11 Evergreen Real Estate Marketing Ideas

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People will always need land and buildings to live and work in. This is why the Real estate is probably the most evergreen business you can run in any part of the world. It is an $8.9 trillion industry. If done right, you can establish a very lucrative business in this industry.

But it isn’t easy. There are over 2 million real estate agents in the US alone. You aren’t competing with all of them as real estate is very regional, but you are competing with a big chunk of them in your own region.

The best way you can outdo them and get your business to stand out is through an effective real estate marketing and sales strategy.

Therefore, to help you get started I have made a list of the best real estate marketing ideas. You don’t have to use all of them. Just pick the ones that are most relevant to your business and make them a part of your real estate marketing plan.

Choose a Niche:

As I mentioned earlier the competition in the real estate space is intense.

One way you can beat this competition and stand out is by choosing a niche. This is a trillion-dollar industry. Hence, even if you pick a niche or a niche within a niche it should be worth several million maybe even billions and you will have several homes to sell.

So, pick a niche. The niche could be homes or offices or even more specifically like studio apartments or beach houses.

When you pick a niche and establish yourself as an authority in that niche, more people will want to work with you when they are looking for a specific type of home. You will be the expert that can find them their dream home.

A good example is Hanson’s Realty.

Real estate marketing plan

As you can see they have established themselves in the mobile home niche. So, if someone wants the best deal while selling or buying a mobile home they will choose Hanson’s Realty over the competition.

Another benefit of picking a niche is that it is good for SEO (search engine optimization). Google likes to give preference to smaller niche sites that are focused on specific topics.

Therefore, if you create a site about studio apartments or mobile homes like the above company or another niche and then create search engine optimized landing pages, blog posts, and other types of content, it will be easier for you to rank for the niche-specific keywords. This will help you beat the competition even if there are sites with higher authority that are competing for the same keywords.

Come Up with an Audience Persona:

Whether you follow the above real estate marketing tip and go with a specific audience or not, you should create a persona to target. The persona will make it easy for you to market yourself to the right audience.

If you decide to go with a niche you will probably just need one or two personas to target. But if you are targeting everyone you will need multiple personas.

For example, if you are selling studio apartments you will probably need to create a persona for young single people, but for large homes, you will need to create personas for older people who have a family.

This persona shouldn’t be built using what you ‘think’ or ‘feel’ will work but should be created based on solid data.

Start collecting this data with some research. You can collect this by conducting a survey using a tool like AidaForm. They have templates that simplify the process of setting up a survey.

Create a survey - Buyer Persona

Another good tool is Hotjar. It lets you install slider polls and forms that ask short simple questions on your website.

create slide up polls and surveys for your website visitorsYou can also ask questions directly on social networks. You can either ask these questions directly or take advantage of features like Instagram story polls and ask multiple-choice questions.

Once you have enough information from the surveys, you can interview some of the most enthusiastic survey participants either in person or with a tool like Zoom. After that, you can create an empathy map based on the data from the surveys and interviews.

And finally, you can put this all together to create the persona. You can use this work sheet to set up your persona.

You might also want to create personas for people who will be selling their houses as this will make it easy for you to convince them that you are the right person for the job.

Set Up a Website:

Setting up a website is requisite to executing successful real estate marketing strategies. This doesn’t need to be sophisticated. A simple website with a home page, an about us page, and an extra listings page will do the job.

To build a site like this you can use a tool like Wix. They have templates that make it easy to set up sites for realtors and real estate businesses.

real estate website templates

If you are particular about building your site on a platform like WordPress, you can buy a theme made for real estate businesses on a site like Template Monster and quickly set it up.

templates for real estate site

You might also want to invest in a landing page builder to create landing pages for your website. As these will come in handy later if you want to promote your services with ads or even with organic traffic

An example of a well-designed real estate site is this one from JDG Sales and Lettings.

Real estate marketing strategies

You will immediately notice that they have a well-designed homepage with an award-winning badge that adds social proof. And if you browse around you will see that they have an about page, a listings page, a blog, and various other pages that promote their services.

Create Profiles on Listings Sites:

Listing houses of your clients on your site will help a little, but if you want many more people to see it, you should also list it on home listing sites like Zillow.

real estate advertising

As the data from Similarweb shows you, it gets over 200 million visits a month.

zillow traffic similarwebIf a fraction of these people see your listing, you will have so many chances of generating a sale.

Sites like these also provide an advertising option which makes it easy to promote your houses to more people quickly. As a lot of people submit their listings here. If you use the advertising option you will be able to reach more people quickly.

Invest in Real Estate Video Marketing:

One of the best real estate marketing mediums is video. Photos work great too, but with video, people can see it much more clearly. So, whenever you are promoting a house you should record a video of it in action. Walk around the house with a camera and show people everything it includes.

Make sure you record this video with a good quality camera instead of a smartphone. As it needs to look extremely clear.

You can use a video editor like InVideo to make sure it looks extremely professional.

video editor

Instead of just adding this video to the listing, you should also share it in your real estate social media posts. This should include social networks like Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram like the Goodale Miller Team did in the below video…

For best results, you should create a different video for each social network as videos of different lengths and dimensions work on different networks.

For example, videos that are only 26 seconds long do best on Instagram.

Instagram video insight

While those that are around 2 minutes long do well on YouTube.

Work with Professional Photographers:

As I mentioned earlier, photographs are important. So, if you want your house to look the best among all the listings, you should hire a professional photographer to take all your photos. You can also work with professionals to create the videos.

If that isn’t within your budget, You should get yourself a good camera and learn how to take professional photographs by yourself. There are several online courses and blog posts that can help you with this.

For an example of a listing with good photos check out this one.

Real estate marketing

The photos are very clear and beautiful.

Invest in Real Estate Advertising:

Advertising your house on listing sites like Zillow is one way to get people to notice your house. But another tactic that also works is advertising your site on search engines and social networks. Here you either promote your service landing pages or listings pages.

There are three best ways to do this. One is with search engine advertisements. This is where the ad to your site appears right at the top of search results.

Real estate ads

The other one is the Google display network. This is where the ad appears on blogs, article sites, YouTube videos, etc. Make sure you use the targeting setting here to only reach people who will be interested in buying a house or renting one in a specific area.

The 3rd form of ad is Facebook ads. The best tactic that works here is retargeting, where you serve ads to people who visited your site from the above two methods but didn’t take action.

These are the 3 basic ads you should run. Along with these, you can also advertise on other platforms like Pinterest, Bing,  etc.

Work with Influencers:

Another paid method you can try is working with influencers. Influencer marketing generates $6.50 for every $1 spent on average, while ads generate $2.65 for every $1.

influencer markting ROI

If you are just starting out this might be the better option as it will save you some money.

So, find some influencers and get them to promote your home videos to their social media followers. This will drive some sales and build up your authority.

But make sure you only work with relevant influencers with high levels of engagement. You can use a tool like Kicksta’s Instagram engagement calculator to help with this.

instagram engagement calculator

It will help determine if an account is driving an optimum level of engagement and if it is worth paying for a sponsored post. Another good tool you can use is SocialBlade. It provides metrics for other important networks like YouTube and Facebook as well.

Get the Best Real Estate Marketing Tools:

Executing all the above marketing tactics manually can be very time-consuming. This is why you should invest in real estate marketing tools like email automation software, analytics tools, outreach tools, social media management tools, ad automation software, etc.

Create a Content Marketing Strategy:

If you don’t have the budget for real estate ads, you might want to check out content marketing. Your content marketing strategy can include blog posts, videos, guides, etc. that can help you build up authority and attract both homeowners who want to sell and buyers of course.

An example is this video Real Estate Lawyers…

Real estate blogging with articles would actually be the best option. But video is something that will be easy to get started with especially if you are already recording videos that sell your house.

Use Email Marketing:

Social media marketing is very effective. But as the below graph shows it is not as effective as email marketing when it comes to acquiring customers.

Grpah of email marketing vs social media

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you had a list of targeted subscribers who you can email every time you have a new house to sell?

If you have more subscribers, there is a possibility that you will be able to generate more sales of your houses.

So, set up popups, lead generation landing pages, and various types of opt-in forms all over your website as these will help you generate leads to whom you can market to later. You can offer a lead magnet in exchange for the sign up as this will convince more people to sign up.


These are the 11 best real estate marketing ideas. They can help you stand out from the competition and sell more houses. You don’t have to use all of them. You can just pick your favorites and work with them.

Even if you want to use all of them, don’t use them all immediately. This can be overwhelming if you don’t have a marketing team to help you out. Start with a few at the beginning and add more as you go along.

Which of the above real estate tips did you find more useful? Did I forget to include any important real estate marketing tactics? Please leave your comment below.

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