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How to Start a YouTube Automation Channel with AI

Aastha Kochar
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Did you know that an average YouTuber makes around $5,499 per month by creating videos? And you can make it too! However, if you’re just starting your own channel, scripting, shooting, and editing videos may overwhelm you. 

But if we tell you – you can create YouTube videos within minutes (that too, with ZERO technical skills)? Yes, with YouTube Automation, it is very much possible. You can easily automate the tedious process of video creation, editing, and much more.

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If that sounds exciting to you, this guide will help you with everything you need to get started. By the end, you'll discover:

So, let's dive into how you can start a YouTube automation channel and make money with it. 

What Is YouTube Automation?

YouTube automation is the process of automating certain time-consuming tasks, ranging from ideation and scripting to content creation and management to run a YouTube channel with minimal human involvement.

Think of it this way: You have fantastic video ideas, but the tasks like video creation and editing seem overwhelming, and consume a lot of your time. So, using AI video creation tools can allow you to generate videos through text-based prompts and leave you with more time to brainstorm creative ideas.

YouTube Automation Channel Ideas 

Now that you know what YouTube automation is, let’s brainstorm some content ideas to help you determine which ones align with your skills and interests. 

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1. Storytelling 

If you are considering creating a YouTube channel and are passionate about storytelling, go with this niche. It's all about sharing real-life experiences, historical events, or even stories that are totally fictional, which typically keeps people entertained and interested. 

Mr. Nightmare's YouTube channel is a great example here. With more than 6.41 million subscribers, this famous channel is known for narrating scary stories, ranging from urban legends to true events, with a mix of spooky music and sounds to enhance the mood. It's perfect for those who enjoy a good scare, and it shows how effectively storytelling can captivate the right audience. 

Visit here:

Now, certain strategies and tactics are very suitable for a storytelling YouTube channel. Here are some tailored tips if you are thinking of starting and growing a storytelling channel: 

  1. Develop a Unique Narration Style: Develop and follow your own unique storytelling style to distinguish yourself from other creators in the category. With animated stories, with narrations that are amazingly visual, or with live-action storytelling, use a unique approach that appeals to your target audience.
  2. Focus on Script Quality: The quality of your script is vital. Take good time to create interesting stories that flow well, keeping your viewers involved from the beginning to the end.
  3. Create Series and Recurring Themes: You can also create a series based on certain themes or characters that can attract viewers to come back over and over again. Serialized storytelling makes the audiences more hooked, which keeps them invested in what’s more to come ahead.
  4. Leverage Story Arcs: Create story arcs that extend across several videos. This can create a lot of suspense and make the viewers more inclined to watch your channel more closely.

However, keep in mind that telling stories is indeed an art. It takes a lot of imagination, energy, and readiness to experiment and evolve together with your audience. So, make sure that each story you tell directly speaks to the audience at a personal level. 

2. Motivation 

The motivational niche YouTube channel is focused on content that motivates and educates people. It is a good niche to work on because a lot of people search for it on the internet – for career, personal life, or for self-development. 

Motiversity is one such prominent YouTube channel with high-quality, branded content tailored to inspire the viewers. The channel features original, highly edited, exclusive speeches from some of the best motivational speakers, catering to a broader audience segment seeking motivation in various aspects of life, such as work, study, fitness, and personal development. 

Visit here:

If you're thinking about starting or growing a motivational channel, here are some tips:

  1. Share High-Quality Posts Regularly: Ensure that your videos are of high quality and also entertaining. Moreover, publish regularly so that your viewers know when to check for updates.
  2. Know Your Viewers: Understand which audience segment is watching your videos. Videos on various topics of interest and needs, such as career advice and personal growth, generally garner good views on YouTube.
  3. Talk to Your Viewers: Ask questions in your videos, and also answer the comments. This connects the viewers and keeps them returning.
  4. Tell Stories: Use real stories to support your arguments. When you talk about others' experiences, many people enjoy listening to it, and it makes your message much more powerful.


ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) channels on YouTube have become very popular due to the content specifically designed to create a sense of relaxation among the viewers. These channels rely on several approaches to produce such sensations to establish a comforting and relaxing environment. 

Gibi ASMR is one such classic example of a channel that has been a massive success in this category and garnered a community of over 4 million subscribers. What sets it apart is the creator Gibi’s expertise in creative role-play videos and cosplay, which gives off a gentle vibe. 

Visit here:

To build a following in the ASMR niche, it is necessary to focus on producing quality and immersive content. Some key tips include:

  1. Invest in Good Equipment: Two important things here are high-sensitivity microphones and quality cameras. Binaural microphones perform the best as they simulate the natural sound perception and allow for a more immersive experience.
  2. Cater to Diverse Needs: Provide a wide selection of ASMR sounds, including whispering, tapping, and role-playing, to accommodate various tastes.
  3. Produce High-Quality Content: Consider the quality of the sound and the visuals. Close-ups, crisp, and clear sound are essential.
  4. Innovate: Constantly try out new sounds and subjects to make your content interesting and fresh.

4. Travel Guides 

Travel guide channels on YouTube have gained momentum because of their innovative content that takes viewers through virtual experiences at different locations around the world. These channels appeal to a broad audience – from avid travelers to people looking for ideas of being inspired by future travels. 

For instance, look at Touropia’s YouTube channel, which provides a range of “best of” lists with the most incredible sights in the world. From landscapes, ancient monuments, and islands to wildlife and countries, it covers everything a traveler can enjoy from the comfort of their home.

Visit here:

To grow a viewership in this niche, several strategies can be effective:

  1. Leverage Local Insights: To distinguish your content from others, ensure that you provide insider tips and hidden gems. Collaborate with local guides or residents for authentic knowledge.
  2. Focus on a Sub-Niche: Niche down on a particular type of travel or destination, for instance, by focusing only on budget-friendly resorts in Hawaii or Florida, or covering specific regions like the Pacific Northwest or the New England coastline.
  3. Use Story-Driven Content: The story for each video can be kept straightforward. In this case, instead of simply highlighting the destination, narrate a story about discovering the hidden gems of small towns or the bustling streets of New York City.
  4. Include Seasonal and Event-Based Content: Cater to audience interests by using global events, iconic sports events like the Super Bowl or the World Series, or seasonal natural wonders such as the fall foliage in Vermont or the cherry blossoms in Washington, D.C.
  5. Create Series-Based Content: Create a series of content that revolves around a specific theme or journey. For instance, a series like 'Road Tripping the Historic Route 66', 'Exploring the Culinary Delights of New Orleans', or 'The Great American National Parks Expedition.'

5. Cooking

If you love cooking and are interested in building a presence in this niche, a cooking channel is another great idea. These channels cover all skill levels, from kitchen hacks and basic cooking how-tos to more advanced techniques and unique culinary creations. 

Almazan Kitchen is an example of one of the most popular cooking channels on YouTube showcasing creative and relatable recipes for the viewers. 

Visit here:

To grow a cooking channel, you can apply these strategies:

  1. Specialize in a Niche: Instead of just focusing on general cooking content, you should specialize in a specific niche, such as vegan cooking, regional cuisines, or baking. This will allow you to distinguish yourself and get a loyal audience interested in that particular field.
  2. Share Recipes: Another interesting thing you can do is to talk about the process of creating your recipe.
  3. Be a Part of Challenges and Trends: Join the popular cooking challenges or trends that are ongoing on YouTube and other social media. This may increase your popularity and bring viewers who follow these trends.
  4. Introduce Ingredient Spotlight Series: You can also produce a show based on a specific ingredient, its background, nutritional value, and a variety of ways to prepare it in each episode.

6. Interesting facts

If you are considering establishing YouTube automation channels, the "interesting facts" category is an excellent idea for a number of reasons. To begin with, it is popular among many people who enjoy learning new things. Additionally, facts-based videos can be automated using a combination of text, images, and narration and are less complicated than other video styles that may require complex filming. 

Your channel can become a one-stop shop for exciting trivia, with viewers flocking to it for entertaining yet informative content. 

The same is the case with FactsnMore YouTube channel, which offers exciting and fun facts about everyday life, animals, and more in a concise format. Subscribers get easily digestible educational content that caters to their curious minds looking to learn new and fascinating information entertainingly. 

Visit here:

For a YouTube channel focused on interesting facts, here are five specific growth tips:

  1. Tailor Facts to Trending Topics: Go with the trends. Include facts that are timely and based on recent events. This would enhance the relevance and search visibility.
  2. Verify Facts: Rigorously check your facts. Credibility is important in this field, and misinformation can damage your channel's image.
  3. Use Interactive Quizzes: Add quizzes or question segments to your videos. This encourages users to spend more time on the site and facilitates their engagement.
  4. Localize Facts: Use facts that may be unique to different localities or cultures. This may attract a global audience and satisfy different viewers' interests.

7. Health and Fitness Tips

Health and fitness tips are a reliable option if you are thinking about creating a YouTube automation channel. Why? Because this category has a global audience. Whether it is physical health, wellness, or diet, people are always looking for better ways of improving their health. 

In addition, this niche usually has a committed and enthusiastic audience looking for frequent advice and tips, often resulting in a dedicated subscriber base.

Athlean-X is one such example of a YouTube channel in this category offering information that helps the viewers improve strength, muscle definition, and overall physique. 

Visit here:

As a creator in the health niche, you can make a positive difference in people's lives by creating valuable content around health and fitness. Here are some tips to help you achieve this: 

  1. Customize Workout Routines: Share workouts for various fitness levels and objectives. You can also go with variations for newbies or leveled challenges for experienced workout enthusiasts.
  2. Share Nutrition and Diet Tips: Balance the fitness content with nutritional advice. Give recipes and meal preparation tips that support workout plans.
  3. Collaborate with Experts: Include guest fitness trainers, nutritionists, or physiotherapists. This gives your content credibility and makes it more diverse.
  4. Use Success Stories and Testimonials: Share personal success stories from your locality. This helps to inspire viewers and to prove the value of your recommendation.
  5. Launch Interactive Challenges: Organize fitness challenges or health-related goals for your subscribers. This would foster community and promote active engagement.

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8.  Tech And Gadget Reviews

The tech and gadget reviews niche on YouTube is a constant flow of thrill and innovation that one can always dive into. Imagine this: Every day, there is a new invention or tech upgrade to discover and talk about. Your channel might become a home for tech fans looking for the latest smartphones, smart home devices, or leading edge-tech tools in action. 

One example of a YouTube channel in this category is "Ben's Gadget Reviews," with over 200k subscribers dedicated to unboxing and in-depth testing/review of various gadgets. 

Here, subscribers get detailed insights into the latest technologies and tech products and reviews to help them decide whether to buy the gadget. Hence, it helps viewers make informed decisions about tech purchases, showcasing the channel's value within the tech community.

Visit here:

To grow your tech and gadget review channel on YouTube, consider these five specific strategies:

  1. Cover New Launches and Events: Stay ahead by posting latest content on launches and tech events. The timely content on new releases can attract viewers searching for the latest news.
  2. Deep-Dive Tutorials: Besides just reviewing, provide detailed tutorials on how to use the gadgets. This can attract viewers who already have the gadget or are planning to buy one.
  3. Share Industry Insights: Provide information about the tech industry, such as market trends and forecasts. This would make you a thought leader in the field.
  4. Provide Tech Support: Set up a series of solving common tech hiccups or answering tech questions. This can be a significant attraction to viewers looking for practical technical solutions.
  5. Post User Experience Stories: Include user stories or case studies in your reviews. This can offer a more realistic viewpoint of the gadget’s functionality in the real world.

9. Life Hacks

Life hacks is the perfect niche if you like finding and sharing innovative tips that make daily tasks easier, from home organization to do-it-yourself activities. It is a domain that appeals to a vast audience in search of fast and smart fixes to their day-to-day problems. 

Your channel may become a point of reference for people who want to simplify and streamline such tasks, providing an endless source of content that is both informative and entertaining.      

YouTube channel "123 GO!" is one of the best examples of this niche, famous for its easy makeup & fashion hacks, pranks, and funny videos. 

Due to its creative and easy hacks in day-to-day problem-solving, it has become one of the channel's fastest-growing segments, especially among young adults.

Visit here:

Growing a channel in the life hacks niche on YouTube requires specific strategies:

  1. Post Category-Specific Hacks: Pay attention to life hacks for specific areas such as gardening, office work, or parenting. This specialization can draw a committed audience.
  2. Use Before-and-After Demonstrations: Use before-and-after images to demonstrate the success of your hacks. This tangible evidence can be a very effective point.
  3. Share Challenge Videos: Add challenges where you try out some of the popular hacks or create new ones. This would make your content entertaining.
  4. Encourage the Community: Empower viewers to share their own hacks, turning the series into a user-generated community. This increases the viewer’s engagement and loyalty.
  5. Share Seasonal and Event-Based Hacks: Create content based on seasonal events, holidays, or trends, providing useful and timely hacks.

10. Top 10 Lists

Starting with Top 10 lists can be a great option if you want to create interesting, digestible content that viewers enjoy watching. It is an interactive format that has an in-built countdown that easily keeps the viewers hooked. 

Whether it is the top 10 movies, books, or weird facts, this niche satisfies various interests. It is also flexible, meaning you can discuss current issues or evergreen content. 

MostAmazingTop10 is an excellent example of this category focusing specifically on dark and mysterious content through its engaging top 10 lists format. This typically includes interesting, chilling topics, such as unsolved mysteries, paranormal activities, and scary true stories. 

Visit here:

To grow your automation channel in this niche, here’s what you can do:

  1. Use Unique Angles on Common Topics: Address mainstream topics but with a unique narrative to make a statement.
  2. Include Dynamic Visuals: Make sure to use interesting graphics and animation throughout the video to keep the audience interested.
  3. Use Audience-Inspired Lists: Frequently come up with lists as per the recommendations of viewers to increase activity.
  4. Add Surprising Elements: Adding additional surprises or honorable mentions will make the viewer wonder and talk about the fact.
  5. Create Series: Create a themed series (e.g., ‘Top 10 Tech Gadgets of the Year’) that would induce viewers to watch your videos.

How to Start a YouTube Channel Using invideo AI?

Curious to know how to use YouTube automation seamlessly? With invideo AI, you can turn text into stunning, ready-to-publish YouTube videos in a few minutes. It takes care of everything, from creating interesting scripts to refined and cohesive video clips, subtitles, and background music. 
Even if you’re a beginner, our intuitive and easy-to-navigate interface, set up with all the necessary tools at each stage, makes video creation effortless. 

Benefits of Using invideo AI for YouTube Automation Channel 

Imagine a tool that does the boring work for you to let your creative side run free. Here’s why invideo AI is your ticket to successful YouTube channel automation.

  • Effortless Scriptwriting and Voiceovers

No more hours on scriptwriting. Invideo AI leverages cutting-edge AI to create scripts that speak to your target audience while precisely reflecting your brand’s voice. 

  • Budget-Friendly Solution

With invideo AI, you can easily bypass the need for costly equipment such as cameras, lighting, and professional editing software. It enables high-quality video creation with minimal investment, making professional content accessible to everyone – regardless of their budget. This approach not only saves money but also lets you explore new opportunities for creativity and efficiency in content production.

  • Consistent, Quality Content

Consistency is the basis for effective YouTube video automation. With invideo AI, your content pipeline will never run out of content, keeping you consistently active on YouTube.

  • Total Creative Control

Your vision, your rules. Personalize your videos to your individual style and brand. The user-friendly interface of invideo AI allows you to personalize every aspect of your videos, from scripts to visuals. Regardless of whether you want to create a whimsical and entertaining feel or a sleek and professional aesthetic, your videos will always bear the distinct mark of your personality.

  • Professional Quality, Every Time

Take your content to a new level with high-quality exports to ensure every video is professionally dazzling. With invideo AI, your videos will not just be perfect in terms of sound quality, but they will also look fantastic whether you watch them on a phone or a bigger screen.

Your time is invaluable, especially when juggling a side gig. Invideo AI is here to make the most out of seconds, where you produce, personalize, and mesmerize on YouTube. Sign up today and save hours with invideo AI.

How to Use invideo AI?

Now that you have a list of ideas for your YouTube channel and know how invideo AI can help you bring them to life, here’s a simple, step-by-step process to create videos using invideo AI. 

1. To begin, sign up on invideo AI:

2. Next, enter your video topic and click on “Generate a video.” 

3. Invideo AI will now process the request:

4. Once your video is ready, it will be shown below, along with an option to edit and export.

5. Click on “Edit” if you want to make any changes in your video with respect to the media or script. 

  • If you wish to make any changes in the script, click on “Edit script”, and you will be given multiple options, as shown in the image below: 

  • Apart from this, you can also implement various other changes, such as deleting a particular scene and changing the duration or angle of the shot. 

6. Once you have finalized the changes, you can export the video, and a window similar to the one below will appear on the screen: 

  • Click on “Continue”, and you will be redirected to the final video along with a description and time stamps. 

  • Click on “Share” to get a shareable link to your video, which you can use to share it across your other social media platforms. 

How to Monetize the YouTube Automation Channel? 

With your YouTube automation channel up and running, the next step is to explore its earning potential. So now, you will discover all the options you can go with to monetize your YouTube automation channel. 

1. Ad Revenue through the YouTube Partner Program

To become a member of the YouTube Partner Program and generate income from ads, your channel needs to have at least 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of watch time in the last year. 

For creators focused on Shorts, the minimum requirement is to have at least 1,000 subscribers and at least 10 million eligible public Shorts views over the last 90 days. Such integration in the Partner Program enables creators to monetize not only their long-form content but also the Shorts, giving a full-fledged mechanism to make money.

The income from ad revenue is based on various factors such as the number of views of the video, the type of ads, the location of the viewers of those ads, and the involvement of the audience with the ads. However, as per multiple sources, the average income is $0.01 - 0.03 per ad view, which is roughly $10 - $30 per 1000 views.

Types of Ads

Some of the ads that can come up on your videos include display ads, which appear alongside the video. 

Here’s an example.

Others include overlay ads, which appear at the bottom of the video, and video ads, which can either be skippable or non-skippable and can play before, during, and after your video. 

Further, YouTube introduced ads between shorts, integrating them flawlessly into the user experience and providing new options for advertisers to attract their audience.

2. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing involves promoting products or services in your videos where you include special affiliate links in the video descriptions. When viewers click on these links and make purchases, you earn a commission on each sale.

While it is necessary to advertise products or services that relate to your content and audience, you need to be careful not to do so too often. This makes it less likely that your viewers will be interested in the offerings and will buy them. 

Different commission rates depend on the affiliate program. Some programs pay a flat commission per sale, while others may have varying commission structures. 

In the screenshot shared above, you'll see that YouTuber Kevin Stratvert has shared invideo AI's affiliate link in the description of his video where he's talking about invideo AI. Whenever a user signs up to invideo AI using his link, he'll get a commission for it. You can join invideo's affiliate program too.

The invideo AI affiliate program lets you earn up to 50% based on paid referrals. This program has already empowered more than 1000+ registered affiliates, earning up to $5000 in revenue per month. All in all, promoting invideo AI enables you to earn a good commission if your audience is also interested in video creation. You can learn more about top affiliate programs here.

3. Sponsorships

Sponsorship is a form of collaboration with brands that are interested in your audience. Most brands pay you for the reviews, mentions, or incorporation of their products or services into your videos. You can find these through direct outreach, or they may come to you as your channel grows.

The earnings generated through sponsorships vary depending on the size of your channel, engagement rates, and the details of the sponsorship agreement. However, it is essential to negotiate terms that will work well for you and the sponsor.

Although sponsorships can be profitable, it is important to be transparent to your audience about sponsored content. Additionally, pick sponsors that share your channel’s values and content to maintain the audience’s trust.

4. Memberships and Subscriptions

Memberships, or channel memberships, are a way to allow your viewers to support your channel through recurring payments. To provide channel memberships, your YouTube channel needs to fulfill the requirements set by YouTube, most commonly a number of subscribers (30,000 for most channels, while the gaming channels can offer memberships only with 1,000 subscribers).

In return, the members get special benefits. These may include personalized badges, emojis, restricted access to the posts in the community tab, and even unique videos, live chats, and other exclusive stuff.

Unlike one-off payments, membership payments offer a regular and predictable stream of revenue. This can be particularly beneficial for channels that generate consistent content and have an established audience. 

5. Super Chat and Super Thanks

Super Chat and Super Thanks are tools that let your viewers financially support your content. Super Chats are available for purchase during live streams, which lets the viewers highlight their messages in the chat stream. The higher the price, the greater and longer-lasting the message highlights. This is a way to get viewers’ attention and to thank them for their support during the stream.

In contrast, Super Thanks is a feature that allows viewers to make a one-time payment to express their gratitude for a video. When a viewer uses this feature, they can leave a bright comment on your video, which is easy to see in the comments section. 

YouTube earns a commission from Super Chats and Super Thanks (usually about 30%), while the rest of the amount goes to the creator.

6. Merchandise Sales

Selling merchandise is a direct monetization method for your audience, especially if you have a solid brand with a massive following. YouTube has a function called the Merchandise Shelf that enables creators to display their merchandise under the videos. This allows viewers to easily navigate and purchase products such as T-shirts, hats, or any other branded products you provide.

For example, the screenshot above shows the H2ODelirious YouTube channel’s online store, an instance of how a YouTube channel can generate additional income by selling its own branded merchandise. Here, their fans can purchase t-shirts, mugs, and other products that have the channel’s exclusive designs. Selling these products allows the channel to earn extra rather than solely relying on the videos. 

But here’s the thing: Good merchandising creates a link between you and your audience, reinforcing relationships within the community when fans love to express their support by using or wearing your branded products. 

So, good merchandising relies on good branding. Your products should appeal to your audience and should reflect the theme or message of your channel. Creative and interesting designs may help to increase sales.


For those who want to begin a YouTube automation channel as a secondary source of income with little time, using AI for automation can be a life-changer. AI tools can process time-consuming tasks such as script writing, video creation, and editing. This gives you more time to think about creative aspects and refine your content strategy. 

With AI, you can stay consistent with your posting schedule, which is essential for channel growth, without daily manual involvement. It is about finding the right balance of automation and personal touch to create a successful and efficient YouTube presence!

If you prefer learning via videos, you should definitely check out our YouTube channel, where we share daily video creation tips and tricks, the latest video trends and ideas, and help you make more money as a video creator. 

Also, here are a few related resources we recommend checking out:

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