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Here’s Everything You Need To Know About YouTube Cards

YouTube cards have been a great way to garner engagement for YouTubers all over the world. They trigger your viewers to take action – whether visiting the next video, checking your blog, or binge-watching a playlist suggested by you.

Today I am going to share with you everything that you need to know about YouTube Cards.

Let’s bring our A-game here. Embrace the magical YouTube cards to take your YouTube game to the next level.

What Are YouTube Cards?

YouTube cards are interactive elements that you can place during or at the end of your YouTube video. These cards appear as a notification on the right-hand corner of the screen while your main content is streaming.

You can place this card at any particular time that you want them to appear. If the viewer clicks on the card, it will expand on the right-hand side of the video. And the viewer has to click once again to go to the link associated with the card. The card will disappear after a few seconds if the user does not click on it.

These interactive cards work on both computers and mobile devices.

YouTube cards

Types Of YouTube Cards

Depending on what you want your viewer to do, there are several types of YouTube cards you can use to suit your CTAs.

a. Channel Cards

You can use the channel cards when you have a second channel that you want your audience to check out or when you have collaborated with another YouTuber in a video. You can also place recommended channels on this card.

YouTube cards - Channel Cards

b. Donation Cards

Use the donation cards for fundraising events. Note that this feature is available only for the US channels currently, and the funds need to be raised for a US non-profit organization. Read these instructions by Google before using the donation cards.

c. Link Cards

You can add links to associated websites, merchandise sites, or crowdfunding pages. Note that you will have to be in the YouTube Partner Program to activate this feature.

  • Associated website – Send your viewers to your blog or other E-commerce websites.
  • Crowdfunding – Encourage your viewers to check out your projects on one of the approved crowdfunding URLs.
  • Merchandise –  Promote licensed merchandise from approved retailers using this card.

Here, Tim Ferriss takes his viewers to his website:

d. Poll Cards

Collect votes and opinions of your viewers with Poll cards. Ask them if they would like you to make a specific video or whether they enjoyed the current video and so on.

Poll Cards

e. Video Or Playlist Cards

Guide your viewers to any other videos or playlists that are publicly available on YouTube. You can also link to a specific time in any video. Use this feature to promote a relevant series from your channel. You can also link to others’ content if you want to refer to a specific or whole of the video.

Here, Lilly Singh recommends the next video for her audience to watch:

Playlist cards

7 YouTube Card Tips And Best Practices

1. Script A Call To Action Within The Video To Draw Your Viewers’ Attention To A Card

The best way to make the most of your CTA is to have a verbal call out and include a card at the same time. Randomly popping those cards will be a mere distraction and may work against you.

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2. Show The Cards When You Need The Most Attention From Your Audience

Dive into your YouTube analytics and check out the time when most of your audience leaves your video. Adding an interactive card here will be an excellent way to either get them to stay back or guide them to view your next video.

3. Most Importantly, Place Cards At The End Of The Video

The end screen is undoubtedly the best place to increase your audience retention. Have your audience to continue to consume your content by guiding them towards a relevant video or a playlist from your channel. Add a video/playlist card or poll card here.

Use our outro maker to make an End Screen for your YouTube channel.

4. Write Compelling Teaser Texts And Custom Messages

Teaser text appears before someone clicks on it to view the card. Writing a compelling copy here will lead to action. Include a CTA in the custom message and direct your audience to do something. Your teaser text should clearly state how it will benefit the viewer or generate curiosity.

This text below creates a sense of curiosity and makes you want to click on it.

Teaser text

5. Keep The Card Content Relevant

Many YouTubers make the mistake of adding cards for the sake of it, without carefully planning them. Decide your cards while you are preparing the content and shooting the video. Make sure all your cards are relevant to the content of the video so they can drive action from your audience.

6. Track Your Card’s Performance And Edit When Necessary

Keep experimenting with different kinds of cards and placements and check the analytics to see what works best for you. You can easily understand the number of clicks a card got, which card worked well, and more such details in the YouTube analytics.

7. Maintain The Aesthetics

If you are going to add multiple cards in your video, make sure to space them out. While shooting the video, leave enough blank space to add the cards without disturbing your actual content. Shabby and crowded cards may drive your viewers away.

Check our video templates to create aesthetically pleasing videos for your channel.

How To Add Cards To Your YouTube Videos?

Step 1 – Go to YouTube Studio from your channel’s page

Step 2 – Go to the ‘Video’ section from the left panel

YouTube Channel - Video Section

Step 3 – Select the video that you want to add the YouTube Card to. Click on the pencil icon to see details

Add Video to YouTube Cards

Step 4 – On the next page, scroll down to see the menu as shown below on the right side of the page. And, then select ‘Cards’

YouTube Cards

Here, you will be able to add cards, as shown below:

YouTube Channel - Add Card

Click on the ‘Add card’ drop-down menu and select which card you want to create. You can add up to 5 cards in a video.

Poll Card:

Add your poll question and choices. And, click on ‘Create card’ when done. By default, the poll question text will be used as a teaser text. You can write a separate teaser by clicking on ‘Change.’

YouTube Poll Card

Video/Playlist Card:

Select from uploads and playlists or add a link from another channel. Write in your custom message and teaser text. And, click on ‘Create card’ once you are done.

YouTube Video or Playlist card


Add the channel username or the URL. Once again, add your custom message and teaser text. And, click on ‘Create card’ once you are done.

Link To another YouTube Channel

As shown below, you can set the time of each card by moving the cursor on the timeline.

Timeline for YouTube Cards

Simply close the window once you are done. And, your video will be updated automatically.

Now refresh the video link once and check. This is how poll cards look like for your viewers:

Poll Card

And voila! You successfully added YouTube cards to your video.

Check poll answers by clicking the edit button beside the poll card. You can delete any card by clicking the bin icon.

Add more cards to YouTube Cards

YouTube Cards - Poll Result

Closing Thoughts

Engagement is one of the most essential factors that help you rank your videos higher in the search results. Find and implement all the ways you can optimize your YouTube channel and videos. Use InVideo’s YouTube Marketing resources to learn more such tips and tricks to boost your YouTube channel.

Hope you found the article resourceful. Keep creating awesome content!

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