instead of arbitrarily launching ads and hoping for the best.

So, make sure you invest a lot of time before launching. It can be extremely time-consuming at the beginning, but after you get some practice, it will get easier.

Do you follow any other steps while creating fitness advertisements? Did I forget to list anything important? Please leave your comments below.

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