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10 Testimonial Video Ideas to Grow Your Brand in 2024 (With Templates & Pro Tips)

Yashvi from InVideo
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It’s well known that when it comes to promoting your brand, word-of-mouth marketing is a lot more effective than paid ads – it results in five times more sales! But how the word about your brand spreads is something that is arbitrary and often out of your control. So how do you bring in new customers and generate more sales without seeming too pushy?

Using customer testimonial videos is the next best thing. A customer testimonial refers to a review where an existing customer of your product or service shares their experience with your brand. 90% of people are more likely to trust a recommended brand, even if it is from strangers!

That is why in this blog we will take you through some of the best testimonial video ideas to help grow your brand as well as show you how you can create your own testimonial video using InVideo.

Here's what we’ll cover:

A. 10 testimonial video ideas to grow your brand in 2024
B. How to make your own testimonial video in under 5 minutes using InVideo

C. Pro tips for creating testimonial videos

Pro Tip: If you want professional help creating testimonial videos, InVideo for business has you covered. With tailor-made templates, unlimited premium stock media, and video editing services on demand, you can create stunning testimonial videos for your brand in minutes. Get your free demo here.

A. 10 testimonial video ideas to grow your brand in 2024

Customer Testimonial Video Idea #1: Make a Minimal, 1-Review Testimonial

Use This Template

Whether you’re just starting to build your brand or you already have a well-established business, this minimal template is the perfect 10-second hook for potential customers. It has space for one photo and one written testimonial, which works great if you want to keep it short and simple or if you want to upload several different testimonial videos highlighting different parts of your business.

Why it works: With trending video lengths getting shorter and shorter, 66% of ads are less than 30 seconds long. This is why a bite-sized 10-second testimonial video is just what you need to get the attention of your audience and tell them about how your brand can benefit them.

This is a very straightforward template! All you need to do is replace the pre-existing image with a good, eye-catching, and representative image of your product or service. Along with this, change the text on the video to put your customer’s name and their testimonial, and you’re done!

Customer Testimonial Video Idea #2: Show What Goes on Behind The Scenes

Use This Template

Make your customer testimonial video super personalized by pairing your written testimonials with some behind-the-scenes footage of the work that your brand does. You can have a video montage playing in the background while your customer’s testimonials pop up in the front, giving your audience a dual view of your process and your customer’s reviews!

Why it works: Showing the behind-the-scenes of your brand’s process makes your brand more personal, authentic, and appealing to your customer base. When you bring this together with testimonials of happy customers, your audience will get a well-rounded view of your product or service! This will humanize your brand more and help build trust with your potential customers. 

InVideo’s templates are super customizable, and that means you can add a different behind-the-scenes video in the background of every scene and testimonial that you have! Replace the videos and images with your brand’s process and customer photos, and change the text to add your customer testimonials – and you’ve got a unique new customer testimonial video ready in minutes!

Customer Testimonial Video Idea #3: Showcase An Important Project 

Use This Template

If you want to showcase more than just one simple written testimonial about your product or service, this template is your chance to diversify your customer review video. You get to show one project in-depth with a long written testimonial and several pictures, and you also get to add a few short reviews along with it!

Why it works: Sometimes capturing your clients’ attention may require you to share more than just a written testimonial. This template helps you to bring in a portfolio view of the details of your client’s project and also lets you add a few different reviews so that you can mix it up a bit and grab the interest and attention of your audience in 35 seconds!

This template uses a lot of animation and colors, so you can switch those to your brand color palette in the editor. Along with this, all you need to do is change the images and text to add the photos, names, and reviews of your clients and your client testimonial video will be ready in minutes. If you want to fast-track the process even more sign up for InVideo for business. With tailor-made templates, unlimited premium stock media, and video editing service on demand, you can create stunning testimonial videos for your brand in minutes. Get your free demo here.

Customer Testimonial Video Idea #4: Show Multiple Reviews in 30 Seconds

Use This Template 

Is your brand booming with lots of great customer reviews? This template is perfect for you to showcase multiple reviews within a 33-second time frame. Whether you’re in education, cosmetics, fashion, or software – using this template you can show off many reviews from a diverse range of customers with different needs!

Why it works: The more testimonials you have, the better it will be for you to build the public’s trust in your brand. Watching a short testimonial video with up to 4 different reviews will really establish you as a trustworthy brand. You can use that to inspire brand loyalty from your customers and generate even more sales!

This template is loaded with many different reviews, so you can change the text in every scene to add reviews from your customers. There’s also a video playing in the background that you can change to show your product or service in action so that it can boost your brand image to make you look even more reputable. And if you want to go the extra mile, you can check out this blog that shows you how you can add cool edits to your video testimonials. 

Customer Testimonial Video Idea #5: Create a pop-art inspired video

Use This Template 

Bright, pop art-inspired animations are really attractive to customers, and if you add catchy one-liners from your testimonials – you’ll have all you need to instantly get your audience hooked.  This template has it all, and it also has a great ending slide for a bold CTA that’s all yours to customize. 

Why it works: Bright visuals and witty one-liners have been successfully used to grab people’s attention and keep them watching your video for longer. This is super helpful when you want someone to pay attention to reviews about your brand because you want them to learn about your brand and potentially engage in business with you. 

This is a bright and colorful template in its default settings, and you can choose to change up the style by replacing the default colors with your brand’s color palette to make it more personalized. The rest is routine: change the images and text in the scenes with photos and testimonials from your customers, and add your own CTA and contact information for the final push!

Customer Testimonial Video Idea #6: Create an interview-style testimonial 

Use This Template 

Though this template runs longer than all of the other ones, it’s got one element that the others don’t have: videos of the customers speaking out loud and sharing their experiences. While using any of the other templates has its own merits, this template takes your customer testimonial video to another level with its interview style that will help your audience connect more deeply with your brand.

Why it works: The main reason that customer testimonial videos are such a powerful growth tool is that they offer an outside perspective to what your brand is about. Since it’s true that people trust recommendations from other customers, using video footage of your customers talking about their experience with you, helps humanize your brand further. Begin and end with greetings from the customers on camera and then have them answer questions in an interview format to make it feel more like a fun exercise rather than a marketing effort. 

To use this template, you will need to make some edits – you will need to replace the text with your own details and the questions you asked. But the customer videos themselves will need to be filmed and then edited to make sure the message is as crisp and clear as possible.   

Customer Testimonial Video Idea #7: Show Customers Using Your Product With Their Review

Use This Template 

This is a short but unconventional template: you get to show your customer using your product or service, as well as their in-depth written review of the experience – all in under 20 seconds! With video length reducing more and more over time, being able to convey all of this in such a short time frame could be really valuable for your brand’s marketing and growth.

Why it works: Watching customers use your product or service will create intrigue among your audience, which will help them keep watching to understand more about your brand. The written reviews will simultaneously help build trust and prompt the viewers to buy your product/service. 

You’ll need to use a video of your customer using your product or service and reacting to it positively, and then you can use it to replace the stock video from the template. To understand better how to film B-roll like this, check out this blog. And once you have your clips, you can simply change the default text, add your branding, change the colors – all using the InVideo editor – and your unique testimonial video will be ready in minutes.   

Pro Tip: If you want a customized plan that caters to your business's needs with tailor-made templates, and video editing on-demand, InVideo for business has you covered. Get your free demo here.

Customer Testimonial Video Idea #8: Create a Video Using Case Studies

Use This Template 

Using case studies is a great way to take a deep dive into how your product or service impacted a user’s life. You can use this vibrant template to either showcase a single case study or snippets from multiple case studies as reviews. This review video template lets you add clips of your customers along with their written testimonials and reviews – something that you can use to make your video more personalized.  

Why it works: This template uses vibrant colors, kinetic typography, and upbeat music to keep the viewer hooked. Add to that the success stories of your customers and you’ve got yourself a winning video. The best part is that you can make this as short or as long as your script demands. And you don’t have to feature multiple clients either, you can simply focus on one person’s reviews and experiences. 

Simply, replace the stock clips and the default text with your own, change the colors to match your branding and you will have your case study testimonial video live in minutes. 

Customer Testimonial Video Idea #9: Showcase the lifestyle your brand stands for

Use This Template

A brand isn’t just about the product or service it sells but also the kind of lifestyle it helps its customers achieve. Help your potential customers envision what it would be like to use your product or service by showcasing what you stand for. For instance, in this template, the scenic video of a woman performing Yoga is the perfect backdrop for sharing a testimonial for this fitness business. What makes this low effort despite needing good footage is that you just need 10 seconds of it! Use this template to impress your audience with a short but impactful testimonial video!

Why it works: Selling a lifestyle is just as important to building your brand as selling the core product and showcasing what lifestyle you stand for is the perfect way to do it. To make this work, think of what your brand stands for. For instance, if you’re a luxury real estate brand, you will stand for providing lavish homes to your customers. The affluence therefore should come across in the real estate videos you create. 

Shoot clips of the kind of experience associated with your product or service, add a few different written reviews from customers to customize this template, and voila! You’re done. 

Customer Testimonial Video Idea #10: Create a brand presentation 

Use This Template

This template is more than a simple customer testimonial video: it’s a dynamic presentation of your brand with testimonials adding to the narrative in the end. This is super useful to create a whole narrative around what your brand stands for and cement your ethos with customer testimonials. 

Why it works: Using this template gives customers a good overview of your product and services as well as builds trust with the reviews. Any interested customer will get to know what all you have to offer and how it can benefit them. 

Making this template will need a little bit more effort since there are multiple elements at play here. But this testimonial template does double as a brand presentation, so you’ll be hitting two birds with one stone if you do put it to use!

Those were 10 customer testimonial video ideas that can help you elevate your brand marketing strategy. Besides the templates we shared here, you can also get customized templates for your brand or business with InVideo for business along with unlimited premium stock media, and video editing service on demand. Get your free demo here

Now, let's see how you can make your own testimonial video in no time using InVideo. And if you stick around till the end, we’ve got some additional pro tips that will help you take your testimonial videos to the next level!

B. How to make your own testimonial video in under 5 minutes using InVideo

For this tutorial on how to make a testimonial video, we’ll be using this template from Customer Testimonial Video Idea #5. InVideo’s free templates are fully customizable, so you can play around with and change every element of the video: photos, text, colors, and more. Here’s how to make your own testimonial video in 6 easy steps!

To start with, you’ll need to Log In or Sign Up at InVideo. Then, you need to search for the template and select the one you’re going to use!

Step 1: Open the template in InVideo’s video editor

Once you have found and previewed the template you are going to use, you need to click on Use this template, and that will open up the template in InVideo’s editor.

How to make your own testimonial video using InVideo-Step1

Step 2: Change the videos and images

Before you change the videos and images in the template, you’ll need to upload all your media. Do this by clicking on Uploads on the Left Panel, and then click Upload Media to add the files you need for your video.

How to make your own testimonial video using InVideo-Step2

Once your media is uploaded, simply drag and drop your media of choice into the pre-existing media on the canvas of the template. Click on the Replace option in the pop-up and your media has now been added to the template!

How to make your own testimonial video using InVideo-Step2.1

In this template, we’re only using images, but if you need to add a video, the steps are the same, with one addition: you’ll need to trim the video length to fit the timing of the template.

Step 3: Change the text and logo

To edit the placeholder text in this template, simply click on the text box on the canvas and type in your own text. For more help, check out this tutorial to learn more about how to add and edit text on your video.

How to make your own testimonial video using InVideo-Step3

Then, to add your brand’s logo just click on the Upload Logo part of the video canvas, and it will redirect you directly to upload your logo into the video.

How to make your own testimonial video using InVideo-Step3.1

Keep repeating Steps 2 and 3 until you’ve changed the media, text, and logos on every scene of your testimonial video template.

Step 4: Change the video color palette

You can change the color palette of the video by clicking on the Colors tab in the left menu panel. You can select from the given color palettes or make your own in the My Palettes section based on your brand color palette.

How to make your own testimonial video using InVideo-Step4

Once you click Apply, you can see that it changes on the template of your testimonial video. Make this change for every scene of your testimonial video. 

How to make your own testimonial video using InVideo-Step4.1

Step 5: Change the music or audio

If you want you can change the music on your template, begin by deleting the current track that comes with the template, and then add new music from InVideo’s stock library. To delete the video, hover over the audio track and on Edit, and then click on Delete.

How to make your own testimonial video using InVideo-Step5

To add the new audio file, simply go to Music to access InVideo’s free library of royalty-free music and sound effects! Select one that you’d like to add to your video and then just hover over the song of your choice and click on the + sign to add it to your video.

How to make your own testimonial video using InVideo-Step5.1

Step 6: Export and download or share your newly made customer testimonial video!

Once your testimonial video seems complete, you can preview the entire video to check for any errors or edits. If everything’s okay, you can go to Download & Share on the top right corner of the screen and click Export. Your video will soon be ready for you to download!

How to make your own testimonial video using InVideo-Step6

After clicking on Export, your video will start to render. Once that’s done, you can just click on Download to save the video to your device or directly Share Video to your social media platforms from here! And with that, you’re all done!

How to make your own testimonial video using InVideo-Step6.1

The process of editing on InVideo is super simple and anyone from your marketing or social media team can take up the task. But if you want to simplify the process even further you can choose  InVideo for business where you get video editing services on demand. Get your free demo here.

Now, before you begin ideating and creating your videos we’ve got some pro tips for you to make sure you leave no stone unturned with your testimonial videos! Let’s dive right in.

C. Pro tips for creating testimonial videos

What makes a great testimonial video? Is it the good reviews or a catchy presentation? Here’s a great example of a customer testimonial video for a skincare brand. Let’s take a look at it and see what are the most essential, actionable things you need to be doing when you’re making your customer testimonial video for your brand:

Tip #1 - Show specific and tangible results

Since testimonial videos are generally short, you want to get straight to the point. This means showcasing reviews and getting customers to talk about specific results they’ve achieved. You don’t want to beat around the bush. See how Glowbiotics interviews three women and only uses relevant clips that add to their brand’s narrative. 

Tip #2 - Feature different target customers

The Glowbiotic video showcases three different women from three different age groups and professions as reviewers. This helps them showcase that their brand is beneficial for women from all walks of life by stating how their product can help these women on a daily basis. The more diverse your customer testimonials are, the wider your interested audience will become.

Tip #3 - Be conversational, not scripted

One of the biggest advantages of showcasing customer testimonials is the promise of authenticity and trust – the word of a fellow customer is more reliable than anything else. That’s why whether your testimonial is in video form or written form, it should sound conversational and personal – like is the case with the Glowbiotics video – rather than seeming stuffy and scripted.

Tip #4 - Include client problems that your product or service solved

Doing this will increase the relatability of your testimonial to your audience. If someone watching has a similar problem that they want to be solved, your product or service will immediately come under strong consideration by them.

Bonus tips for choosing the perfect media clips for your customer testimonial

- Don’t ask for a review too early. It would be better to ask repeat buyers who are already loyal to your brand. This is a great way to maintain relations with them and genuinely take their feedback into consideration too.

Create and send questions instead of arbitrarily asking for ‘feedback’. This will bring back genuine answers that are specific and show tangible results.

- If you’re shooting videos of your customers: choose the right setting and filming angles, make them feel as comfortable as possible, and give them easy-to-follow instructions! This will ensure a smooth experience for your customers as well as you.

- If you’re adding images: pick images with good context that represent your brand or customer base well.

Wrapping up

A terrific testimonial video features real customers telling the audiences how incredible their own experience with a brand has been in a persuasive way. The idea is to build trust with your target audience and drive further views and sales along the way. And now with this list of ideas and a detailed guide, you’re well on your way to creating thumb-stopping customer testimonial videos. 

If you want to level up beyond the basic editing you just learned, check out our video editing tips and learn how to add cool effects to your videos to make them more engaging.

And if you prefer learning via videos, you definitely should check out our YouTube channel where we share daily video creation tips and tricks, the latest video trends and ideas, and help you make more money as a video creator.


This post was written by Yashvi and edited by Adete from Team InVideo

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