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19 Cute YouTube Video Ideas for Teenage Girls to Use in 2024

Yashvi from InVideo
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Beyoncé said girls run the world, and they seem to run YouTube too! 70% of US teenage girls use YouTube daily and globally, more than 50% of YouTube users are female. Whether you’re a creator looking to start their own channel or a brand that primarily targets teenage girls, there has never been a better time to hop on the YouTube bandwagon. And if you’re worried about the relevancy of long-form video content in an increasingly fast-paced world, let’s put that to rest. As of October 2021, YouTube still ranks as the second most used social media platform globally. 

That being said, it’s not exactly a piece of cake to start making videos for YouTube. You need filming equipment, basic knowledge of filming, and most importantly good YouTube video ideas that will appeal to your audience. So, we decided to make the first step of the puzzle super easy for you by coming up with a list of the best YouTube video ideas for teenage girls. Whether you’re a creator or a brand, these will help you get started in the right direction. And if you stick around till the end, we’ve got a short tutorial on how you can use InVideo’s editor to bring your YouTube ideas to life!

Here's everything we will cover:

- Must-Haves:
- Lifestyle Video Ideas
- Beauty and Cosmetic Related Video Ideas
- DIY Projects Video Ideas
- Productivity and School-Related Video ideas
- BONUS: How to turn your idea into a reality using InVideo


These are the 2 things you should definitely have in your YouTube video.

YouTube Video Ideas for Teenage Girls #1: Have a Solid Intro

How you start your video can make or break how your video performs on the YouTube algorithm The engagement of most video drops after the first 10 seconds, but having a good intro can ensure that you definitely make it well past that mark. The purpose of YouTube intro videos is to give your audience a segway into the video while establishing your brand identity. And while that might seem like a lot of fancy words, YouTube intros are actually quite simple to make, especially given the fact that they don’t need to be more than a few seconds long. 

Take a look a the intro in this video below. You will see it has two important components: the video hook and an introduction to the channel. The channel in question does book and movie commentary with a comedic spin and her illustration & font choice is representative of that. 

A good intro should ideally tell the viewer about you and the channel as well as give a glimpse into what the video is about. And you can easily create such intros using InVideo’s free Intros and Logo Reveals templates. Here’s one that you can check out and use. Simply open it in the InVideo editor, change the text and the colors and you’re good to go. 

YouTube Video Ideas for Teenage Girls #2: Have a Solid Outro

Outro videos are probably just as important as intro videos on YouTube. Think of these as conclusions to your video. A good YouTube outro video does three important things: it increases the watch time for your video, it increases visits and subscriptions to your channel, and it helps recommend your other videos to the viewer. A successful outro video should therefore have a good CTA, a goodbye in a style that’s unique to you, and strategically placed recommendations for what the viewers should do next. 

Use this Template

Here’s an outro video template that’s perfect for your YouTube channel as a teenage girl. The outro template already has a CTA and recommendations for both: your other YouTube videos, as well as your other social media profiles. All you need to add to this is a goodbye of your own unique style to create a small USP hook for people to want to stick around till the end! Now if you want more variety, you can emulate this by customizing one of InVideo’s many YouTube Outro templates

Lifestyle Video Ideas

Lifestyle, health, and wellness vlogs and videos have gained popularity with a rise in influencer culture and ‘glow up’ trends. Here are some YouTube video ideas for teenage YouTubers with ‘lifestyle’ as a theme:

YouTube Video Ideas for Teenage Girls #3: Film a week in your life (as a student or anything else)  

‘A week in my life’ videos are structured vlogs that usually give audiences a realistic view of someone’s life experiences. You can make this video highlighting a week in your life as a school-going student like this example video does. A lot of people spice this up too, by showing their exam weeks, their week in outfits, in workouts, and lots more!

These videos are popular because they are either relatable to people going through a similar situation, or they build intrigue for those who are not. Making this kind of video is on the easier side – you simply need to film what you are doing throughout the week and then put it all together using a video editor of choice. If your video is going to be under 15 minutes long, you can use InVideo’s online editor to edit your video!

Pro tip: Choosing the right music for your vlogs is absolutely crucial which is why simply sticking to the YouTube audio library might not be the best idea since the number of songs on there is very limited. You can either opt to subscribe to a royalty-free music website or you can also look at InVideo’s stock music library that contains millions of royalty-free songs. 

YouTube Video Ideas for Teenage Girls #4: Film a ‘glow up’ or transformation video

Transformation or ‘glow-up’ videos of young women have taken YouTube by storm. These vlog-style videos consist of some kind of intentional (primarily) physical and mental transformation over time. People have 24-hour transformation videos, ‘glowing up for the school semester’ videos, or ‘glowing up for summer’ where they change their hairstyles, do their nails, work on their skincare, and change up their fashion. This example video is about a ‘glowing up for the new year’ transformation.

‘Glow up’ videos are another form of motivational videos, even if they are for aesthetic transformation rather than productivity. They often give the content creators and audiences the chance to refocus on their grooming practices, or have a much-needed ‘spa day’. 

To make a glow-up video, you will need to do prior planning and figure out what aspect of your life you want to achieve a glow-up. The filming will take place often over an extended period and while you cannot completely plan out this kind of video since it’s going to be based on real-life occurrences, you can create a tentative guideline to ensure that you don’t forget filming something. 

YouTube Video Ideas for Teenage Girls #5: Experiment with a trending ‘routine’

This idea is slightly more high-effort and will require prior planning and scripting so that you can get the best result. What you need to do is keep a lookout for trending themes and routines in the fitness and self-development community, and then film yourself trying out that routine as an experiment or a challenge. A lot of such challenges are workout challenges. But often, these routines are either for increased productivity or inspired by a famous, successful person’s routine (like Elon Musk or Jeff Bezos).

In the video above, the creator also shares her ‘final thoughts’ after trying out the routine. This kind of video helps others understand whether a new trending practice in the self-development community really works without having to try it themselves! 

The beauty of these videos lies in how well they’re edited. If you’re new to editing, then you can check out this guide on how to edit a video to get a grasp on the process and create a beautiful end result.  

YouTube Video Ideas for Teenage Girls #6: Make a ‘what I eat in a day/week’ video

This is a fitness-themed video idea, and it’s a vlog-based view of what you usually eat in a day or a week. A lot of times these videos have a specific focus, like ‘what I eat: simple and realistic’, ‘what I eat at home with my family’, or ‘what I eat to stay fit’ – which is the example we’re going with today.

These videos usually help to give teens different meal and recipe ideas. They can even be helpful and motivational to those viewers who may be looking to improve their meal planning. This video is also on the easier side to film – you simply need to capture clips of whatever you’re eating through the week and the clips together using an editor like InVideo, add a voice-over and you’re done. 

However, if you want to take it up a notch, you can play around with different editing styles, intersperse the clips with you making those recipes and also provide your viewers with additional info to help them on their journey. It’s a great idea in this case to create a script beforehand of what all you want to include besides your food. 

YouTube Video Ideas for Teenage Girls #7: Film a travel vlog

Though travel vlogs are a whole niche of their own, that doesn’t mean you can’t dabble a bit in the travel video space. Whether you’re taking a short day trip, a weekend road trip, or a long backpacking trip – you can film it all for travel vlogs! This example is a short travel vlog of a mini road trip by someone who films largely lifestyle content.

These cute travel vlogs by lifestyle YouTubers can be very fun and relatable to watch. Even though they may not be filled with tips from seasoned travelers, they have the messy aesthetic feel that our travels usually do. All you have to do is film your trip, and then edit it into one video. Here’s a travel vlog-style template from InVideo that you can customize and repurpose into a short vlog for your YouTube channel!

YouTube Video Ideas for Teenage Girls #8: Show your self-care routine, your morning routine, or your night routine

Mental and physical self-care are both important topics, especially among teenage girls on YouTube. This video idea helps you and your audience get real with what your self-care routines look like, and where you need to improve. Self-care routines are a way to be present and intentional with yourself, and it’s much needed with the chaos that adolescence brings. This example video offers different suggestions of things your self-care routine can involve. It also includes some girl talk topics for YouTube, about your identity, authenticity, burnout, fears, loving yourself, and more!

Getting real with your audience is one of the best ways to gather trust and a loyal following – that’s one of the reasons testimonial videos do so well. This kind of video needs some planning if you don’t already have a self-care routine of your own – but even if you need to plan, it might be a great exercise in self-work along with being helpful to your YouTube community!

YouTube Video Ideas for Teenage Girls #9: Film a room or dorm tour!

Growing into a teenager, you’re bound to want to reorganize and change the aesthetic of your childhood room! We’ll look at a room makeover idea later in this article, but just a simple room or dorm tour will also be super helpful for your audience to draw inspiration from.

In this short dorm tour, the example video shows how they organize most of their things and also decorate in a small shared space like a dorm. Room/dorm tours are easy to film and edit since they don’t need too much planning – just filming and narration of the room’s contents. An interesting take you can add on this is to film your room both during daylight and at nighttime to give your viewers a sense of how different the aesthetic looks. 

Beauty and Cosmetic Related Video Ideas

YouTube Video Ideas for Teenage Girls #10: Outfit Ideas and styling tips based on any theme

Outfit ideas are one of the evergreen YouTube ideas for girls. Even though outfit videos have been around for so long, fashion trends keep changing every season, so outfit idea videos stay as relevant as ever! For teenagers, the best idea would be to do school-themed outfits since most of their time is spent at school or college. This example video has 30 back-to-school outfits that are dress-code friendly, and you can make one like this too!

Outfit videos do take a considerable amount of planning, scripting, filming, and editing. But once you’ve made a good outfit video, you’ll have viewers often going back to it to actually buy or wear the options you’ve suggested. 

Often styling tips and outfit idea videos tend to run super long since they have a lot of details. A good idea is to break up the narrative and transitions to keep things interesting. Here’s a fun video collage template from InVideo that you can use either as an intro slide or even as a transition slide to break up the monotony of your videos. 

YouTube Video Ideas for Teenage Girls #11: Film a GRWM (get ready with me) video that shows your realistic grooming and makeup routine

‘Get ready with me’ videos are so popular that they’ve got their own acronym by now! And they’re done by Vogue, too. GRWM videos are a great way to show off your whole grooming routine while still maintaining a casual vlogging style. Sometimes you can get chatty and indulge in some girl talk topics for YouTube while doing your own makeup in front of the camera, like in this example video.

Compared to other beauty and cosmetic videos, a GRWM style video is relatively easier to make because you’re just taking the camera along with you to film whatever you usually do in the morning to ‘get ready’. Try it out!

YouTube Video Ideas for Teenage Girls #12: Film a try-on shopping haul

Shopping haul videos have been around since the beginning days of beauty vlogging. But these too, have stayed evergreen, because just like fashion trends keep changing, so do clothing stores and designs of clothes! This example video not only shows a try-on haul but also offers advice on where to shop for the latest fashion trends.

Creating a try-on shopping haul video is just as much work as creating a properly themed outfit ideas video. But same as the outfit ideas video, people will keep coming back to it to check out clothing and shopping options for themselves! This video idea is on the tougher side to execute, but it’s a great learning curve if you want to seriously take up beauty and cosmetic-related YouTubing.

DIY Projects Video Ideas

YouTube Video Ideas for Teenage Girls #13: Film a room makeover video

If you’ve ever decorated your room, you’re already halfway there for this idea. A room makeover is like the Behind the Scenes of a room tour – where you film the actual decoration and makeover process of your room. Here we’ve got an example that shows how you can do a room makeover that is both aesthetic and affordable – two points that attract viewers.  

Room makeover videos do need a bit of planning – but most of the planning is for the actual room makeover and less for filming the video. The main thing you need to learn for this is camera shots so that you know what angles to film from as you are working on decorating the room. If you’re planning on (re)decorating your room anytime soon, give this video idea a chance!

YouTube Video Ideas for Teenage Girls #14: Make a video of you cooking or baking

Cooking and baking videos make up a huge part of the YouTube space, but those are instructional videos from dedicated FoodTube channels. And you don’t have to be a dedicated chef to try out or share a few recipes of your own! The example video shows exactly this – her channel is mostly a vlog channel, but she does a series called ‘cooking with nina’ occasionally, where she just cooks something new and she makes it funny too.

This kind of video offers both a recipe and relatability, thus giving a lot of non-cooking viewers the inspiration to start cooking! Such an idea would require planning on the part of the recipe search/creation and some mild scripting. It would be best if filmed mainly impromptu and then edited to make it a resourceful and relatable video. If you think your video will be under 15 minutes in length, you can edit it in InVideo’s online editor and make the job even easier for yourself. 

YouTube Video Ideas for Teenage Girls #15: Try a craft project, like crocheting

There are some huge crafts channels on YouTube offering craft tutorials, tips, and advice, like 5-Minute Crafts or Girl Crafts. But these are veteran channels with millions of viewers across the world. If you are a somewhat beginner to both: YouTube and arts and crafts, you can create a vlog-style video of you attempting to take up a craft project. Our example video shows just this – it’s the vlogger’s first attempt at making a crocheted sweater.

On the other hand, if you’re already very well-versed with arts and crafts, you can even make ‘how to’ tutorial videos for all of your skills! Either way, arts and crafts are a common hobby among most people, and how-to videos are among the most popular types of YouTube videos, so it’s bound to do well with your audience.

Productivity and School-Related Video ideas

YouTube Video Ideas for Teenage Girls #16: Create a book recommendation list

Booklists are a classic idea: they spread across all genres of YouTube videos and they are equally useful in every genre. You can make booklists about self-help and self-development, tech, music, productivity, literature, gaming, art, food and cooking, business, and much more. The video shown in the example is a list of fiction pieces that the YouTuber read purely for enjoyment. You can make a review video like this one, or you can head in the self-development direction to recommend books about productivity, habit-building, human behavior, etc.

Booklists are always a hit: people share them, discuss them, keep going back to them – that increases both, the engagement and the standing of your YouTube channel. And being a teenager is the best age to start discussing books seriously – they’ll be super beneficial to you as you go further along in your education and career. Here’s a free listicle template from InVideo that you can customize and use for the text slides of your video!

YouTube Video Ideas for Teenage Girls #17: Share your best tips and tricks in a ‘How to Study Effectively’ video

With How-To videos being among the most popular type of videos on YouTube, a ‘How to Study Effectively’ video would be one of the most ideal YouTube ideas for teens. This example video shows two 4-step processes for two different study curves – self-studying and how to ‘learn’ in the best possible way.

If you’re someone who studies well in any capacity (school, self-learning, extracurricular activities, talents, etc), then you can surely compile a list of tips and tricks to share with audiences on how to do better. This kind of video would need heavy research and thorough scripting from your end. But in the end, if your video is under 15 minutes in length, you can quickly and easily edit it through InVideo’s intuitive online editor!

YouTube Video Ideas for Teenage Girls #18: Share your organization systems in a ‘How I organize my life’ video

With How-To videos being among the most popular type of videos on YouTube, a ‘How I organize my life’ video would be one of the most show-stopping YouTube ideas for teens with busy and chaotic lives. This kind of video would be really helpful for teenagers who are feeling just a little bit lost and overwhelmed with containing and scheduling all of the tasks they have across the board.

This example video shows how the creator has used Notion to organize all the things in her life.

You don’t have to be using Notion for this. You can use and showcase any app or system of productivity that works for you – whether it’s Trello, Slack, Discord, Asana, Todoist, or the good old pen and paper GTD method. The editing for this will be slightly complicated as it will layer your speaking screen over the screen recording of your organization system – but both of these can actually be achieved using InVideo’s intuitive editor, where you can not only layer your clips but also add transitions, music, and voice-overs.

YouTube Video Ideas for Teenage Girls #19: Make a ‘Best Habits to Build’ video

The last video idea of this list is a Habit-building listicle video idea. This example video talks about 3 needed mindset habits and how they can be applied in real life. Similarly, you can pick out any list of habits that you either have or are working on, and show viewers the benefits of building such habits.

You will need to do a fair bit of research and scripting for a video like this, but the effort put into such productivity videos will pay off in terms of engagement and channel growth. InVideo’s got a lot of free Listicles templates that you can use for a video like this. We particularly like this one for a great listicle video: 

Use this template

Now that you have a good idea of the different kinds of video topics you can pick up to make videos for your YouTube channel, let’s take a look at how you can bring these ideas to life using InVideo’s online video editor

BONUS: How to turn your idea into a reality using InVideo

InVideo’s intuitive online video editor and free template library are both excellent resources to aid your upcoming YouTube channel. You can easily create trailers and shorts for your videos on InVideo to help increase your channel’s promotion and if your YouTube video is going to be under 15 minutes in length, you can edit it using InVideo’s editor itself. For this tutorial on how to make a YouTube video, we’ll be using this template to create a vlog-style video. Let’s take a look at how you can do that in just 6 easy steps. 

To start with, you’ll need to Log In or Sign Up for a free InVideo account.

Step 1: Open the template in InVideo’s video editor

Once you’re signed in search for the templates by typing a relevant keyword in the search bar. Once you have found and previewed the template you are going to use, you need to click on ‘Use this template’, and that will open up the template in InVideo’s editor.

How to turn your idea into a reality using InVideo - Step 1

Step 2: Change the videos and images

Before you change the videos and images in the template, you’ll need to upload all your media. Do this by clicking on Uploads on the Left Panel, and then click Upload Media to add the files you need for your video.

How to turn your idea into a reality using InVideo - Step 2

Once your media is uploaded, first make sure that the overlays in the Layers panel on the right are all locked.

How to turn your idea into a reality using InVideo - Step 2.1

Then, simply drag and drop your media of choice into the pre-existing media on the canvas of the template. Click on the Replace option in the pop-up. You’ll also need to trim the video length to whatever length you need it to be. Once done, your media has now been added to the template!

How to turn your idea into a reality using InVideo - Step 2.2

Step 3: Change the text and logo

To edit the placeholder text in this template, simply click on the text box on the canvas and type in your own text. For more help, check out this tutorial to learn more about how to add and edit text on your video.

How to turn your idea into a reality using InVideo - Step 3

Keep repeating Steps 2 and 3 until you’ve changed the media and text on every scene of your YouTube video.

Step 4: Change the video color palette

You can change the color palette of the video by clicking on the Colors tab in the left menu panel. You can select from the given color palettes or make your own in the My Palettes section.

How to turn your idea into a reality using InVideo - Step 4

Once you click Apply, you can see that it changes on the template of your YouTube video. Make this change for every scene of your YouTube video.

How to turn your idea into a reality using InVideo - Step 4.1

Step 5: Change the music and audio

If you want you can change the audio and background music on your template, begin by deleting the current track that comes with the template, and then add new music from InVideo’s stock library. To delete the video, hover over the audio track and on Edit, and then click on Delete.

How to turn your idea into a reality using InVideo - Step 5

Now for YouTube videos, there’s an additional aspect of audio. Separately recorded mic audio or voice overs are often used for dialogue instead of just using background music. If you click on Voice over in the editor, InVideo gives you a lot of options here so feel free to choose the method you prefer the most!

How to turn your idea into a reality using InVideo - Step 5.1

To add new background music, simply go to Music to access InVideo’s free library of royalty-free music and sound effects! Select one that you’d like to add to your video and then just hover over the song of your choice and click on the + sign to add it to your video.

How to turn your idea into a reality using InVideo - Step 5.2

Step 6: Export and download or share your newly made YouTube video!

Once your YouTube video seems complete, you can preview the entire video to check for any errors or edits. If everything’s okay, you can go to Download & Share on the top right corner of the screen and click Export. Your video will soon be ready for you to download!

How to turn your idea into a reality using InVideo - Step 6

After clicking on Export, your video will start to render. Once that’s done, you can just click on Download to save the video to your device or directly Share Video to your social media platforms from here! And with that, you’re all done with your YouTube video!

How to turn your idea into a reality using InVideo - Step 6.1

Wrapping up

A stunning YouTube video is about a well-executed idea. But even if you’re no master yet, that’s okay! Starting is the first step to getting anywhere, and staying consistent with it is the second. And now with this list of ideas and a detailed tutorial, you’re well on your way to creating thumb-stopping YouTube videos!

Next, if you want to level up beyond the basic ideas and editing you just learnt, check out our tips on how to film yourself like a pro and learn how to add cool effects to your videos to make them more engaging.

And if you prefer learning via videos, you definitely should check out our YouTube channel where we share daily video creation tips and tricks, the latest video trends and ideas, and help you make more money as a video creator.


 This post was written by Yashvi and edited by Adete from Team InVideo

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